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bject lessons

God and my Chair with Be-Me

I sit on my c h a i r to read my Bible everyday. .

. I stand on a chair to reach my mom and give her a kiss.

.I hide under a c h a i r and pretend I’m in God’s secret place.

I paint my chair and remember how God colored the world for us. .

2 I use my c h a i r to relax while I count my blessings. 1 . . .. . . 3 .

I offer my chair to an older person who needs a seat. .

. I share my c h a i r with a friend.

I lean over a chair to kneel and pray. .

I use two ch a i r s to make a bed and dream of Heaven. .

. I use my chair for a tent to remind me of God’s protection.

I sit on a c h a i r and thank God for my yummy food. .

Can you think of other things you can do with a chair ? .


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