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1. Beauty took White Fang to the fort where he put him in a cage.

2. Beauty hit White Fang when he tried to get away.

3. White Fang hated the cage and Beauty.

4. Beauty took White Fang to his first fight which he won.

5. People placed bets on the fights and Beauty became very rich.

6. Tim Keenan came to town with a dog named Cherokee who hadn't lost a fight.

7. They fought but Cherokee caught White Fang by the throat.


1. Beauty

2. Weedon

3. Weedon and Matt

4. White Fang

5. White Fang

6. Beauty

7. White Fang


1. Sled
2. Hurt

3. Bite

4. Trained

5. Fighting

6. Cruel


1. Kiera is a beautiful Young girl.

2. Karen has long black hair.

3. Ben has yellow umbrela.

4. My sister has an ugly cell pone.

5. Look at the big white cat.