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February 12, 1990


Vice President Dan Quayle met today with NASA's senior management and gave the agency a resounding vote of confidence. Speaking at an informal luncheon at NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., the Vice President emphasized that the White House "is committed to making space a priority." The Vice President told NASA officials that their immediate challenge is to "reignite interest and energy in the space program beyond the Beltway." He characterized the civil space program as being of "critical importance" to the nation. Vice President Quayle is the Chairman of the National Space Council, which is charged with overseeing the President's national space policy and coordinating interagency space issues. He met with NASA Administrator Richard H. Truly, Deputy Administrator J. R. Thompson Jr. and the associate administrators who oversee the agency's various programs. The Vice President discussed the value of new technology that flows from the space program and how it makes the United States more competitive in the world market. He also spoke at length on the link between NASA and education and, in particular, how the space program can inspire students to study science and math.

On January 26, the Administration announced it was seeking a 23 percent funding increase for NASA in FY 1991, the largest increase for any major agency. The President's budget message said that, "The exploration of space has benefits for the United States that go far beyond the quantifiable. There are specific payoffs in the form of new materials, technological discoveries and microgravity research. But no price can be put on the lifting of the spirit of people everywhere ... And no quantitative measure of any kind can capture the benefit of expanding human horizons, human dreams and the human domain." - end -

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