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1. What is the difference between order series and time series data.

How does
different types of transaction data get mapped to Interactive Planning keyfigures?
3. What are aggregates and how are they used in SNP.
4. What is SNP Stock Transfer Horizon? What is the relation with Planning Time
5. What is SNP Horizon? What is the relation with PPDS Horizon?
6. What is the key difference in planning with SNP vs PPDS?
7. What is the master data required for planning in SNP?
8. How are SNP Plans different from PPDs Plans.
9. How can capacity constraints considered in SNP.
11. How do you get forecast in SNP? What is forecast consumption?
12. How does the different transaction data aggregate and show up in different
keyfigures in Interactive SNP?
14. What are the different Safety Stock calculation methods that can be sued in
15. What is Netting and Forecast Consumption? Explain Backward and Forward
16. Are requirements and receipts in SNP pegged? How is it different from
17. What is the relationship between SNP Horizon and PPDS Horizon?
18. describe the different ways of managing safety stock in SNP
19. What is the difference between a model and a version
20. In what scenario Capable-to-Match is applicable.
21. Briefly explain how SNP optimiser can be setup and used.

Where do you define Info-objects?

Info-objects comprise of what?

What is Administrator Workbench is used to create and manage?

What are the different types of data in liveCache?

How can you setup two grids in the Planning Book / Data View?

What can be sources of data in the timeseries keyfigure?

What is the use of ex-post forecast in Univariate Statistical Forecasting?

What are the types of Keyfigure aggregation in terms of characteristics/Calc

What are the types of Keyfigure aggregation in terms of time?

Where do you maintain keyfigure aggregation?

What are aggregates?

What is the difference between planning characteristic and navigational attribute?

What are selection profiles used for?

What are the different ways of creating CVCs?

What are the different types of standard macros?

what is an Infospoke? Where do you find the configuration in BW Admin


what is the basis of creation of planning books and data views considering
background job performance?

Where do you set the level at which a DP background job

activity has to execute?

How can you setup custom alert types for DP and SNP?

Where are database alerts stored (table name)?

What is realignment and explain the process?

What is cannibalization group?

What are the different forecast error measures and which is most preferred?

What are the different types of keyfigures you can use in a Planning Book?

What is planning version and planning area initialisation?

what is meant by Release of Demand Plan to SNP?

How do you create proportional factors? What is the standard key figure for
Proportional Factor?

Give some examples of issues and their solutions?