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Guide to online matriculation

Version 4.0 September 2011


All about online matriculation

All new or returning students can matriculate online. You can matriculate both on and off campus. Off campus Students who would like to matriculate online should visit:

Click on the link indicated to be taken to the Password Retrieval page.

On the password retrieval page fill in the information required and click Retrieve Password NB the information you give must match what you gave when you enrolled with QMU. Your date of birth will be in UK format (ie day/month/year)


Write down your username and password – you will need to use them to login to QMU systems once you have completed the matriculation process. The password sensitive. is case-

NB Your username is your student ID number. You will be able to change your password to someone more memorable and secure once you have logged in for the first time.

Follow the link indicated to return to the portal homepage. Once there enter your student number and the password you just retrieved.


Click the link marked Online Matriculation.

You will be taken to the first page of Online Matriculation. Click Continue to begin.


The first page shows the basic personal information that QMU also has for you, such as name, title, date of birth, nationality etc. Check that this information is correct, updating where necessary. Click Continue to move to the next page.

On this screen you will be asked about whether or not you receive Disability Allowance. Choose the answer from the drop-down list which best applies to you. Click Continue appears. when it


Most of the questions on this page are optional. Some of the available options may not be relevant for international student. Complete the information you can and click Continue.

Here you are asked to confirm your Year of study. The available options are: New student – if you have never studied at QMU before. Continuing student – if you are returning to QMU. Repeating student – if you are repeating a year. Choose the option that best applies to you and click Continue.

The following screens ask you questions about your term-time and home addresses, and allow you to update these as necessary. The third screen confirms the information already given and gives you another opportunity to make further changes:



This screen asks you to confirm that your course information is correct. Check box. the appropriate

If you choose Information incorrect a further screen will appear. This will allow you to send an email to the QMU Registry department advising them of the issue. You will not be able to complete the matriculation process at this time. If the information is correct, click Continue to proceed.


Here you are asked to confirm how you will be funding your course fees. It is particularly important to choose the right option if your studies are being funded by a sponsor. Select Other or Not Known if you cannot find the appropriate option in the drop-down list. There is an option on the next screen to send a message to the Registry department if the information is missing or not correct. Click Continue.

Use this screen to confirm or amend your fee and sponsorship information. If the details on the previous screen were correct, select Information correct and click Continue. If the fee information is incorrect, select the second option. This will bring up an additional screen which will allow you to send an email to the Registry department. If the information about your sponsor is missing or incorrect, click the third option. This will take you to a screen where you will be able to update the relevant information.


On the next screen, you will be asked to confirm that: You have had no criminal convictions in the past 12 months And That you agree to abide by QMU’s student regulations. You are strongly encouraged to click on the supplied links to view the relevant information. NB If you have had any criminal convictions you must leave the box blank and follow the instructions to advise the Academic Registrar. Click Continue.

This is the final screen. Click Exit to complete the matriculation process.


You will be returned to the student portal where you will see that you now have more options available to you. Click Logout at the top right-hand corner to logout of the student portal.

Once you have completed the matriculation process, your account will be upgraded to full student status within 2-6 hours. This means that you will be able to access all relevant IT systems on campus, as well as remotely. Initially, your username and password will be the same as the ones you used to matriculate. You will be able to reset your password later on. If you forget or lose your details, please contact the LRC Service Desk. On campus To matriculate on campus, find a free thin client terminal in the atrium. If the screen is blank, move the mouse to ‘wake it up’.

In the Connection Manager window, select Online Matriculation and click Connect. Follow the rest of the preceding instructions to complete the online matriculation process.

Problems and queries For problems with the online matriculation process please contact: For IT-related problems please contact the LRC Service Desk:

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