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Biskach Digital Discussion Grading Rubric

Task 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 points

Initial Post No posting was made in Response attempts to Response addresses the Response addresses the
response to posed question. answer the question but question with thought and topic/question with complete
is not specific or is clarity. thought, clarity and analysis,
considered vague. showing depth of understanding.
-or- Response is organized with
Response demonstrates mostly clear and coherent Response is effectively
Post is inappropriate and does limited organization and writing. organized with clear and
not refer to the question or coherence. coherent writing.
task posed within the Response shows evidence of
discussion board. Response appears appropriate examples. Response makes solid
somewhat off-topic connections to the content
and/or does not address Response uses mostly clear through use of appropriate
main point. reasoning supported by relevant examples.
text based evidence in the
development of the claim or Response uses clear reasoning
topic. supported by relevant text-based
evidence in the development of
the claim or topic.

Secondary No secondary posts were Responses are limited and Responds to peers initial Responds to peers with
Post made. may show only one to question and responds with thoughtful and supportive
three sentences in length. mostly thoughtful and responses and/or feedback.
-or- supportive feedback.
Responds to peers initial The Two Stars and One Wish
Secondary post is question and responds The Two Stars and One Wish descriptive feedback method is
inappropriate and does not with limited feedback. descriptive feedback method is excellently present.
refer to the question or task somewhat present.
posed within the discussion Posts include references to
board. Responses include some class content and related
references to class content, content from sources.
either readings or lecture
content. Posts promote further
discussion and thought by asking
questions of peers.

Posts overall are considered


Sentence Initial post is missing Claim, Initial post is missing Initial post includes Claim, Initial post includes Claim,
Count Per Evidence, and/or Reasoning. Claim, Evidence, and/or Evidence, and Reasoning with Evidence, and Reasoning with at
Post Reasoning. at least 4 sentences or more least 5 sentences or more
-and/or- present. present.
Initial post has less than 2
sentences or less. Initial post has less than 3
sentences or less.

Total Post No secondary posts have been At least 1 secondary post At least 2 secondary posts have At least 3 secondary posts have
Count given to separate peers. have been given to been given to separate peers. been given to separate peers.
separate peers.
or- The posts provide students The posts provide students with
The post provides with appropriate descriptive appropriate descriptive
Secondary posts are off-task students with appropriate feedback. feedback.
and does not give appropriate descriptive feedback.
feedback to peers.