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May 2, 1990

NINE FIRMS NAMED NASA EXCELLENCE AWARD FINALISTS Nine finalists have been chosen for the NASA Excellence Award for Quality and Productivity for 1990. The finalists are: * Barrios Technology, Inc., Houston * Bendix Field Engineering Corp., Seabrook, Md. * Boeing Computer Support Services, Program Support Communications, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala. * EG&G Florida, Inc., Kennedy Space Center, Fla. * Grumman Technical Services Division, Titusville, Fla. * Honeywell Inc., Space Systems Operations, Clearwater, Fla. * Marotta Scientific Controls, Inc., Montville, N.J. * Rockwell International Corp., Space Transportation Systems Div., Downey, Calif. * Unisys Defense Systems, Space Transportation Operations Contract Program, Houston Two of the finalists, Barrios and Marotta, will be evaluated in the new small business category established last year by NASA

Administrator Richard H. Truly. This small business category, while following the basic evaluation criteria for larger organizations, permits evaluators to offset the competitive advantage of larger companies with more abundant resources, personnel and funds at their disposal. - more -2 -

George A. Rodney, NASA Associate Administrator for the Office of Safety and Mission Quality, announced the finalists after a 6-month application and review process. Finalists are picked after a review by the Excellence Award Evaluation Committee. "The award applications are more numerous and getting better each year, making the job of the Evaluation Committee very difficult. A large number of good companies competed this year," said Joyce Jarrett, chairperson of the NASA Excellence Award Evaluation Committee. The award process now advances to the third phase in which validation teams visit finalists' facilities to verify performance achievements and process attainments. Following the review and recommendations of the award evaluation teams, NASA's Total Quality Management (TQM) Steering Committee, composed of Center Directors and Headquarters Associate Administrators, will make the final selection of award recipients. The NASA Administrator will announce award recipients at the seventh annual NASA/contractor conference on Oct. 24, 1990. Key goals of the award are to internalize quality and

productivity practices and TQM processes throughout NASA and the agency's contractors and to transfer performance improvement methods of the award recipients to others. The award is administered for NASA by the American Society for Quality Control, Milwaukee, Wisc., a professional association and a worldwide leader in development, promotion and application of quality and quality-related technologies. The award recognizes NASA prime contractors, subcontractors and suppliers for outstanding achievement in quality and productivity improvement and TQM. The recipient of the 1989 Excellence Award was Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Co. (LESCO), Houston, one of NASA's Johnson Space Center's primary contractors. Since the Excellence Awards introduction in 1985, LESCO was the first support services/mission processing contractor to win this honor. Previous recipients of the award have been Rocketdyne Division, Rockwell International Corp., Canoga Park, Calif.; Martin Marietta Manned Space Systems Co., New Orleans; and IBM's Systms Integration Division, Houston.

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