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PSI 1013

NO MATRIK : E20141009671
Anti-spam program


- Program that attempts to remove spam before it reaches
user inbox.

What is anti-spam program?

- Spam is an unsolicited e-mail or newsgroup posting sent to
many recipient or newsgroups at once spam is internet junk
mail. The content of spam ranges from selling a product or
service, to promoting a business opportunity, to advertising
offensive material.


- For example, a Bayesian is an anti-spam software application, and the use ofopt-in e-
mail is an anti-spam process.


- An alternative to e-mail filtering is to purchase an anti-spam program that attempts to
remove spam before it reaches your inbox.

Antivirus Program

- Program that protect computer against viruses found in memory, storage media or
incoming files.


- to prevent the trouble and disaster that might be caused by
computer viruses


- Three more popular antivirus programs are McAfee
VirusScan, Norton, Antivirus, and Windows Life OneCare.

Cara menghindari

- An antivirus program protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing
any computer viruses found in memory, on storage media, or on incoming files.
Audit trail

- Computer file that record both successful and unsuccessful access attempt


- Record in a file of both successful and
unsuccessful access attempts

Cara Menghindari

- An unsuccessful access attempt could result
from a user mistyping his or her password or it could result from a hacker trying
thousands of passwords.

Back door

- Program or set of instruction in a program that allow user to by past security controls
when accessing a computer or network.


- Program that allow user to by path security controls when accessing a program computer
or network.

Cara menghindari

- Install a back door or modify an existing program to include a back door which allow
them to continue to access computer remotely without the user knowledge.

Back up

- To make a copy of a files, files on offsite internet


- Program that can be used in case the original lost
damaged or destroyed.

Cara menghindari

- Duplicate a file or disk place on a separate or storage medium.
Biometric device

- Device that authenticates a person’s identity by translating a personal characteristic, such
as a finger print, into a digital code than is compared with a digital code stored in a
computer verifying a physical or behavioral characteristics.


- Translate a personal characteristics into a digital code compared with a digital code store
in computer.


- Fingerprint Reader

Cara menghindari

- Match the computer digital code if the code does not
match the personal characteristics code the computer denies access to individual.


- Group of compromised computers connected to a network such as the internet that are
used as part of a network that attacks other networks,
usually for nefarious purposes.


- Used as part of network that attacks other user network
usually for nefarious purposes.

Cara menghindari

- A compromise computer known as a zombie is one owner is unaware the computer is
being control remotely by and outside
Code of conduct

- Written guidelines that helps determine whether a specific computer action is ethical or


- Recognizing individual need specific standard for ethical used of computer.

Cara menghindari

- IT code of conduct is a return guideline that helps determine whether a specific computer
action is ethical or unethical.

Computer addiction

- Growing health problem that occurs when the computer consumers someone’s entire
social life


- Craves computer time
- Problem at work or school
- Neglect family and friend

Computer crime

- Any illegal act involving a computers


- Hacker, Cracker, Script kidie, Corporate
Spy, Cyberterrorist