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Nothing helps you familiarize yourself with a strange or fanciful land like a good map. A broad, colorful picture, a map offers an incomparable image. Neither text nOI' pictures provide ;L<; much information on a single pagl'. Besides explaining spacial relationships between places, a m~lp can even sugge.~t the nature of cultures, weather, and landscapes .

.J.R .R. Talk. en recognized the valu e of 111:1 ps and took speci a1 care to coordinate his stories with a bit of solid cartography. His maps, and the marc detailed versions drawn by his son Christopher. illustrated Middle-earth in a brilliant f.-L'ihion. They form an integral parr of stories like the The Hobbit and The Lc.,d oj the Rings.

In keeping with the T olkien tradition (as well as our own Jove for maps), ICE produces carefully crafted maps La accompany its Middle-earth adventure game products. These view-style renderings make ideal roll.' playing accessories. Besides adding flavor [0 the adventure g;lLnt experience, they provide 11 wonderful foundation for c:1mpJigns based In Tolkicn's world. Each map depicts ev(;'ryrhing a traveler needs to know about a given area: including natural feantr~s, such as gla iers, hills, rivers, ami swamps, as wel] as artificial structures like roads, trails, towns, citadels. and campsites.


Nortbwester« Middle-t(lflh Map Set contains the campaign m:1ps parricu 131' to the most 6mo\1S region of I~ndm·, the area depicted in lhe Hobbit and The LJJrd ~f the R.ings. Printed at a uniform scale, these mnp5fit together to form a mosaic of alJ of the area between the broad plains of central Mordor and Rhovanion to the mist-enshrouded islands off the coast of Lindon. Should you want to create a single map, we include Instructions for cutting and fil[ing the pieces logcl her. imply refer to the brief text on the back of each face for ~peciFic guidelines regarding where and how to place the piece in [he cartographic puzzle.

Note char, with ;t few exceptions (e.g., sites in the-Shire. Dunland, or Rohan), all of the map labels are rendered in Elvish. Most ~ppear in Grey-elvislr, or Sindarin.lf yOll own the companion guide, ICE's Northwesterll Middle-earth Cazatteer, ),ou can readil y translate each term. If not, yotl should refer to the works of Professor J.R.R. T olkien, the posthumous publications edited by his 5011 Christopher. Of one of the better s condary works such as T/;f COlllpi.eleGltidr to Middlr-rartb (a 1978 Balle ntinc Book) by Robert Foster or Karen \.\lynn Fonsrad's Allt15cifMiJdlf-etJrlh(a 1991 offering fromHol.Ighton MiftlLn Co)


As noted, you can remove yOllr maps and use them to create large mosaic covering all of northwestern Endor. First, you'1J need to remove the staples that bi nd everything togeLher. Then, aim off the white, unprinted margin that surrounds each page. Make Slife the borders arc all removed before you lry piecing rhings rogether. Next, read tile i nstruct ions on lhe back of each m,ll . You'll see that, i n most cases, the artwork on the edge of one m~p provides a better fit than Lhe artwork on all adjoining map. Fi nally. put your maps together by oV<Jdapping the adjoining [aces. The results should be pleasing enough [0 make you forget chat you just cannibalizeri a flOe. publ icnrion,

Notc The iuside oj the /'lIck rover cif Ibis Pl'orluCl contains ad~'ia alld hints I'll }JOW to piece 11),' map tOgllher. Pit/I.e review tile hints bifoTr piecing 1/)( IIllip loge/ber.


Page numbers below are for the maps. Map descriptions and

cutting/fitting instructions can be found on the back of ea h map.

Note: Some maps (1'(£ prinled til more than olle scale lIud II,H5 baW! mor~ 1/'>(111 one page rejermcc.; Llle dm;riptions and cUlting/jitling ills'/l'Iu/ioIIS will oury hc jo,md 011 Ihe back rif one of Ibm mllps.

Map I (Angmar &Northem Misty Mtns.) 24

Map 2 (Blue Mtns. & Numerindor} 3

Map.3 (Arthedain. Cardclan & Rhudaur) 22

M1.p 4 (Millhiriach & Eriador Coast) 7

Map 5 (Rohan & Southern Misty Mms.) 13

Map 6 (Lindon) T

Map 7 (Sour11crn Gondor & Tclfalas) 11, T 5, 18

Map 8 (Ithilien & Gorgoroth) 32

Map 9 (Weld) 19, 26

Map 10 (L6ri en & Central Misty Mrns.) 26

Map II (Southern Mirkwood) 30

Map I2 (Northern Mirkwood) 28

Map 13 (Oiolad) 5, 26

Map I4 (Soudlern Blue Mens.) 5,20

Map IS (Andrast) 9.16,17, f9


Color Maps & Text : Peter C. Fenlon, Jr.

Computer Scaling and Water-fills: Terry K. Amthor. Tom Graves, Liz Leonard.

Black and White Maps: Peter C. Fenlon, Jr. and Richard Britton. Project Specific Conteibutious: SeriesEJilor. J essica M. ey-Grimrn; COli I til I Editor: Pete Fenlon; PllgellUlkillg & La)'OUI: J aim Curtis; COllfT Craphics: Terry K. Amrh or.

ICE St:aff - Arl Dirtaor: Jessica M. Nev-Grimm: (c,lor Procl.'SIrng & Design:

T m)' K. Arnthor: Sales Mnrrage1: Deane Bl'gicl")ing; Edi/'iHg & D~w[cprmul M(l/f(wr: Coleman Charleen: Presidmt Pete Fenlon; 0:;0: Bruce Neidlinger; CUI(om!r Sr:rvirr.: Hcikc Kubasch, David Plamick; Prodrlctiol'l; John Curtis, cr 31: Shipping Staff: David Morris, Daniel \Villiam~,

This work is dedicated to Olivia H. Johnston.

© 1989, 1994 Tolkicn Enterprrses, a division of Elan Merchandising, Berkeley, C.:llifornia USA Ncrfbwfsle'Tt' Middl~-ca1'tb Map Sa, The Hobbil, and rb, Lc ... d of tbe R.ingr, and all characrcrsand places therein-are trademark properties of T olkien Enterprises, All characters and places derived from the works ofJ.R.R. Tolkien are common law trademarks used under license from Grafton Becks (Harper Collins), publishing successors [0 Unwin Hyman, Ltd. and George Allen & Unwin. Ltd., London, England. All rights reserved.

Produced and distributed by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, Inc.

P,O. Box 1605, Charlottesville, VA 22902 First U.S. Edition. [994

ISBN 1-55806-170-3

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Map 6 details near! y all of Lindon (Q. "PI ace oFMusic"), the lands west of the Blue Mountains (S. "Ercd Luin"), as well as the islands ofF the western coast of Middle-e.1rth: Himring, Tel FUln, Tol Morwen, etc. This region comprises what was once eastern Bderiand; however, most of lll~t storied land sank beneath the Bdegacr (5. "Great Sea") at the end of the Elder Days. While the cataclysm that marked the last hours of the First Age created some shifts in the land mass, mallY of the subterranean [eatures retain rheir ancient, dry-land character. For instance. the rocky reef called the Andrarn laur(S. "Old Long-wall") is all tha remains of the escarpment the Eldar named the Andram.

Note that, while most of Harlindon (5. "South Lindon") lies in the southeast portion of the map, part:; of eastern Harlindon an: on maps 4 and 14. TIle same is true of Outer Lindon (Q. "Rcnalindon"), which stretches across HI.aps 2 and 14 (and includes the Grcy Havens}.


M~r 6 adjoins the following maps:

To Ibc Wf,t- Nom:. To the SoutiJ- None.

To tbe Sotttbtast - Map 4 (Minhiriath & th Eriadoran Coast), Where the maps overlap, place the edge of Map 6 011 top.

To thl' Easl- Map 14 (The Southern Blue Mountains). Where the m.1..ps overlap. place the e-.Jge of Map 14 on top.

To rbe' Northeast - Map 2 (Numeriador & the Northern Blue Mountains), Where the maps overlap, place. the edge of Map 6 on top.

To the North - None.

Page 2

~, a .

., ~

),; :

• ?

f --
l~ I
n ~,
~t, ..




This L-shaped map details the northern portion of the Blue Mountains (S. "Ercd Luin") and the westernmost portion of Eriador (S. """Empty Land"). The headwa ers of the Blue Rivcr(S. "Sir Lhiln") lies in rhe northwestern segment, the Grey Havens (S. "Lend Mithrin'") lie the southwestern segment, and the Oiolad (S. "Everlasting Plain") and northern Arthedain are situated in the northeastern segment. N umeriador (5. ""V CSt Eriador") comprises the area between the LhCm and the Blue Mountains.

Cl)'rrTNG AND Prrrrso nlf MAp Map 2 adjoins the: following maps:

To tht Wal-Map 6 (Lindon} Where the maps overlap. place the edge of Map 6 on top.

To the So~lh- Map I 4(The Southern Blue Mountains). Where the maps overlap, place the edge of Map 14 011 top.

To the Southeast - Map 3 (ArrhC'dain. Cardolan & Rhudaur). Where the maps overlap. place the edge of Milp 2 on [Op.

1'0 lin: Lul- Map 13 (0 iolad).WhC're the maps overlap. place tilt' edge of Map 13 on top.

To the North - None.

Page 4

· "


....<:: ..:-


~ I

~ :;

/ .,''''''

....... , .';~' "

. '

, .. ~

".~ ",






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...... , \


I I.

' .

MAP 14


This small, rectangular map details most ofthe southern portion of the Blue Mountains (S. "Ered Luin"), the southern part of Outer Lindon (Q. "Ronalmdon"} and the westernmost portion ofthcShire( of A rthedai 11). Note that a srnal] pnrt of eastern Harlindon (Q. "SOUdl Lindon") Jppears in dlt southwestern corner of rhe map_

CUTTJNG AND Frrrtxc THE MAp Map 14 adjoins lhe rollowing maps:

[0 tiJf Wcst-M~p 6 (Lindon). Where the mnps uverlap. place the edge of M fl(1 14 on LOp.

To Ihr Som}, - Map 4 (Minhinarh & the Eriadornn Coast). 'Nhere the m.,p~ overlap, pLlCC the edge of Map 14011 lOp.

T~ IIJe Erw- Map .3 (A rrhed nin, en'dolan & Rb udaur), Where the maps overlap. place rhe edge of Map r 4 OJl top.

To Ih. Nwl/! - Map 2 (Numeriador & (he Northern Blue Mount ams), 'Where the maps overlap, place the edge of Map 14 on top.

Pilgc 6


This narrow piece-map details part of the cool. remote gr:Jssland called tile Oiolad (S. "Everlasting Plain"). This area comprises part of the traditional frontier between Arthedain (Q. "Realm of the Edain") and Angmar (Q. "Iron-home").

Nou: Usc IIJ~ insiruction: be/owJoT tlJe Map l3 jO!i1ll[Qn fag's 25 (trld 26 (1l011be Map l3 -Oil the b'(lK5iJe oj this page).

CUTTING AND FrfTJNG THE Mw Map 13 adjoins the follOWing maps:

To 11K West - Map 2 (Nume£l~dQl" & the Northern Blue Mounrains) \\7he£e rhe maps overlap, place the edge of Map r 3 011 top.

To thf Sotrth- M<1p J (Arthedain. Cardclan & Rhudacr), Where tile maps overlap. place the edge of Map 13 on top.

To tlu: &51- Map I (A.ngmar 8l. the Northern Misty Mountains), Where the maps overlap. place the edge of Map 1.3 on top.

To IIu: North - None.

MAp 4


Map 4 details the coasral portion of Eri"cior (S. """Empr}' Land"). [t includes Minhiriath (5. "[Region] BCPNecn the Rivets"). TIle Black Woods (5. "Ervn Vern") lie in the northwestern segment, as does the sout II ernmosr tip of the Blue Mountains (S. En~d LUll "), The Be1cg~er (S . .• Grear Sea") occupies th c south western s('gmen(. Encdhwairh (S. "[Place of the] Middle-folk") and the mouth of River Ism (Angr<'n) appear in the southeastern segmem,

CUTTING AND FnT1NG THE M.\r MHp 4 adjoins rhc following ml'ps:

To rhr S.wl/iwcsl- None.

To thE SOHtb~ Map 15 (Andrasr & the Wesrcm White Mountains').

Where the maps overlap, place rhe edge or Map IS on lOp.

To tbt £Isl ~ Map 5 (Roban s: the Southern Misrr Mountains). \V]1ere the maps overlap. place the edge efMap 4 on rop.

To t/" Norlh~llst - Map 3 (Arrhedain. Cardolan & Rhlld~llr).

Where tl1e maps overlap, plac e the edge of Map 4- 0n top.

To tbr North - Map 14 (The Soutbc rn Blue Mounlains). Where the maps overlap. place [he edge of M,\p 14 on rop.

Tolbd,,'orU""I'SI- Map 6 (Lindon). Where the maps overlap, place rhe edge of Map 6 on top.


, Ittlllo~ V~"...,. ~ 1i.U~,H 11kI.J~~

MAP 15


Map IS details the wesrernmosr reaches ofGondor (S. "Stone-land"), the grc;1tsollthwesccm spur of the White Mountains(S, "Ercd Nimrais"). and southern reaches of the ancient DrUg-lands ("Old Pakael-laod"), It includes the western edge of the Anfalas (5. "Long Coast" or "Longshore") region, as well as the lower Lcfnui Valley (5. "Nan Lcfnui"), Rugged. windswept, Andrast-the "Long-cape" -lies in the southwestern part of the map.


Map 15 adjoins tilt: following maps:

To the Wes/ - None. "Fe rile 50ud, - None.

To tbe J~ll - Map 7 (5mlthcrn Gondor & the CC1ltr~1 White Mountains). Where the rnaps overlap, place the edge of Map 1.5 on top,

T" lh~ Northeast - Map 5 (Rohan & the Southern Mist), Mountains), Where the maps overlap, place the edge of Mar [5 on lap.

To l/ir. NQrlb- Map 4 (Minhiriarh & the Eriadoran Coast). Where the maps overlap, pJ;tce the edgl? of Map 15 on top,

NO/e; SCi! pages l6, /7, mId 19 Jor 11 lar~r smk (I "=20 miles) view oj d;e Andra,! I1rm, Pages 16 mId I 7 COIISlil1,lf II "tenter sprfad. "

Page 10

, "



. ~ ,

) 1 r \

: ~


MAp 7


Map 7 details the heartland of Gondor (S. "Slorlt~.land") ~nd L!lC central Whitl' Mountains (5. "Ercd Nimrais''). It includes Amahs (S. "Long Coast" or "Long-shore") ill the West, Lamcdon (5. ="Lal1d of the Tongu(''') lind BeI£al3S (S. "Coast of the Powers" or "Great-shore"} in the middle. and western Lcbennin (S. "[Place of] Fiye Riy<,C's") and Tolfalas (S." oasta! Isle" or "Shol"e-isl;:Uld") in the East. The Mouths of the Anduin (S. "Ethir Anduin") appf1lJ" ill the sourhcastern segmmr. Note (liar [he upper Lcfnui Valley (S. "Nan Ldimi") lies in the northwestern portion of the nl~p.

CUTTING ANO FrTTfNG "lHE MAP Map 7 adjoms the following maps:

To the W~sr - Map IS (A ndrast & t J leW estern Whi te Mountains).

Where tile maps overlap. place rhe edge of Map r 5 on top.

To Ihe So.!lh - None.

To. lilt E"SI - Map 8 (lrhi.Lil'n & Go1'go1'oth). Where the maps overlap. place the e-dge-of M~p 7 on top.

'LD the Northensl- Map 9 (LOWt'f Onodl6 & East Emnet). Whcr the maps overlap, place til c edge of' Map 9 011 wp.

10 ler Norlh - M np 5 (Rohan & the Sourhcrn Misty Mountains).

Where the Imp~ overlap, place the cdge of Mnp 7 on top.

Note: Sec pagcs 1511nd I fi, forn [m~1' swlr(1 "=20wil~s) v;ewojillt SOH/hem COlldor & the Cmlmi Miil] Mo.mlahI5. fJ de/acbed, the,! /\.YO P'Ws jor", Oll~) ton/I,mo«s /IJ~p.

1 I " \.

0 ...
_g. ..
~ .
- .,
C \ , (\
c ~
~~. ) ~
" .~'t"
I .:::r
, \ • \
H , ,+,': l
" t }
tl: ..
4 ~
~\~ M/\PS


This roughly rrcr:mgu!:t"1ll:lp details the southernmost porrion of the Mist}' :Vl0UIll;'1II1S (5. "Hidl::lcglir"). (he northern ,·dg"s of [he While' Mouncams (5 .•. Ered Nill1r:llS"), and rhe lands In between Lhe LWO ranges. DlIllland (D. "Dun(e~mn") lies in rhc northwestern segment. The great forest ofFallgorn (S. "Trcebl"ard") stands in tilt' norrhcnstcrn quadrant, The '''' est-march or Rohan, [he area berwccn the rivers Angren and Adorn. OCCUP1C the' sourhwcsrcrn segment. Both die Wcsrfold and the Vv csr rnnet or Rohan appear in the sourheasrcrn segment.

CUTTlNG AND Frrrrxc TIll! M,w Map 5 adjorns I he rollowing. maps:

1"0 1M I I'm - M Hp 4 (Minhiriadl &. rhe Eri adoran Co. sr). Whet .. , the maps overlap, pbcc rhe edge of Mar 4 011 top.

10 tk SOlftbwclt - Map IS (Andl';1st & the- Western Wlute Mountains). Wh~H the maps overlap, place the d.gr of Map 15 on top.

10 1M Soutll - Map 7 {Sourhern Gonder & the Central 'iVhlte Mountains}, Where the maps overlap, place rite edge of Map 7 11 cop.

To tl:c EllSI- Map 9 (LOW("f Onodl6 & h;L~[ Emner), Where th,' map:> overlap, place the edge of Map 9 011 rop.

To til( Norlhellsl- Map 10 (L6rien & the Central Misty Mcunrams], Where the mnps overlap, place till' edgl:' of Map 10 on lOp.

To Ibt North - Map 3 (Arlhedalll. Cardclan & Rbudaur). Wh('re the l1l~p~ overlap, place rhe edge ofMap 5 on top.

Page 14


) )

I !


j i ,,£

.. III

.. .







\ \



t .~ '" I::!

t •


MAp 3


Map 3 details the central portion of old Arnor (S. "Royal Land" or simpl)t "Kingdom"). Lake Evendim .md thf' rest of {he hearrland o( Arthedam (Q. "Realm of tbe &lain") lies in the northwestern :<cgmem. The Old Forest (S. ''T am laue"), Barrow-downs (S. "T ym Gorthad"), and rhe northern part of Cardolan (S. "Red-hill Land") occupy the southwestern segment. The T rollshaws (S. "Pi nnath Teteg") and Euenmoors arc situated in the northeastern segment, while Eregion and the \V cst-gatE' of Moria (Kh. "Khazad-dum") appear in the southeastern segment.

CUTTING, ,\ND FfTlJNG THL: MAl' Map 3 adjoins the following maps:

10 ,be W.:-s!- Map 14 (TheSouthctn BIlle Mountains). \Vhl'l'e the maps overlap, place the edge of Mar I 4 on [Op.

To ,he Soutbwest - Map 4 (Minhiriatj) &. the Eriadorar. Coast).

Where the maps overlap, place lheedge of Map 4- all top.

To tht 5",1<16 - Map 5 (RahiUl & the South CUI Misty Mountains} Where the maps overlap, place tile edge of Map 5 on top.

1"0 tI!~ EII.>t - Map 10 (L6rien & the Central Misty Ml1ullr;"jns).

V·/here the m~p.~ overlap, place the edge of Map 10 on top.

To tbe Ncrthast- Map 1 (Angmar & the Northr.m Misty Mountai ns). Wllere the maps overlap, place the edge of'Map r on top.

T" tho NDrih - Map I3 (Oiolad). Where the ITI:!ps overlap, place the edge of Map I J on top.

To tbe Nort!"wsi - Map 2 (Nllmeriaclor & [he Northern Blu~ Mountains). Where the m~ps overlap, place the edge ofM,IF 2 on top.

Page 21


I' J
J", ' I

I ,lite \
tlc~ I'· I
~ ...
• ~ 1
) l
- r~ '[1
II {
d I I
l, u II
.. : I
'f, -.._.,' ~' ,
.;, .'
~ \1
{ ~ "<0
••• ?o
( .1\~ J J. 1/

• 1/

MAl:' I


This Lvshaped map details the northern portion of the M tsty Mountains (5. "Hithaeglir") and the w sternmost portion of the Grey Mounrains (S. "Ered Mirhrin"), Angmar (Q. "Iron-bomc") lies in [he northwestern segment. the Vales of the Anduin (5 ... Ronen-in-Andc in") dominate the northeastern segment. and the High Pass (S. "Doncirirh") and Cold fell s (5. "Pinnarh Acgnng") are situated 111 the southeastern segment.

CUTIING AND FJTTJNG 'ruu MAp Map r adjoins the following maps:

TD tile Wesl-M~p 13 (Oiolad). Where the maps overlap, place [he edge of Map I3 on top.

To tl)f Southwest - Map 3 (Arthedain, Cardohn & Rhudaur).

Where the maps overlap, place the edge of Map I on top.

To ,he 50rllb - Map [Q (Loden & the Central Misty Mountains]. \Vhcrc the maps overlap, place the edge: of Map 1 on top.

To th~ Eat - Map 12 (North~'fn Mirkwood). Wh re the maps overlap. place the tdge of M:\p I on top.

To ,lit North - N 011(,.

Page 23



:NL\r 9


This oddly-shnped piece-map focuses on tile central portion of the East Iimucr of Rohan, tile grassy reaches near the eastern border of the Ridd~I"llIi1l-k. It deuih III 1 of the [ower Lntwnsl; Vaile}' (S. "Nan OnodI6"). save the ~wnmry, illland delra called the Mouths of the I!ntwash (S. "Etllir OnodI6'').

Notr that Flrit'll Wood (" Aron Erecl"), the forest Oil rh.c border of Roh~n;]nd Gondo1', Ii e , <)11 the southern edgc of this Ill<lp. TIll' western 'IV 0.1 d occupies mud] ur the northern neck of rile 1llnp.

CUTTING AND FrTTNG THE:MAP Map 9 .IJjoim the following maps:

To tiN! 1VfS1- Map 5 (Roh~n & the Sm[th~m Mi~ty Mounrairrs), Where d,c maps overlap, place the l'dg.l' of Map 9 on rap.

T» Ibr S~lItI! - Map 7 (Sollthern Gondor &. the Central Wlure Mounrnins). Where the mnp~ overlap, place rhe t'dgt' of Mar 9 (In lllp,

TQ tbe Lui - Mnp 8 (Ithilicn &. Gorgoroth). Where rill' lllJ}'S overlap, place the edge of M~r ') un top.

101M N(}rlh,·,lll- Map I I (SOUl bern Mukwood). Where the maps overlap, place rhe edge of Map 9 on top.

T,) !lit: N~rlh - Mop I o (L6ncn & rhc Central Misty Mountains]. \Vhw:.' the m,lps overlap, pb~e ~ne edge {If Map lOon cop,

MAP 10


jIm oddly-shaped mnp details the central portion of the Mi,ty Mounrains (S. "Hidlacglir") and rlie forc.~[-1"l'alm ofLoncn (5. """Dl"~~rnland"). You Gill sec' the Gladden Fields (S. "Loeg Ninglown") in the extreme n01Tbe~\S[ corner of the milp. The lower Anduin VaIJ~y(S. "Nan Anduin") runs through [be southeastern segmem. Both the E<lst-g~te and \VeSt-gaR of Moria (Kh. "Khazad-dum") appear 111 rhc southwestern segmenc.

CUrfNG ANO Frl;T'fNG THl.: MAl' Map IO adjoil1s the following maps:

1"0 Ihe We;1 - Map 3 (Artlwdai.n, CndQI~n & Rhud~ UT). \;\,There the map~ overlap, place [be edge of Map 10 on top.

To Ibr SQ'HIh"oIm - Map 5 (Rohan & rhc SouthcrlJ Mi:<ty \101111- (;lin.,} 'Where" the m~ps overlap. place the edg c of Map IO on top.

TQ Ib~ S'Jl!lh - Mar 9 (Lower Onod 16 &. Enst Em net]. \Vb e re the maps overlap. place the edge of Map 10 on top.

1''0 Ihe Erf! - Map 11 (SoL1the[Ll Mirkwood). \V]1C"fC the Illap~ overlap, place the edgt' of Map 10 OJ) top.

To Ii,,· )I./orlb- Map I (A ngmilr & the Ncrrhern Misty Mountains} Where the Imps overlap. pbce. the edge of Map I on top.


See page 6 for description arid cutting/fitting insrrucrions.

Page 25





MAP 12


Map 12 details tlie eastern portion of rh c Grey MOLlJ1[ains (S. "Ered Mirhrm"), [he westernmost portion of'thc Iron Hills (S. "Emyn Engti.n"), and all of northern Mirkwood (5. "Taur-e-Ndaedelos"). The upper Anduin Valley (5. "Noll Anduin") runs along the western map edge. Lake-rown and Long L1ke(S. "Annen"] appear in rhc seuthcasrern corner of the m~p.

CUTTING /lND FrrrlNG THE MAP Map 12 adjoins the following maps:

TD Ibe Wt51- Map r (AngJnar & the Northern Misty Mounrains], Wh e rc the maps overlap, place the edge ofMnp 1 on top.

To Ih( SaHib - Map I I (Sotltbcm Mirkwood). Wher(' thr 1ll~pS overlap, place rhe Edge of Map 1 Ion top.

TQ Ibe Easl - None. Y!) '''1' Nortb - None.


Map 1 T focuses on southern Mirkwood (S. "Taur-e-Ndnedelos") and the stnTotlml.ing areas of southwestern Rhcvanion. 11,e Brown Lands ("Dor Firncn"), the Wold, andthe northern Hidden Hill:; (S. "Emyn Mnil") ell appear in the sourhwcsrern comer of the map. The infamous Hill of Sorcery (5. "Dol Guldur") risesout. of the dark woodlands of southwest Mirkwood.

Ctrrrrsc AND FITTING THE 11AP Map I r adjoin~ [he Following maps:

To Ihr Ww - Map 10 (Lorien &. [he Central Misty Mountains).

Where the maps overlap, place the e,dg~ ofM.ap 10 en top.

To thr. SOl.{rh - Map 8 (lthilien & Gorgowth). Where the maps overlap, pLace the edgl' of Ma P 8 on cop.

To Ihe SOlllhw/!51- Milp 9 (Lower Onodic&. East Enmet). Where the ma:ps overlap, place the edge of Map 10 on telp.

II'! the LISt - i'one.

:10 Ihe North - Map 12 (N orthern Mirkwood). 'Vhere the llUpS overlap, place the edge of Map 11 on top.

To the N(>rlbw~~t- Map J (Angmar & the Northern Misty Mmmrains), Where the maps overlap, pia ce tile edge of Map I on top.



I \

.... I i

• •


Map 8 details easternmost Gondor (S "Stone-land"), which includes eastern Lebennin (S. "[place of] Five Rivers"), Ithilien (S. "Land of the Moon"), and An6ricn (5. "Land of the.Sun"). This mllp also encompasses western MOl'ciot-Udlln, GOl'goroth, and western Nurn-;lnd the eastem most part of the White Mountains (S ." Ered Nimrais"), N ole thou: the lower Anduin Valley (5. "N an Anduin")--from the fails ofE.auros to me edge of the Anduin Delta---cuts across the western portion of the map. The Dead Marshes (S. "Loeg F; rn") and Wetwang (S. UN indalf') appear in the northwestern quadrant, while Barad-dur (S. "Dark Tower") and Mount Doom (Q. "Orodruin")lie in [he north eas terri section of the map,

CUTTING AND Prrmcc THE M.IJ> Map 8 adjoins the following maps:

To tbe Wesl - Map 7 (Southern Gonder & the Central Wllite Mountains)' Where the maps overlap, place the edge of Map 7 on top,

To rhe Soutb - None. To tho East :«- None.

To rh. Norlb - Map II (Southern Mirkwood). Where me maps overlap. place the edge of Map 8 on top.

To tilt Norrhw~r - Map 9 (Lower Onodlo & Ea t Emnet). Where the maps overlap, place me edge oEMap 9 on top.

Page 31

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r Inside you'll 11111.1 15 Il-color maps ~scalli'~i ,U

1" = 46 . .5 nules ) th,lt yJ{)U CHi cur ap,u't ;llld rll logether toO fQrll1 a complete carlogrHpl~i"C view nf llenlmest Entd ;1:.

The. maps include:

Angm:lr &. rhe Northern Mistv Mmll1,clim • vVnlcl • St)uLlwl'11 (~nn<dol' &: I\~lIaJas' Irhilien &. G(,}rg~)r()lh • Minhn iNt-h & rhe IwiadO! COilst • SUllthcnl Mirkwood • TIlt' ~"'Hlt+wrl1 Blue 4())lIJltains' Nord ern Miliw(\)o i • RoJ,.m &. the SlHlIh.'[(1J Misty jount;lim;' LiLll.1uJ] • Un'fen & the Central M.isI'y Mount-ains • Arrdrasr •

The Blue Meunrarns &. Numt'rindor • Oi(ilLrd •

1'! h nlJ ill. Lwei 0 bn 6; R. h'l\J1;u4r

You'll aLIIQ lml 5 la1'ger-sGl!t:, CO!t~T fnaps \. :;cal"",l In It' = 2 . m,jjp!l '~)1' use wIld the area In,l ~s !(lbl11d tl1 ICE's other S;:Upr1t:lll1."'llJS. 1 lresc mnps -@Wl r~iull:; not ~'l'l d Klll1'wlllt'cl vn f(.:E·~ M~ddk-rl1rth s~'!'ij;'s:

• Atl~'r,1~1 i the wild, ()lIthwcs~C11~" rc,Kh,,'~ (;)( GlwldJllr)

• AIJ{da~ (t Jl' '"L 1'" ~hor'" of wcstcru Glmd:or:

. ~ .

• LI n,,1'@11 \. [he Llvcn Lmds west of rhe gl"'I{-MlilUJlLl i IJ,~ :

• Oil~bd a ~mp "I' WI 11l1s IVl'p 1 rLlin \iI'est (~r AI1g:tlla.r)

• \Vt;J,J.J : 11 ~"",i 1~1 Sl'C[ inn o( I"IlSICI'!l R(lh.u!l1

[ he .\.,'r1I:W(SHPIJ :lJlJiri/'·-,,1Tf11 .\f,IP Sri I' ,1 (ul '" ,·olllr."i fbi" ""~1r'all- 11'>11 pl~"l' In Jel:', w',,,tI)\"rSlf~11 ,III,I,II,·-t,m/' (.~j:(/I(tf'·' #'1 )!l2 t,

MadG' in U.SA #40{)l


H1djJ.C!!~ alld disu·ib"cc.j h) rca. hn;

P.O. &Ix 16('1[;

1-558156-L70-3 IC~1500 Charlot. esvillc, VA ll'l~l USI~

OampaigJJ Atlas fot

£ nd rrros otlwr major faat'1SY Ro e Playing Games.

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