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Bryson Atud


23 September 2017

Praxis Core Exam Analysis

I am a Secondary Education major planning to retrieve my Associates Degree from the

College of Southern Nevada, and heading to UNLV to retrieve my Bachelor’s Degree to teach in

either a middle school or high school setting. Before I’m able to teach in Nevada, however, I

need to the pass the Praxis Core exams. This exam is help me become a certified teacher, as well

as receive further knowledge on the three core subjects: reading, writing, and math. The passing

scores for the three exams are as follows: math is 150, reading is 156, and writing is 162.

Before I took the practice exams, I read the information about the Praxis Core to get more

insight on what is expected before taking the actual exam. In all honesty, I did not prepare for the

Praxis Core exams. I did not do the practice questions from the ETS. I took the practice exams

without only preparation, which ultimately led me to fail on all three exams. I did, however, did

some practice questions for the math portion only through the Kahn Academy website, but only a

few questions. The reason why I did not prepare for the practice exams was because I decided to

use the practice exams to understand the actual Praxis Core exams; to understand what type of

questions each exam is asking so I after taking the practice, I could further analyze what I need

to study for, and once I am ready, I could retake the practice exams to receive a better score and

see if I am ready for the actual Praxis Core.

As for my results, they go as follows: both math and reading exams, I receive a 43%,

while the writing portion I receive a 65%. All exams stated that I need improvement, particularly

the math and reading, in which it stated that I “need significant improvement”, meaning that
there are certain areas in the each of those exams that I need more practice. Both the math and

reading exams were the most difficult, while writing was a bit understanding. While the score

does not state whether I am likely to pass, it is certain that based on the scores, I am far from

passing the exams.

By taking the practice Praxis Core Exams, I now have a clear vision on what to expect on

the exams. The Praxis is very difficult, having some similarities to the Nevada High School

Proficiency. I do plan to seek a Praxis Core Review course to get me ready for the exam. I do

plan to receive help from a tutor as well as use an online program. I also plan to work with other

students who are preparing for the Praxis to form a study group. I feel that support from others

who are in the same situation could benefit me more for this exam. They would help me with

areas that I’m unfamiliar with, and I could do the same for areas I know specifically. The Praxis

Core is on my path to my career goal. I will do everything I can to ensure I succeed, starting off

by not making the same mistake I did with the practice exams.