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ഒരവസരം ട◌ി

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She cautiously moves through the darkness out of the bedroom.. INT. He is holding onto Divya who is asleep on the bench seat. Nandini has done this trip before. Joseph) (MORE) . NURSE (Trying to be respectful to Fr. BEDROOM . At the nurses desk. JOSEPH Nurse. She is NANDINI (34). with her head on a pillow on Manoj's lap. is anxiously trying to find out about Nandini. leaning on a pillow put in place between them. PICKUP TRUCK CAB .NIGHT Whimper in the dark of night. but gives her courage to slowly rise-up from the floor. Bang! the sound of the front door closing startles her. has two young children MANOJ(9) and DIVYA (6). She has a bruised face. Is he gone? She runs to pick up the phone on the kitchen wall. Divya is staring into the glow of the light from the headlights lighting up the road ahead of her pickup truck. JOSEPH (70).INT. the doctors are short. She has a bandage wrapped on the elbow from the cut she got when she was thrown against the steel trunk holding woolens in their bedroom. Silhouette of a man pulling his roll-on suitcase leaves the bedroom. ER . and the nurses are trying hard to keep calm under pressure. in a white cloak looking dignified with a black round hat on his head. CUT TO: INT. across the living room. by the glow of the light reflected from the pouring rain outside. Sobs coming from the side of the bed is that of a woman sprawled on the floor.NIGHT Busy as usual with all kinds of emergency cases.LATE NIGHT Driving through the mountain roads in a pickup truck on a rainy night. a Reverend Fr. brought in from a domestic violence case. a mother of 2. and looks out of the bay window.. FR. could you please help me fin Nandini. A bandage stuck on the side of eyes is probably from the final hit she got on her face. Flashback Title: Few hours ago. wife of RAJESH (36). Her face is visible from the windshield. but not in these conditions. Manoj is asleep sitting next to his mommy.

ഷിംലയിൽ എനി ് ഒ വീ ്. ആ മ ഷ െന വി േപാകാൻ തീ മാനി ക. മതി. 2. They arrive at the entrance of a private room. അയാൾ യഥാർ ിൽ ഒ മ ഷ ന . NURSE AMMINI അ an എേ ാെടാ ം വ . അവ െട ികൾ എവിെടയാണ്? NURSE AMMINI അവർ എെ വീ ിലാണ്. JOSEPH അ ിണി. Joseph's shoulder. ഇേ ാൾ തെ അവൾ തിരി റിയണം. Fr. A hand reaches out to tap Fr. She acknowledges the nurse at the desk. Joseph tries to keep up with her. Joseph to the bed side. മതി. അവ ം അവ െട മ ം പല ാവശ ം അപകടകരമായ സാഹചര ളിലാണ്. NURSE (CONT’D) Please wait in the waiting area. ഞാൻ പറ ത് േകൾ . FR. FR. നീ ഇ ് േജാലിെച േ ാ? ൈദവേമ ന ി! എവിെടയാണ് ന ിനി? Nurse Ammini walks ahead through a crowded hallway. She was a popular nurse at that same hospital until a week ago. We see Nandini sitting up on the bed. They all make way as Nurse Ammini leads Fr. JOSEPH ആ മ ഷ െന വി േപാകാൻ ഞാൻ പല തവണ അവേളാട് പറ ി ്. JOSEPH ന ിനി എെ ി. A nurse is wrapping her elbow with a bandage and gauge. FR. Joseph steps up with concern and holds her hand. She looks quite distraught. (MORE) . We will call you soon. Fr. NURSE AMMINI അ ാ തെ ഭ ാവ് അവെള ഖാ ഖം ത ി. It was Senior Nurse Ammini. അവൾ സ തി ി . Seems like many people in the hospital knows her.

FR. NANDINI േജാസഫ് അ ാ ന ി! പേ . FR. JOSEPH (With urgency) പ ി ് എ ക. ിക മായി ഞാൻ എ െന േപാ ം. CUT TO: . JOSEPH (CONT’D) നി ൾ ം ികൾ ം ര ിതമായി അവിെട ര ിതമായി കഴിയാം. ഇ തെ ഇവിെട നി ് ൈ വ് െച ക. നി ൾ ് വീ ിൽ നി ് ആവശ ത് പാ ് െച ക. 3.