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Working with Different Programming Languages Widgets

Python For Data Science Cheat Sheet Kernels provide computation and communication with front-end interfaces Notebook widgets provide the ability to visualize and control changes
Jupyter Notebook like the notebooks. There are three main kernels: in your data, often as a control like a slider, textbox, etc.
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You can use them to build interactive GUIs for your notebooks or to
IRkernel IJulia
synchronize stateful and stateless information between Python and
Installing Jupyter Notebook will automatically install the IPython kernel. JavaScript.
Saving/Loading Notebooks Restart kernel Interrupt kernel
Create new notebook Restart kernel & run Interrupt kernel & Download serialized Save notebook
all cells clear all output state of all widget with interactive
Open an existing
Connect back to a models in use widgets
Make a copy of the notebook Restart kernel & run remote notebook
current notebook all cells Embed current
Rename notebook Run other installed
Revert notebook to a
Save current notebook
previous checkpoint Command Mode:
and record checkpoint
Download notebook as
Preview of the printed - IPython notebook 15
notebook - Python
Close notebook & stop - Markdown 13 14
- reST
running any scripts - LaTeX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Writing Code And Text

Code and text are encapsulated by 3 basic cell types: markdown cells, code
cells, and raw NBConvert cells.
Edit Cells Edit Mode: 1. Save and checkpoint 9. Interrupt kernel
2. Insert cell below 10. Restart kernel
3. Cut cell 11. Display characteristics
Cut currently selected cells Copy cells from 4. Copy cell(s) 12. Open command palette
to clipboard clipboard to current 5. Paste cell(s) below 13. Current kernel
cursor position 6. Move cell up 14. Kernel status
Paste cells from Executing Cells 7. Move cell down 15. Log out from notebook server
clipboard above Paste cells from 8. Run current cell
current cell Run selected cell(s) Run current cells down
clipboard below
and create a new one
Paste cells from current cell
below Asking For Help
clipboard on top Run current cells down
Delete current cells
of current cel and create a new one Walk through a UI tour
Split up a cell from above Run all cells
Revert Delete Cells List of built-in keyboard
current cursor Run all cells above the Run all cells below
invocation shortcuts
position current cell the current cell Edit the built-in
Merge current cell Merge current cell keyboard shortcuts
Change the cell type of toggle, toggle Notebook help topics
with the one above with the one below current cell scrolling and clear Description of
Move current cell up Move current cell toggle, toggle current outputs markdown available Information on
down scrolling and clear in notebook unofficial Jupyter
Adjust metadata
underlying the Find and replace all output Notebook extensions
Python help topics
current notebook in selected cells IPython help topics
View Cells
Remove cell Copy attachments of NumPy help topics
attachments current cell Toggle display of Jupyter SciPy help topics
Toggle display of toolbar Matplotlib help topics
Paste attachments of Insert image in logo and filename
SymPy help topics
current cell selected cells Toggle display of cell Pandas help topics
action icons:
Insert Cells - None About Jupyter Notebook
- Edit metadata
Toggle line numbers - Raw cell format
Add new cell above the Add new cell below the - Slideshow
current one in cells - Attachments
current one DataCamp
- Tags
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