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FALL 2010
Initial Application *Renewal Application
*If Renewal, please indicate year: 2; 3; 4.
Fall Semester (min. 10 hrs/wk) Spring Semester (min. 10 hrs/wk)

Summer (Fulltime 8 weeks – Approximately 40 hrs/wk)

Stipend: $1,000/Semester $4,000/Summer

(Please Type or Print in Black Ink)
Name:___________________________________ _____________________________________ __________________
Last First Middle Initial

Local Address:________________________________________________________________________________________
Street or Dorm Room

______________________________________________________ _________ ____________________

City State Zip

Email Address:__________________________________ Local or Cell Phone:___________________________

Current Credit Total Credit Hrs
ID#:_______________ Major:___________________ GPA:______ Hrs. Enrolled:______ Completed:________

Faculty Mentor:_________________________________ Department:__________________________________

Faculty E-Mail Address:_______________________________ Campus Phone:_________________________

Agreed Project Title: ___________________________________________________________________________


Time Allocated to Project (Hrs./Week):____________ Location:_______________________________________________

Applicant Signature:___________________________________________________ Date:__________________

Faculty Sponsor Signature:______________________________________________ Date:__________________

*Please provide a proposal of your research project (see attached instructions).
Be sure to include your role in the project. If renewing, please include progress to date in portion of
"Background & Rationale". Your sponsor must sign the description & this cover sheet.
Program Description:
All currently enrolled AMSTEMM students participating with a faculty member on an established research project
are eligible to apply for the AMSTEMM Research Stipend. There are a limited number of stipends available each
year for student research. Students receiving a research stipend are encouraged to present their research at the
Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars scheduled for April 27, 2011.
Completed application should be forwarded to: Deadline: August 30, 2010

113 Bowman Hall
Lexington, KY 40506-0059
Fax: (859) 257-8734
Research Proposal

The AMSTEMM Program will be awarding $1,000 Research Fellowships this Fall Semester, 2010.
Deadline to submit an application (attached to this email) is Monday, August 30, 2010 (must be
received in office by this date – not postmark date).


1. Title of the Proposed Project

2. A summary (abstract) of the proposed research project (2500 characters including

spaces maximum). This summary MUST BE signed by your faculty mentor. Without the
faculty mentor signature, applications will be returned and will not be reviewed.

3. Background and Rationale for Proposed Work (Maximum 2 pages): This section should
describe the most significant aspects of the literature for the proposal leading to a
testable hypothesis and rationale for conducting the proposed experiments.

4. Proposed Research Plan (Maximum 2 pages): This section should clearly describe the
proposed research plan, the experiments that will be conducted and the basic methods
that will be used. It is sometimes helpful to describe potential outcomes (results), data
interpretation and potential problems that will need to be addressed.

5. References

Please let us know if you have any questions on the application or the research proposal.