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September/October 2017
Issue #1


A familiar face to Maureen and her husband Bob have raised 6 As the grandson of Maureen, Torrey began his
many in the dog world shelties over the years. They lost two shelties dog training career at the age of 12. The first
of Mankato and this past year; Ryver at 17 years old and dog he trained was the family dog, Cody, a
surrounding Willow, 16 years old. Currently they have a black and white Shetland Sheepdog. When
communities; Sheltie, Timber (14) and a Golden Retriever, Cody was only 10 months old, working with
Maureen Rodriguez, Scout (11) that they rescued from RAGOM Torrey, he passed the Canine Good Citizen test.
the Matriarch of the (Rescue a Golden of Minnesota). Torrey (12) and Cody were the youngest team
family business in to qualify for a Therapy dog certification.
obedience training, Although she has retired she cant seem to Although they qualified, per regulations Cody
Maureen Rodriguez keep her paws out of the business. You will
dog behavior and was not able to be officially certified until he
doggy daycare. still see her attending all the obedience turned a year old. Thanks to Torrey, Cody was
classes. At times you will also see both always a happy boy, he enjoyed life to the
Maureen started training dogs in the late Maureen and Bob helping at the daycare. fullest, he was content and never asked for
1980s. What started out as training her own much.
dogs, to guiding friends and neighbors to Elite Canines of Southern MN
train their dogs, developed into a canine After graduating from high
career. school Torrey adopted his
Elite Canines first dog to call his very own,
Not only was she the pioneer of puppy class opened its doors a Golden Retriever, Chevie.
in the area, she is responsible for opening the May 2017, Owned Chevie was trained to
first doggy daycare in Mankato. For several and Operated by perfection in obedience and
years she was member of Therapy Dog Torrey Walrath hunting, she went
International, visiting nursing homes, supported by his everywhere with Torrey and Heather. Chevie
hospitals, etc. with her dogs. Maureen was wife Heather, their was the first Moon Dogs mascot. Torrey and
an evaluator for both therapy dogs and the two daughters Chevie even got an
canine good citizen test. Savanna (3) and autograph and
Brooklyn (2) and photo taken with
To stay current and knowledgeable, Maureen their two Golden Harmon Killebrew at a
regularly attended seminars and took classes Retrievers, Silver Moon Dogs game.
on dog behavior and training techniques. and Ozzie. In Chevie left us far too
addition to his dog soon, her pawprints paved their way to
Amongst her other community involvement, business, Torrey works for Invisible fencing everyones heart.
she did 4H dog testing, demos for Boy and where he installs the underground fencing
Girl Scouts, managed Madison Avenue Pet and trains the owner and dog how to use it. Torrey has worked with his grandma for over
Grooming, morning radio Q&A with TJ and Torrey is also a North Mankato Volunteer 20 years and is now following his dream to
Lisa, and has shown dogs in both the Fireman, and avid duck/goose hunter. keep the family legacy thriving that Maureen
obedience and the show rings. started.

K9TLC - Grooming Danica is most As often as possible I will be greeting you in the
definitely a dog person mornings when you arrive. This my happy
and been around dogs place, nothing better than starting your day
since she was 9 years out with wagging tails, lots of doggie hugs and
Katie Corr, Owner and old. Danica entered kisses, and of course the sound of their voices
Operator of K9TLC. the dog grooming as they express their excitement, I dont even
profession by accident mind the little surprises they leave me at
Katie has been working
when a friend times. What better way to enjoy this fall
in the dog daycare and
suggested grooming to her since she had a weather and get some serious steps in than
grooming business for
talent for looking at crafty things and then walking all your four-legged kids.
over 11 years. Her
making it happen. She then volunteered
passion for animals I have two four legged senior kids of my own;
some time at the shop and fell in with her
began when she was 9 Mercedes (12 ) and Player the Beagle (12),
time there.
years old. She thanks her Grandma Maureen they make my life whole, they always happily
Rodriguez for introducing her to a life Her favorite thing each day is knowing she gets greet me when I come home, they comfort me
devoted to dogs. At 9 years old, grandma to do a complete makeover on a dog and make when Im sad and lonely, were all a little slower
took her to obedience classes with her where them feel like a million bucks. The next best now but they still love to run and play with me,
she watched and learned then soon began thing is the look on the dog owners face when take long walks, and they boss be around like
training her own dog. she presents their beautiful baby to them all clockwork when its dinner time.
fresh and clean.
Her grooming skills were acquired while Both my fur kids are rescues and have
working at grandmas former business, Me I am very thankful to have an amazing team to struggled with different forms of anxiety.
and My Master Canine Connection. After work with and get to spend quality time with Which led me on multiple trips to Colorado to
grandma retired in 2009 she wanted to keep each fur baby that walks through the door! take training and become certified in small
the business alive. With the support and animal massage therapy and Reiki.
encouragement of her grandparents Bob an Danica will be training one on one with Katie
Maureen, Katie began her career as a three days a week; Monday, Tuesday and Massage therapy is different from petting or
business owner and opened K9TLC. Wednesday. She is expected to complete her scratching, it is touch with intention, a
training and start taking clients of her own in purpose. When done regularly massage
Many get confused by the two business March 2018. In the meantime, Danica is relieves stress and anxiety, it is soothing and
names at the new location. As Katies available on Thursdays to take appointments comforting, improves temperament, reduces
grooming business continued to grow, it was for basic baths and nail clipping. pain in stiffness.
getting to be a big job independently
operating all aspects of the business; Reiki provides all the same benefits as massage
grooming, daycare, and boarding. In May Family Visitors but is a hands-on healing method that
2017, her cousin Torrey stepped in and took channels energy through the hands of the
over business ownership which is now Elite To those of you that go practitioner to the animal through a light
Canines of Southern MN. K9TLC operates as all the way back to Me touch. There is no manipulation of skin/tissue
an independent contractor within Elite and My Master there is like massage, Reiki will never harm your pet in
Canines. The family works as a team to help another familiar face anyway. Dogs are very receptive to the gentle,
each other out as much as possible. you may run into at loving touch of Reiki.
times is Bobby.
Katies experience has allowed her to share By request and as I am available, one of the
her skills and train several people basic dog As a boy Bobby had a strong connection and perks for you to take advantage of is that both
grooming skills, some of them have used soft spot with any dog that he came across. massage and reiki are available to your pet
their skills and turned grooming into their Currently he does not have a dog, he lost his during their stay with us. I am also available to
own careers. Katie loves the career path she Hunter about a year ago. We all know being in teach techniques in both therapies for you to
chose and cant imagine doing anything else. the presence of dogs is therapeutic so he stops do at home.
by to get his doggy fix and chat with our guest
When Katie is not grooming dogs, she is a dogs. He is a seasoned dog owner and always
busy mom of two girls, Kaly 11 and has advice to offer. Bobby has raised several
MacKenzie 1 years old. Katie and her of his own dogs, yellow labs seem to be his soft
husband Brandon in Elysian with the two spot. Bobby has the touch for keeping his dogs
girls and their 8 year old Golden Retriever strong and healthy to live to a ripe age 16 years
Posi. old. They grayed and hobbled a little but they
thrived right up until the end. If you see him be
sure to ask what his secret is.

Editor of this
newsletter and
Danica Gessner, a warm welcome to Danica,
our groomer in training. Danica grew up in
Mankato and recently moved to St. Peter
Cindi Rodriguez
with her husband, Chad, two boys Orrin and
-proud to say I am the
Jace and two young four-legged babies; a
mother of Torrey and
yellow lab named and Lyric Rain and a black
Aunt to Katie.
lab named Mia Morgan.


This is Charlie, he is a very special boy with a Charlie is about 8 years old, he found his
special story that his mom has graciously furever home with Molly about 1 years
shared. ago.

The journey only Charlie knows during his

first 6+ years may never be forgotten to him
but his new life of lots of love and affection
has allowed him to put the past behind him.

Charlie grew up as a stray on the Pine Ridge

Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Molly
believes that he had to fend for himself to
survive while he was there. It is known that
he had been shot at more than once and was
run over by a car.

Light Shine rescue and the Lakota Animal

Care Project rescued him and brought him to
Minnesota. Charlie was brought to Mankato
and taken in by Mending Spirits Rescue Obedience Training
where Molly adopted him from.

Charlie attends obedience classes with Torrey

and boarded with us for several days in Six-week Obedience Training classes
September. It was such a pleasure to get to are started October 2nd
know this boy and to be entrusted with his
care. We had beautiful weather during his Classes are held Monday evenings at
stay and he took us for some long nature
6:30pm and 7:30pm
hikes. He loves his walks, we put on many
miles and it wasnt always easy to get him to
go back indoors even after several miles. He
Watch for upcoming class dates for
loved his bones, kongs and toys and having the next class around the end of
his butt rubbed, he really enjoyed being November.
around people of all ages, even little ones.

Despite his rough past, he adores people and

has grown to be very affectionate. He is
learning to get along with other dogs. He is
getting along well in obedience class at Elite
Canines and was well taken car e of when
boarded there, meeting new people and dog
friends. Charlie is a special, loving dog. Molly Mending spirits animal rescue

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Groomed by Katie

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