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9th June 2017

Dear Sir/ Ma


I am writing this letter to recommend Okafor Vivian for the Lancaster Undergraduate
Scholarship Programme. I am her Law Instructor at Hallel Sixth Form College and have
known her for the last 1 year.

As a student, Vivian demonstrated a love of learning and the level of commitment necessary
to succeed in college and beyond. As an educator, I am happy to be able to provide this
recommendation for such a deserving student. I have great respect for her and truly believe
that she is a deserving candidate that you will be proud to have representing your

Although I have known Vivian for a year as my direct student, I am aware of her
performance and outstanding character during her secondary school at Hallel College. She
graduated from high school as the best student of that year and all her teachers I have been
opportuned to meet have had many great things to say about her person and educational
performance. She has great leadership attributes and does not shy away from
responsibilities. She has a zeal for learning and does not fail to add value whenever she is
presented with an opportunity. As a law student she is very thorough, studies very hard and
has never fallen below the A marks in both tests and examinations. In addition to having
firsthand knowledge of Vivians academic commitment, I am also familiar with her
educational goals, as well as the challenges she will face when it comes to funding college
tuition. I cannot think of anyone more deserving and I wholeheartedly support her

I feel certain that you will be just as impressed with Vivian as I am. As an educator who is
committed to helping deserving students succeed, I strongly encourage you to consider her
for this scholarship. Please contact me with any questions and let me know if I can provide
any additional information in support of this deserving student. You may reach me at
+2348036653642 or


Mrs. Chima Abundance