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TORTS Compiled Recitation Questions Midterms

1. What is a tort?
2. What is a private right?
3. Should there be a legal wrong for torts to exist?
4. Elements of an obligation.
5. When is the juridical right created?
6. How is wrong committed in torts?
7. What are the kinds of tort liabilities?
8. What is the wrong in strict liability?
9. Memorize Art. 19,20,21, 2176 in Civil Code.
10. What does intentional tort mean?
11. Does quasi-delict include intentional acts?
12. What is the definition of negligence in the NCC?
13. Can you explain to me how the [definitions of negligence] are the same?
14. What does undue risk mean?
15. What is foreseeable or what is the one you should be able to foresee in the te?
16. Will you be negligence if you choose your own well-being rather than rescuing?
17. Give an example of morally fault but not negligent
18. What are attractive nuisance?
19. Is the test for negligence the same with children?
20. What is the test for children?
a. How about for disabled persons?
b. How about for an insane person?
21. What is the effect of the violation of a statute in the imputation of negligence?
22. What is res ipsa loquitor?
23. When does the violation of a statute amount to proximate causation?
24. Is the test of negligence applicable to doctors in the practice of their profession?
25. What if the person pretends to be a doctor?