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Yes Mr. President…Need to reach you . They say never!

say ever …

Hon’ble Mr. President,

You are supposed to maintain a intellectual property right opinion. They say you
encourage individualism. I say, the whole topic I address now is an unpatented individual
effort. Since, my mother is treated with newly posed drugs like Avastin, Campto & Erbitux for
her ongoing carsinoma treatment and her service rule permits her to get those costly drugs
for free, I fear my fate as my service rule never permits that.

They say, Health for Wealth . I say , it is obhious. You toil for ten years for reaching a new
molecule and after ten years of rigorous R/D efforts and millions of dollars spent, you may
reach success like Avastin, and you are supposed to share those results with others.

Yes, Mr. President……..they say many things they always don’t do.

They say , “ Your officers are purchased to M N C s.”I don’t feel that. I have
gone through the pros and cons of all FDA [Food & Drug regulating authority ] and appreciate
their effort in avastin market price control and the way they have taken up the matter with
Roche, unless at recent times it is affordable to higher middle class people of third world

But, I feel there is some mistuning in your heart, brain and physique . Let me
work out …

1) Don’t you still feel a patented work depends on enumerable unpatented observations
from early ages of civilization. So, if you give the credit to only one individual … yes ! you are
a man to enter history and historians are not always purchased.

2) You should be obliged to them as they are your mentor . You represent them. Don’t you
think these unpatented disclosures by different people on which a patented work grows… you
have some stake, at last (50%) on each patented article.

3) I know….that may harm your and their interests, as you may suffer loss after spending
the money in each patented product and particularly you are not in position only for business.
Yet they say , ” Food , health and security should be your prime concern “.

If health is one of the three prime concerns for you and as there is huge money inputs in the
pharmacy world, I think you should actuate the pharmacy world starting form staking your
claim of each patent to molecule development and lastly marketing the product for that their
interest don’t hamper.

It is also helpful to me

Most restpectfully

Dr. Santanu Chakraborty

A P C Ray Polytechnic

Jadavpur, kolkata-700032


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