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Short Essay Rubric

The short essays on the exams are worth 5 points each. Each exam features at least two
short essay questions.

Score Completion Accuracy Comprehension Organization Conventions

5 The answer is All Content Content is well- No major
complete. information demonstrates a organized and grammatical or
provided is deep easy to read. spelling errors. No
accurate. understanding of, Points follow a more than two minor
and engagement logical errors.
with, the text(s). progression.
4 The answer is All Content Content is well- No major
missing slight information demonstrates organized and grammatical or
details provided is understanding of, easy to read. spelling errors. No
accurate. and engagement Points follow a more than five minor
with, the text(s), logical errors.
3 The answer is Most Content Content is Some major and
missing multiple information demonstrates organized and minor errors that
details. provided is basic easy to read. dont necessarily
accurate. understanding of Points follow a impair
the text(s). mostly logical communication.
2 Content Some Content Content may be Major and minor
suggests lack of information demonstrates less unorganized and errors significantly
preparation or provided is than basic difficult to read. weaken quality of
comprehension. accurate. understanding of Points do not communication,
the text(s). follow a solidly although still
logical comprehensible.
1 Content only A small Content Content is Communication
marginally amount of demonstrates a unorganized, seriously impaired
related to the the lack of illogical, and by multitude of
question/prompt. information understanding of difficult to read. spelling/grammatical
is accurate. the text(s). errors.
0 Content fails to None of the Content Content is very Multitude of major
meet the basic information demonstrates a poorly and minor errors
requirements of provided is complete lack of organized, makeanswer
the task. accurate. understanding of illogical, and incomprehensible.
the text(s). difficult to read.