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F-1s Weekly Newsletter Volume 8

A note from the desk

Dates to Remember:
F-1 Families,
10/16-10/17 Thank you families for all of
Mrs. Phillips Teaching your fun run donations! Our school
10/18 Subsitute appreciates your support! Today the
Teacher conference schedule was sent home.
10/19-10/20 Please be sure to add your conference
Mrs. Cooper Teaching to your calendar. As we approach
10/18 Collaboration conferences we will send out a
Day 2pm Dismissal reminder.
10/16-10/20 Book Animal Report Dioramas
Fair after school are due Monday, Oct. 23rd. If
10/20 Lindsay you misplaced the directions
Wildlife Museum please visit our website and
Field Trip you can find a copy under
Students will be presenting
on their assigned day. We
cant wait to learn all about
Please talk with your child their animals!
about: ~Mrs. Cooper & Mrs. Phillips
RTI Math Rotations
Math: Topic 4 review and test
Topic 5 multiplying by 2,5, 9, 0,
and 1
Timed x2 test
Language Arts: Fantastic Students show responsibility when:
Flying Journey Chapter 8
Writers Workshop: Editing Our take care of their belongings
Work, Publishing our Writing clean up after themselves
use classroom materials
turn-in homework on-time
complete class work on-time
Some Standards this Week
*Math Field Trip Donations
CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.3.OA.A.1 Scheduled Trips:
Interpret products of whole October 20th: Lindsay Wildlife
numbers, e.g., interpret 5 7 as Experience
the total number of objects in 5
groups of 7 objects each. For
example, describe a context in January 16th: Lawrence Hall
of Science @ Kolb
which a total number of objects
can be expressed as 5 7.
April 12th: Exploratorium by
informative/explanatory We are still in need of field
trip donations. If you havent
texts to examine
donated $30 please do so
a topic and
ASAP so we can finalize these
convey ideas and trips.Thank You!
information clearly.

Fact Practice This week we

started multiplication
facts and strategies.
We will be following
the order in our math
program and started
with x2. Each week
your child will have a
fact family to practice
and they will have a
timed assessment on
Fridays. Our goal is
for students to be
able to recall these
facts quickly. It will
help a lot when we
start division. Thank
you for practicing at