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Pith Laohavirojana

Matthew Bishop
October 3, 2017

The Relationship between Objects and Emotions in Williamss Poetry

There are countless of poems definitions. One of definition is a piece of writing that

explains the poets idea or displays the emotions. Traditionally, poems usually had a definite

structure, pattern, and rule. As well as, the contents of the poem is usually be about abstract ideas.

However, during Modernism, William Carlos Williams began his movements that entirely changed

the literatures world. It is called Imagism and Objectivist. He values clarity of expression, simple

language and use of concrete objects and images. It can be seen that his style is completely opposite

to the traditional poems. In this essay, the focus will be on how Williams shows his value toward

physical images and objects. In Willow poem and Desolate Field, Williams reflects the

narrators emotional state through the use of concrete objects.

In the poem Willow poem, Williams reflects the narrators through the use of personified

concrete objects. The poem is about the willow trees in the time of season changes, from summer to

fall and fall to early winter. Commonly, willow trees symbolize the sorrowful and sadness since the

bend down of the willows trunk and its elongated leaves resemble the falling down of teardrops.

However, in this poem, Williams doesnt only express the feeling of sadness through the tile of the

poem but also through the use of concrete objects. For example, Williams writes, The leaves cling

and grow paler and as if loath to let go (9). Also, oblivious to winter / the last to let go and fall /

into the water and on the ground (12-14). In this case, the leaves almost fall from the tree but they

try to hold on even though they almost reach the end of their lifetime. They have to fall down from

the tree reluctantly and being unready to face winter. Likewise, this can imply that the narrator does

not prepare for a dramatic change and the termination like the leaves. Since the leaves are during

the end of autumn and the end of the year, it means that most of the tree is going to die and they
have to undergo the lifes process again. It is considered a big change in nature. Additionally, the

use of personification confirms that the narrator is expressing his emotions through the objects

because personification creates the feeling within the object and in reality, the object has no feeling.

Therefore, Williams indirectly express the narrators feeling of unready by the use of physical


In Desolate Field, Williams uses natural imageries, which considered a solid images to

portray the narrators feeling of alienation and confusion. The Desolate Field was written during

1921. The poem is about the man who is feeling hopeless and trying to seek the existence of love in

the midst of the field. He wants to know that if love is exist, why his feeling is full of sadness. At

the beginning of the poem, Williams writes, Vast and gray, the sky / is a simulacrum / to all but

him whose days (1-3), detailing the mans feeling through the skys features. The man views the

sky Vast and Gray. This is because the man is feeling full of sadness. Furthermore, the author

also emphasizes the mans feeling of sorrow by stating the word simulacrum because the man

believes the way that he sees the sky is not disillusionment whereas the people who see different

from him is truly disillusionment. However, in fact, normal people do not pay attention to the

appearance of the sky but for him, he does. Next, natural images that he used is dried glass. In the

text it says, In the tall, dried grasses (5). The dried grass in this quote can indicate that he is

lack of love like dried grasses lack of water. As well as, the color of dried grasses is not fully green,

which denotes infertility, can influence the readers to feel desperate. Thus, the color of the object

influences the reader to feel dispirited.

In conclusion, Both of Willow poem and Desolate Field capture the narrators emotions

through the use of stationary objects and images. He strongly shows the connection between human

and objects. It shows that human is depend on visible and obvious objects rather than abstraction

and beliefs. Therefore, everything relies on truth and reality including us.
The Healer

A room full of dirt, dust, grey curtains

and broken windows. She shut her

eyes while the rain was falling

from the shaded sky.

I touched her hair

comforted her



In this poem, It is based on William Carlos Williams styles as he is my mentor in my

poetrys study. For this poem, I did based on my experience. It was when my mother got a car

accident about and her left leg was broken. However, In this case, I didnt put specific details on

who is she even she is my mother because most of Williamss poems do not tell a subjects

name or much detail about subjects information. Most of them will mostly show how the subjects

in the poem are feeling at that moment. For example, in the Desolate Field, he just states the man

who is seeking for love and feeling alienated. I think the reason he did this because he wants the

poem to be relatable to everyone so thats why he keeps it simple and just mentions the subject by

the use of possessive pronoun so everyone can feel related as well as people during modernism feel

alienation because of many situations that had occurred. In the same way, this is one of my

inspiration that I get from Williamss styles. Therefore, my poem will mainly focused on how the

feeling of sadness is expressed by the subject and how the setting or other factors show this

emotions. In my opinion, the feeling of sadness is the feeling that everyone have experienced it so

everyone can feel more connected.

As I mentioned earlier, this poem is when my mother got a car accident l0 years ago. I

remember this situation very clearly because I and also my mother faced a lots of difficulties,

despair and hopelessness. I have to be her morale in order to cure her mental and lower her stress.

I capture the moment that my mom was crying alone and I just walked in. I did not know what to do

so I tried to comforted her was by touched her hair repeatedly. After a while, my mom started to

stop crying. I think I can use this situation to capture her sadness.

At the beginning, I described the setting which is a room that my mom was sitting on during

that time. I used the color which is grey to give the reader some feeling of dispirit. These techniques

I got inspiration from Williamss poem, Complaint and Nantucket . Additionally, I reflect the

feeling of hopeless through the use of concrete objects. Using physical objects through I use the
word broken to imply the hidden meaning in mirror in order to show the feeling of hopeless and

painful. Next, as I said, my mother was crying. I use the natural imageries and the word choice to

express her crying desperately. Normally, people will say its raining rather than the rain is

falling. In the real situation, it was raining but I want to focused on the teardrop. Therefore, I use

the word falling to imply the reader that it is the action of teardrop. Likewise, shaded sky also

reflect to my moms current feeling. Shaded is like grey or gloomy. It can reflect the way my mom

was feeling grievous. More importantly, it confirms the reader that my mother was crying. As the

poem shows, I repeat comforted her in order to show the alternative meaning. This technique

references from the To a poor old woman. Personally, I quite amazed with this technique because

I never seen anyone use this technique before in the poetry. It doesnt necessary have to come up

with new sentence to describe another meaning. He uses the same sentence but using the line break

to give alternative meanings. In this case, comforted her in line 6, detailing that my action is

comforting her because the stress is on comforted. However, For line 7 and the last 8, I kind of do

it differently. I break the word comforted and her in the separate lines. This is because I want

the reader to know that the stress was on both of the words in order to show that I was comforting

many times not only one time for the stress on comforted but for her, I want to accentuate that

it was her that I was comforting. Another reason is I want to show how I break my line display the

decrease of my mothers pain while I was comforting her. Some of Williams poem uses the

literature devices or stanza to suggest the idea or the emotion of the narrator. For this poem, I want

to use amount of words that is reduced by time and the use line break in order to show the reduction

of her pain and also it is the consequence from my morale and comforting that made my mother felt


Throughout this unit, I learned about William Carlos Williams and his poems. His style is

unique and different from other poets. When I think about poem, I think the word complicate and

deep will come up in my mind because the poems that I have seen usually use complicate
language and relate to belief or religious. It took me for a long time to understand each poem.

Conversely, for Williamss poems, they have simple language compared to other poems. He

changes my perspective toward the poem and also art. There is no definite structures for saying

which one is art or poem. Furthermore, he elevates inferior or overlooked objects which really

impressed me. He shows his value in the good way and reflect how the society is today. He makes

everything is worthy of appreciation. Another thing is he initiates me to trust on the truth or the

reality rather than abstraction. He makes me think that believe from what you see rather than ideas

because it is true. You can prove it and sense it. Also, he makes object is special because he shows

the correlation between our emotions and objects. I never thought about this before. He brings out

everythings special and unique and passes on a piece of writing.

For my most favorite of his poems is This Is Just To Say because I love how simple it is

and how is he feeling insincere apology. I have read this poem before and I really like it but when I

analyze carefully and have a discussion with my classmate, I like it even more. In my opinion, It is

the simplest poem among other 9 poems. Furthermore, this poem confirms his appreciation of

simplify for me.