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A Zebra called

Eleni Svoronou makes up Madeilene Theochari lives
stories for both children and and works in Athens. She
adults. She shares these has attended children’s
stories with them through her books illustration, painting
books, games and creative and photography seminars.
writing. She works at WWF She has taken part in 4
Hellas where she met Iraklis group painting and
Lampadariou, the publisher of photography exhibitions.
A Zebra Called Dottie. He was She loves ice cream.
10 years old and he went to
offer voluntary work!


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To the children Whose dad Is a big hug .

how many animals your age! There.Look. Her mum bent and whispered to her fondly: -You are my little star! And Dottie came very slowly from her hideout. and then she dashed to the schoolyard. All the children’s mothers were there. She can see the students entering the school yard: Grayce with her parents. paused for a moment. Dottie rubbed her head on her mum’s belly. honey. Dottie was going nowhere. others very thin. First Story: A Zebra Called Dottie Dottie arrives at school with her mum. like a little spot on the horizon. . Her mum became fainter. go and play! No response from Dottie. while others supple and strong. she was staying right there. Hooknoser with his dad. Some of them were very fat. But definitely none of them had that special scent: grass-mumscent. . and many more. She hides behind her mum’s legs and she stays put. some of them furry. Her mum has a lovely smell: fresh grass and mumscent. Hoseblacky with his parents.


lots of laughter. You are a striped zebra named Dottie! said the python laughing. All the animals held their bellies. Clapping. Clapping.. All the animal start clapping.My name is Blackredyn and I’m a little ladybug.My name is Grayce and I’m a little elephant.What do you think? We all have a name suitable to our appearance.My name is Roary and I’m a little lion. . . Dottie burst out crying. Laughter. Clapping. The rest of us will listen carefully and repeat our classmate’s name. the big and wise giraffe.My name is Hoseblacky and I’m a little python. The first day at school is really hard.Good morning. All the animals are anxious.My name is Hooknoser and I’m a little parrot.And now I want you to stand up and introduce yourselves in turns. . . . Clapping. Clapping. .you are annoying the person in front of you! Miss Giraffine. . Grayce be quiet. Welcome to the first year of primary school.My name is Dottie and I’m a little zebra. . . . you can start. approached the little elephant and smiled at her. Miss Giraffine knows that and she doesn’t want to be strict. laughter in hysterics. why are you laughing? she asked sobbing. children. . Roary.My name is Snowhitie and I’m a little polar bear. hold your trunk .And.


it will be a… . thought Dottie. some times they love you. .I like stars too. my little star. if someone laughs at you. My mum calls me “her little star”. . She explained what had happened to her mum. then the others laugh at us.Mum. She came home with many thoughts.Oh. Dottie. . I’m sure that your face lit up when you said “my mum calls me her little star”.You are our little star! Shouted all the animals and lifted Dottie. who had also laughed. So the others saw the shame fading away from your face. Because when we feel ashamed of ourselves. and then loves you and wants you to be their friend. If we draw rays on a spot. They saw the spark and loved you. Would you like to be our star? The polar bear asked the zebra.Good night my little star. yes. the zebra with the stripes and the funny name. The shape of a bear. Some times the others laugh at you. approached Dottie and told her: .Both times. then they love us as well. onto their shoulders. . Dottie wiped her eyes and her face lit up. There is a constellation in the sky with my shape.You have the most beautiful name of all. . . When we love ourselves.Miss Giraffine. what does this mean? In which case are they being truthful? .A little star! Sprang the polar bear.


the animals fell. the crocodile. Each one was climbing onto the shoulders of the other but they failed and the tower collapsed. Second Story: Who’s my Dad? Today. the elephant. Dottie flinched behind her desk. it was a lovely day for Dottie. They then tried to make a tower. Hooknoser. the giraffe. Then Miss Giraffine. and burst into laughter. wanted to climb onto Bulgeyer. insisted on climbing onto Splattery. and Jawon. the zebra. the parrot. the butterfly. asked them to draw something and write about their dad. the frog. . Every time the pyramid began to lean. All the animals of the class had played leapfrog. It was really fun. sitting next to her drew an ornate proud father parrot. Grayce.

asked for some more paper because. the python. .I want some more paper too. . After that Grayce did the same.Hoseblacky. as he said. his dad was so big that he couldn’t fit on one sheet of paper. Said one little animal after the other.


why don’t I have a dad? Since everyone else has. . Where’s mine? . Thank heavens you didn’t die Mum! Imagine I had neither a mum or a dad. How I managed to escape from the animals and people only God-Zebra knows. .Yikes. . . Splattery landed on her nose and told her a joke but Dottie didn’t even look at her.It took a lot of time to walk and run again.Once upon a time when I was very young.I have already explained it to you my sweet Dottie.Mum. I am grown up.You’re a very brave mum. Mum looked at her little girl fondly. .Don’t tell me another fairy tale. The school bell rang and Dottie ran home. I was caught in a hunter’s trap and I risked death. Mummy. I had an accident. I want the truth! Dottie’s mum sighed: .Only Dottie spun the paints around with her tail and stared at the blank page in front of her tearfully. .

and I have been really happy ever since I saw you coming! . just like when we plant a seed into the ground and it turns into a flower. . . and I couldn’t have children any more. And he..By the time I was better. time had passed by. truly wanted to have a Dottie. . planted into my body a seed. She had your face. I just needed some help for my body work like it did when I was younger.Sure. But.Well done. your eyes.No.Are there any other animals that are born like this? Without a dad but with the help of a doctor? . without help. that gave me a beautiful and rascally Dottie like you.But why aren’t any of them in my class? . You have taste. it did.Were you old? . I had to be very careful that everything would go well. I dreamt of her day and night. . and your stripes. Mum.I visited a very good doctor who helps zebras that cannot have children. And how did you manage to make me? Tell me how did you make me? .I really.

We are all your family. no. . Grandma. I want you to write down the name of everyone who loves you. her best friend…and the list wasn’t finished.No. . her older cousin. Come on. Spelling? .Have you got some more paper Mum? . .Silly. her younger cousin.Oh. Go and change quickly into your pyjamas. Now draw a dad zebra and write all these names in him. .. Goodnight Dottie. Aunt Stripie.Because they all go to different schools or are in a different year. Dottie started: Uncle Zabra.Do you see how many animals love you? And of them all. Now I want you to take a sheet of paper and write something. who loves you the most? Dottie rubbed her head on her mum’s belly. dear Dottie.


What a nice teacher… Can you guess which animal wrote what about beauty? . The pencils were on fire. Chirrups. . paws and claws.Yeeees! cried everyone in unison. Whispers spread. The animals obeyed. caws. You are grown animals now and you have a rich vocabulary. . Tails.Miss will you tell us the fairy tale of Beauty? Sprang the python. Third Story: Dottie. squeaks. snouts. isn’t it? . Then she looked at all the animals in the classroom without saying a word. the Beautiful Miss Giraffine wrote on the board: “Beautiful means…”. So you can all have an ‘A’ my dear little animals. while expressing complaints.This is a test! You need to write down what the word beautiful means.Be quiet please! Get out a piece of paper and a pencil. they all wrote nonstop. They would all have an ‘A’ for sure. It’s a piece of cake. It is easy. beaks. hissings… .

1… 2… 3… 7… 4… 6… 5… .

It’s the animal:… 6. that’s what beauty means. Beautiful is someone that is thin and black. To be large. It’s the animal:… 7. with sharp teeth and thick fur. fat. Beautiful is someone that has pretty colours and feelers. Beautiful is a large. It’s the animal:… 2. and has a tongue with poison. and slithers on the ground and in the trees. and flies from flower to flower. It’s the animal:… 5. The king of the animals is beautiful. Beautiful is someone that is small. It’s the animal:… 4. To have a nose like a hook and vivid colours.. It’s the animal:… . grey ball with a long nose and a tail. It’s the animal:… 3. tall. round and bright red with black spots. pure white.1.

. Look at the sketches I made. Everyone is beautiful.Miss. drew and smudged on and on. I got confused.What is it Dottie? Why don’t you write? . Dottie wrote. It doesn’t make any sense. Everyone had finished and gone home but she kept writing and smudging… .

my beautiful friends.Dottie. .

though. I didn’t say that…complained Dottie.Well. so I can see all my beautiful friends around me. You can see how beautiful it is when she roars…She has braces now! . she’s very beautiful Aunt Browny. Miss. Everyone said that beautiful is someone that looks like them. Browny. the lion.Mum. . Miss.But I always get ‘F’s. . Dottie. What are you talking about? Do you know anyone who isn’t beautiful around you? Now. will be here in a minute. Miss.Dottie shows the teacher the sketches of all her classmates.Well done. my dear Dottie. But if you think about it closely. this time you have an ‘A’. The next morning Miss Giraffine said to the animals of the class: . . though. . don’t be sad. . And.Everyone did very well.Of course she is.Mum. Where are the striped pyjamas? . you have an ‘A’! . with your little head. It seems that you liked the lesson. you’ll see that this is what you meant. . . today I have an ‘A’. Now get ready.Oh.But. said that beautiful is someone that sees others as beautiful. Be quiet! And let’s move on to Maths… Dottie came home: . I just wear these. go and draw a beautiful picture for your aunt.I know.I can’t see anything that looks like you.



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ISBN: 978-618-5147-42-6 . has all the answers! Enjoy the book. or suggest your own answers. question it.Who’s my dad? Why do all the other kids have a dad and I don’t know who my dad is? What is the meaning of beauty? Am I beautiful? What should I do when kids make fun of me at school? Spotty the zebra.

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