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The History of Communication


3500 BC Alphabet Phoenicians
Cuneiform writing - pictographs of Sumerians
to 2900 BC
accounts written on clay tablets

1800 BC Smoke Signals Chinese Soldiers

26 to 37 Heliographs - first recorded use of mirrors Roman Emperor
to send messages Tiberius
1793 First long-distance semaphore (visual or Claude Chappe
optical) telegraph line.
1829 Braille lettering is used to communicate to Luis Braille
the blind.
Typewriter W.A. Burt
1831 First electric telegraph Joseph Henry
1835 Morse code Samuel Morse
1843 First long distance electric telegraph line Samuel Morse

Patent of the first fax machine Alexander Bain

1876 Thomas Edison patents the mimeograph - Thomas Edison

an office copying machine.
Patent of the electric telephone Alexander Graham
Mr. Watsoncome here, I want to see NA
you. Were the first words spoken on a
successful telephone call by Alexander
Graham Bell.
1892 First upright desk top telephone called Alexander Graham
"desk stand" or "candlestick" telephone Bell
1933 FM radio was patented. Edwin H.
1934 First tape recorder for broadcasting - first Joseph Begun
magnetic recording.
1939 Two-way radio communication developed Alfred J. Gross
for military use.
1951 Computers Charles Babbage
1958 Photocopier or Xerox machine Chester Carlson
1962 Cassette tape which allowed people to Phillips Company
listen to music or a book using a more
small compact cartridge.
1965 The PDP-8 is first minicomputer success. DEC
FORTRAN, user-friendly computer
language, is created.
1966 Telecopier - the first successful fax Xerox
1969 ARPANET - the first Internet started DARPA
1971 The microprocessor invented - considered
a computer on a chip.
1972 Development of Infostrada, a national Andrew Targowski
computer network in Poland
1973 First official cell phone. The 2 pound Martin Cooper
brick was called Motorola Dyna-tac. Its
dimensions measured 9 x 5 x 1.75 inches.
Ethernet, a local area network, is David Boggs
developed at Xerox PARC.
1976 Apple I home computer invented. Apple
1980 Sony Walkman invented. Nobutoshi Kihara

1982 First laptop computer introduced. Alan Kay

1984 Apple Macintosh released. Apple
1985 First version of Windows Microsoft

1991 World Wide Web begins. Tim Berners-Lee

2001 MySpace is launched. Tom Anderson
2003 Facebook is launched. Mark Zuckerberg
2005 YouTube, the video sharing site, is Steve Chen
2006 Twitter, micro blogging Jack Dorsey
June 29, 2007 First iPhone is released. Apple
2008 Apple launches its iPAD. Apple

2010 In conjunction with the iPhone 4, Apple

FaceTime is launched as an iPhone

September 9, The most recent iPhone models, the Apple

2014 iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, were
Morse Code
Semaphore System