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March 6, 1990

Del Harding Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif. (Phone: 415/604-9000) RELEASE: 90-36 PETERSON NAMED DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF AMES RESEARCH CENTER

Dr. Dale L. Compton, Director of NASA's Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif., today named Victor L. Peterson, Deputy Director of the Center. Peterson, 55, has served as Ames' Director of Aerophysics from 1984 and as the Center's Acting Deputy Director since 1988. He has held various positions at Ames, including Research Scientist, Chief of the Aerodynamics Branch and Chief of the Thermo and Gas Dynamics Division. He was one of the originators of the NASA initiative to develop the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation System, the leading computational resource for the nation's aerospace program. Peterson joined Ames in 1956 after receiving a bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering from Oregon State University. He also holds a master's degree in aeronautics and astronautics sciences from Stanford University and a master's degree in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow.

Peterson has served on many national boards and committees, including a National Science Foundation committee chartered to assist with the creation of national supercomputer centers at several universities. He has written about 50 technical papers and reports in the fields of fluid and flight mechanics and on the use of supercomputers in science and engineering. He was awarded the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal in 1984 and was elected a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1986. - more -2-

A native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Peterson and his wife, Jacqueline Dianne, reside in Los Altos, Calif. They have three children. - end -

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