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"I have always believed that to ensure sustained growth, it is important to

constantly look beyond our horizons to seek and break newer grounds"

KG Information Systems Private Limited (KGiSL) is a leading global provider of software and business support services and
a part of the flagship KG Group of Companies.
KGiSL helps clients do business better by leveraging our industry-wide business experience, software expertise and
comprehensive portfolio of services. It is the Coimbatores first global IT Company. The company reorganized into two
units in 2000 to streamline the business and operate more efficiently. Its core units now include.

KGiSL GSS division develops and supports software requirements for Insurance, Banking, Financial institutions, Capital
Markets and service based industries. Our clientele includes from fortune 500 companies to small and medium enterprises
across the globe.

KGiSL BSS is committed to providing complete and comprehensive business support services including customer
relationship management, recruitment support services, back-office & KPO solutions with a perfect combination of world-
class infrastructure and streamlined processes.
Ever since inception in 1994, the company's mission is to make our clients and our people excel in what they do. So much
so that the company motto, We Make IT Happen is a direct reflection of this mission.
Our mastery and business acumen in the IT / ITeS is leveraged to support top companies meet their goals, thereby
elevating Coimbatore as a premier destination in the map of India. KGISL has pioneered the growth of the IT Services and
BPO services in Coimbatore since 1996.
In Malaysia, KGiSL GSS division renders services under its subsidiary KG Information System Sdn Bhd (Company Reg No:
104363-K) located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. KGISL Malaysia primarily caters to General Insurance requirements of
Malaysian market. Nsure is in-house developed insurance software product which is being used by leading general
insurance companies in Malaysia. Nsure caters to key insurance functional requirements like cover note generation (POS),
claims settlement and also re-insurance functionalities. Apart from insurance products, we provide software
development, customisation and testing services to these organisations.



Foster Innovation through constant improvement.

Innovation: Striving to be the best through being the first in all services and solutions.
Quality Service: Always setting a target to exceed expectations.
Diversity: Stamping the quality mark on a diversified community.
Global View: Focus on the world market for constant improvement.
Customer Satisfaction: Setting a chain reaction of satisfaction in each customer and creating reliability.

"Creating value for customers by rendering quality products, services

and solutions at an affordable cost."
Will to win in the competitive world by exceeding expectations.
Achieving the hallmark of success, a platform to attract customers.
Treating every goal/target as a challenge.
Creating value at every angle/turn in each of the business units.
Motivation through team work.

KGiSL is an EN ISO 9001:2008 company certified for its compliance to international quality standards and procedures
Continuing on its ever-consistent pursuit of quality excellence, KGiSL achieved the Capability Maturity Model for Software
(CMM) Level 4 certification benchmarking its quality services offerings at a global level
KGiSL complies to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard
Oracle, Java & Red Hat Linux certified training partner


At KGiSL, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. That is
why we established the KG Foundation and SRT (Social Responsibility
Team) to provide assistance to some of the more socially and economically
depressed sectors of the communities in which we work.
The KGiSL SRT and KG Foundation are dedicated to enriching the lives and enhancing the futures of less fortunate
children and youth, families and the elderly with a focus on improving education, health care, rural development, social
services and destitute care. When it comes to environmental conservation, KG Group has always been at the forefront. As
we focus on our material aspects energy, water, emissions, and waste, we are committed to providing appropriate
technologies that enhance health and standard of living.
As our company has grown, this commitment has extended far beyond our own products and services and has been
amplified many times over through our network of partners, including governments, nonprofits and other organizations.


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