Manual for Antemortom and postmortem inspection


meat Animals and specification of Buffalo meat.

Compiled by -Dr. Kedar Karki M.V.St. Pre . Vet. Med. 1. SCOPE 1.1 This standard prescribes the procedure for the ante-mortem and postmortem inspection of meat producing animals. 2. TERMINOLOGY 2.0 For, the purpose of this standard, the following definitions shall apply. 2.1 Animal - Includes: a) sheep, lamb, ewe, wether and ram; b) wether, goat, she goat, buck and kid. c) (pig, barrow, boar, hog, stag, pigling, gilt, rig and sow; and d) buffalo-bull, buff-cow, buff-calf, bull, bullock, heifer, calf . steer and ox.

2.2 Butcher- The person producing or dealing meat intended for human commotion. 2.3 Careass - The dead body or any part thereof including the viscera of any animal which has been slaughtered. ~ 2.4 Cattle - Include a bull, cow, ox, heifer, calf, steer, bullock and buffalo. 2.5 Condemned - Carcasses pr organs so marked unfit for human consumption meant to be destroyed or rendered unfit for food purposes. 2.6 Flayer - The person who skins the animals and dresses the carcasses. 2.7 Local Authority - A local area which is a municipality, the municipal board or municipal corporation; cantonment, the cantonment authority; a notified area, the notified area committee or any other local area, such as may be prescribed by the central or state governments. ~ 2.8 Meat - Flesh and other edible parts of carcass. 2.9 Meat Inspector- Qualified veterinarian. In his absence, the Medical Officer of Health or any other qualified officer appointed by a local authority and vested with the power to inspect and examine animals and meat intended for human consumption. 2.10 Veterinarian - Any duly qualified veterinarian appointed or employed by a local authority or a local government to act in that capacity. 2.11 Nuisance - Includes any omission, place or thing which causes or is likely to cause injury, danger, annoyance or offence to the sense of sight, smell or hearing, or which is may be dangerous to life or injurious to health or property. 2.12 Public Street - Any street over which the public have a right of way; or heretofore leveled, paved, metalled, channelled, sewered, or repaired out of municipal or other public funds. 2.13 Slaughter-Hall - The actual place where the animals are slaughtered for food purposes. 2.14 Abattoir - Any building, premises, or place licensed as an abattoir

by the local authority for slaughter of animals intended for human consumption. 2.15 Slaughter man - The person who slaughters the animals. 3. DUTIES OF BUTCHERS SLAUGHTERMEN AND FLAYERS 3.1 For effectively carrying out the provisions of this standard, it is necessary that butchers, slaughtermen and flayers should be trained personnel and shall be trained personnel and shall be licensed. They shall be free from communicable diseases and shall undergo periodic medical check up. 3.2 Butchers, slaughtermen and flayers shall be regularly protected against small pox and enteric group of diseases by suitable vaccination. They should undergo medical check up at least once in 6 months and certificate of health fitness obtained from competent authority. 3.3 The flayers shall not hold the dressing /flaying knives in their mouths or stick them into carcasses during operations. Suitable scabbards should be provided for keeping knives when not in use. Flaying of carcass shall not done by inflation of air by mouth.

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