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1. In terms of assignment documentation method, please follow the Documentation section of the 3D eBook in
your eLearning Pack.

2. Title, Author
Name, Kevin M. Moriarty,
Class, IE655,
Date, Oct 10th
eLearning Pack ID number IE655-Fall 2017-36-36
Four (4) collaborating companies :
CW: Composite World,
PF: Product Finishing

3. Statement on who has done the work,

This work has been done individually by Kevin M. Moriarty, utilizing IoT,( The Internet of Things),
research, the IE655 eLearning packet, and individual research.

4. Contents

5. Introduction and Objectives of the Project

The objective of this project assignment is to utilize the resources provided to investigate applications of
Concurrent Engineering and Project Life Cycle Management as they apply to the industry case developed
by this research and this ad hoc company and its product. This will be done through a review of the
provided videos and how these companies apply the CE/PLM concepts. 5 questions will be created and
answered for each situation. The following videos are referenced;

Ford Concept Car, compact urban car, humor in the design, emotional connection in dial lock for doors
show car different Ford logo, window panels to protect from vandalism, foldable back seat for cargo space,
considered uniquely American. SYN US, based upon the Fiesta platform with FMS flexible.

I-Beam Roller, bent pin, poor low cost design, poor quality, and dirty new product. Factory conditions

H_Roman_ServRobots- Tethered robotic vehicle with vision camera designed to inspect pipeline systems.
Next generation to operate in acquis and/or marine environments.

GibbsCAM, metal cutting software, operations blocks, tools assigned to the objects by function and
geometry, Computer Aided Manufacturing. Saves time and money. No waste.

Baumer Electric race car, rear engine Dragster, tire spin slippage sensor for traction. Computer controlled
algorithm to reduce tire traction slippage. Standard sensor, with data lookup table. Increases laser diode
power for this application, optical and lenses are standard.
Peter Schmit, Digital factory, facility layout woth PLM cost effective cost efficient systems for manufacturing
3D for all throughout the organization, product design, factory work flow design, data management, life
cycle management, single user interface, with simulation. Openess within the organization allowing

Ford Rouge , Dearborn plant former Mustang, new water system, new design for environmental friendly,
And employee comfort. Robotic welding. Associates only handle parts, switch over mfg, 3.5 months.
Pallet systems tooling etc. and plant restricted by size of vehicle (product), training and certifications for the
product change overs, rotation of multi skilled operators. Mandatory and job specific training , final
assembly trim etc. done by operators, new idea proposals go to team leaders, computerized work order
process, pull lines in station process control, can stop the line,

COGNEX, conveyor vision inspection system. 3D geometric data. Allowable tolerances pass/fail score.
Robot guidance , data collection, CAD CAM capability, matrix code, part info. Mfg. date, material, WO, etc.
Part data acquisition. Data point, reference point, robot guidance. Locate and fixture, edge tools to
reference inspection. Collects statistical date for SPC

NovelToy, model toys, made to real life vehicles and human / action figures. Illustrations, sculpting is by
hand for molds. 2 up, twice the actual final size. Chinese manufacturing, copy write issues counterfeiters.
Difficult and expensive to fight.
Interchangeable parts to assemble cars. Modular and flexible.

Big Twin Swift. Custom show motorcycles. Leather, chrome, paint, tires, engine, custom frames etc.
Exhaust heat tape, belt drives, custom engines and parts.

6. A brief description of the methodologies applied.

The methodologies utilized are to investigate the companies, and draft a brief response to the five key
questions identified by the author.

7. The Main Body of the project:

1. View and study the CE / PLM Lecture and Software Demo Videos (in the DVD)
Read & reviewed.
2. Show me, that you have seen and understood the Sustainable GREEN CE/PLM focus in
these videos, 5 questions for each video., & answers;
1- What is the videos concept and or product?
2- How does it fit with Concurrent Engineering?
3- How does the company integrate or apply PLM?
4- What technologies are being integrated and/or implemented?
5- Is this technology sustainable?

3. Based on the 3DeBook in the DVD, answer the following questions:

1. What is CE and PLM?

2. What is the difference between CE and PLM?

3. What is green sustainable PLM?

4. What is digital design & manufacture and why is this such a huge opportunity?
5. How is digital design integrated with digital manufacturing in PLM?

6. What is frontloading, and why is it critical to understand this process?

7. Read Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the 3DeBook. Find 5 questions in EACH of these Chapters and
answer them. Each answer should be min. 3-4 sentences long, but it's really up to you if
you want to write more... and even add figures, photos, etc. You are free to explore.
8. Last, but not least social networking content.
Assignment#1 Topics!forum/ie655-fall-
Assignment#1 Topic 1-!topic/ie655-fall-2017-
Assignment#1 Topic 2-!topic/ie655-fall-2017-
Assignment#1 Topic 3 -!topic/ie655-fall-2017-

8. Summary (i.e. what has been achieved)

9. Further work needed / proposed

10. References and Bibliography (including the CDs, Internet as a main source of information)

11. Appendix (- if necessary)