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Faculty of Science and Engineering

MPU34072 : Art ,Craft and Design

No. Name Student ID Course Year

1 Low Zhia Meng 1304645 ME Y1S2

2 Liew Yu Ming 1405028 ME Y1S2

3 Cheong Huan Rung 1404421 CI Y1S2

4 Soo Wai Lim 1404150 ME Y1S2

5 Kee Huai Xin 1504824 ME Y1S2

6 Vincent Lai Weng Yew 1502587 ME Y1S2

7 Darren Yip Jiunnshayn 1503666 ME Y1S2

8 Tan Kent Wee 1403255 ME Y1S2

9 Er Lin Chun 1400666 CI Y2S3

Title : Final Report

Lecturer : Cik Nurulain Binti Mohamad Salihuddin


For subject MPU34072 Art, Craft & Design, we are given a project that required us to
set up a booth for selling some handmade RECYCLE products of our own.

We produced a total of four products that involved with

extremely high art skill, heavily percentage of teamwork,
high circumspection and fascinating process.

The first main product is The Scary Mask, a mask that is

compulsory for us to finish this subject.
Our theme for the mask is creepy and Halloween, which is
close to the date of our event. We learned about how to do
the plain mask form Miss Nurulain and a senior.

The second product of our group is Pretty

Bookmark. This bookmark is made of
colour papers, leaves and is laminated and
cut into beautiful leaf shape. This is the
first product that we sold during the booth
session. Below is the picture of our first
customer who bought the Pretty
The third product of our group is Penholder. This product is mostly made from recycle
materials such as plastic bottle, beverage can, coloured, modeling clay and ribbon.

We used coloured salt to make patterns

for the looking of the Penholder and used
ribbons to decorate it. We also giving our
customers to decorate the outlook of their
one and only Penholder by providing
them a few kinds of coloured salt.

Below is the picture which different

colours of salt is prepared.

The fourth product which we present is Alien

Model which is done by one of our group
member. The materials used are tissue, ice-
cream sticks, cupboards, PVA glue and paint.

This is for decoration purpose only, it serves

no functional purpose. This is a product for
those diehard fans for the movie series "Alien
VS. Predator".

During the first week, our lecturer Ms Nurulain binti Mohd Salihuddin told us to
form a group of at least 8 students to start the assignment. Immediately the group of 10 is
formed with Low Zhia Meng as the leader. The next week before the class we have a
meeting to discuss about the products to be sold on the 5th week. The condition for the
product to be sold on that week is recycled materials. Idea came rushing from everyone in
the end we decided to sell 2 products. One of the products is a penholder made from
plastic bottle and aluminium tin coloured. By using the coloured salt to make patterns
around the penholder to decorate it. This idea was suggested by one of our member
named Vincent Lai Weng Yew and we all agree this idea is very creative and many of us
are interested. The next product is a bookmark made from coloured paper and leaf or
flowers to decorate the bookmark. This idea is from ( NAME ) and the idea was accepted
due to its simplicity. Lastly from Liew Yu Ming suggested that we should have one
object to attract the attention to our booth which is a 40cm tall Alien model from the
movie Alien VS Predator made entirely from simple recycled materials like tissue,
newspaper, ice-cream stick. This model will symbolized our group for selling only
recycled materials. We then are separated into 2 groups, 1 group will be doing the
bookmark and the other will do the penholder.

The next class we were told to pass up the proposal about our products and how we are
going to set up the booth on Friday of week 2. Week 3 Nurulain binti Mohd Salihuddin
told the class to present a prototype of our product on week 4 so that she can have an
insight of each group product and more importantly each groups progressed on the
assignment. Also on that week we learned how to make the mask from P.O.P or simply
known as plaster of paris. On week 4 we plan on to have a meeting to complete our
product and also make the mask as fast as possible. So we agree to do it on (Waynes
FULL NAME) house. We started the process on doing the product from 7pm onwards to
completion. For the Alien model, our group member Liew Yu Ming started making the
model on week 3. After making finishing our product we continue onwards to make the
negative which is essential to make the mold of the mask. Our model for the mask is
Liew Yu Mings face. After that day on week 4 when we have to show our progress to
Ms Nurulain binti Mohd Salihuddin the negative seems to be not drying due to mixture
contains too much water. We immediately redo the negative on week 5. Fortunately this
time our negative is successfully made and we quickly start doing the mask and painting
it and decorate. On Friday which is the day we start selling our product we came to
UTAR level 1 early at 7.30a.m. to decorate our booth and also discussed about the price
we are selling for the bookmark and the penholder. We also have Vincent Lai Weng Yew,
Tan Kent Wee, and Darren Yip to have a demonstration to make the penholder to attract
potential customers. While others will try to show other students to our booth.
Booth Set-Up

When the mask and other products was done, we brought those products to the
lecturer and let her check before we take it to sell. After checking was done, we make an
appointment with lecturer and book the time for booth set up. The date of booth set up
was selected on 27th November (Friday) morning from 8am to 12pm noon.

One day before the booth set up, we went to the set up location to check for a
suitable spot for our booth . Finally, we decides to select a center spot which most of the
people will be passes by and easy to get everyone attention about our booth spot. Later at
night, we decorate the white board and to prepare for selling event on Friday morning.
Old colour paper is used and stacked on top of each other for our booth header. We used
our remaining spray can to spray the header. And again we emphasized on our theme

Coloured paper for decoration and booth set up.

During the booth set up day, we arrived to school earlier than our actual booth set
up time. We arranged the table together, for the product to display. In order to attract
more customer to our booth, a handmade alien model from movie Alien VS Predator
were displayed on the table as decoration. This alien model was built by using recycle
materials such as old newspaper, used ice-cream stick and toilet paper. After the booth
were set up, we start our pre-planned activities such as promoting the product to customer
that passes by. Beside promoting our product, we demonstrate the process of making one
of our product which is the colorful penholder.

Promoting and selling product.

Handmade Alien model as decoration. Attracting People.

Demonstration of process for penholder.

As customer passed by, some of them will stop and take a look on our product.
Some were asking about the production and also the handmade decoration of the Alien
model. As more and more people stop by our booth, some of them eventually buy the
product. Most of them were attracted to the Pretty Bookmark which is cheap and look

Selling our product.

Unfortunately, there were other groups that were also selling their handmade
product too. Therefore, there are some competitors at the selling location. Since there
were competitors around, we had work harder to promote our products to pass by
customers and it works out as more customers bought our product. By the time at 11am,
we had sell out half of our products. Most of the customer satisfied with the price of our
product which is affordable for student. But there were some of them asking for further
discount or any free gift for the purchase of products. We tried to explain with them and
negotiate more suitable price for them which they finally agree with the price and buy our
product. After that, our lecturer came to our booth to check our work and progression in
selling the product.

Finally, we successfully sold 12 Bookmark and 3 Pen Holder. The reason the
sales was successful, probably is because our product serves our customers, which were
mainly UTAR student, these items are necessary to them to conduct studies etc. It is not
for decorating purpose that somehow would felt like a money wasting source. Customer
bought it because they need it. (Based on our prediction)

At 12pm noon sharp, we had sold most of the products and decide to stop the
selling event as the time had already end. We keep our up the things remaining on the
table and pack them up. Before we went back, we clean up the spot and leave no rubbish
behind after the event.


1. First, using the different colour chalk to rub the salt to let it become different

2. Cut off the mineral water bottle and soft drink can and take the bottom part.

3. Stick the soft drink can with the mineral water bottle by using hot glue gun to fix
the position.

4. Start pouring the colour salt into the gap between bottle.

5. According to own ideal pattern pour the sand and make some unique design.

6. After that, cover the gap by using plasticine.

7. By using ribbon, cover the plasticine with unique design.

8. A unique penholder is made.

Pretty Bookmark

1. First, pick some fresh flowers and leaves

2. Cut off some ideal shape for the bookmark and then stick the petal or leave on the
paper by using UHU glue.

3. Laminate it and punch a hole on it.

4. Tie a ribbon in the hole and the bookmark is done.

Scary Mask

For the mask, we chose to use paragraph to write it, instead of writing it in point
form as it will be troublesome and hard to present as it is too long to fit.

First of all, we prepared some items before starting. For example POP(1kg), PVA
glue, gauze, plasticine, old newspaper, shower cap and Vaseline.

Before making a mask (said as mold), we need to make a negative, that is the
shape of the face for the mask. We need a person to volunteer to produce the negative.
We prepared water warm enough to mix with the POP but not burning the person's face.
The water temperature must be suitable, and the water need to be enough too. In case the
water is in excess, the POP will not dry. After preparing the water, we used 500g of POP
and mix well with the water. After that, the volunteer will need to use a shower cap to
cover his hair before applying the Vaseline on his face, so during the removal of the
negative, it will be much easier. Instantly, we used gauze to dip it with the mixture or
POP and water before applying it on the volunteers face. We applied the POP carefully
so that the volunteer's nostril would not be blocked and he can breathe. We used hair
dryer to dry the POP faster. At the moment the POP is fully dried, we then carefully
removed the negative from the volunteers face, and used the plasticine to fill up the
whole of the nostrils.

Proceeds to do the final mold, we again applied Vaseline on the negative. The
remaining 500g of POP was mixed up with warm water again and poured into the
negative. We placed it under the sun to let it dry faster. After the mold has dried, it was
removed from the negative, and finally the mold has been done.

To make the mask, we prepared a plenty of old newspaper and tore it into tiny
pieces. PVA glue was used to paste the torn newspaper onto the surface of the mold.
After everything is dried, the mask is painted with a few layers of white paint to act as
the base colour. After the decorating work has been done, the scary mask is completed
and ready to be displayed during booth set-up.

Total Money Spent :

Materials Quantity Price per Unit (RM) Total (RM)

Salt 5 0.70 3.50

P.O.P 2 (kg) 5 10

Handcraft clay 2 1.50 3

Chalk 5 2 10

Ribbons 4 2.5 10

Hot glue 1 10 10

Vaseline 1 4.80 4.80

Gauze 5 2.80 14

Total 65.30

Total Income :

Product Quantity Price per Unit Total Income

(RM) (RM)

Bookmark 12 2 24

Pen holder 3 5 15

Total 39


This subject is full of surprise as it can develop our creativity, and our group's
teamwork during the conduction of this subject. We learned marketing skill during the
booth set-up by promoting our product. We learned how to balance the price point and
the value of our product; if our product is too expensive , people would not buy cause
after all they are made up of recycled material ; if the product is too cheap, our group will
lose the profit. At the end we were satisfied with the sales. Although we lose some profit,
but we learned a lot of things that cannot be learned in class. It is a lifetime skill that a
business should carry. We realized that eye-catching is important, therefore we created an
Alien Model for our booth.


We hope that Miss will emphasize the theme " Recycle" more as we saw a lot of
group did not follow this theme. This is somehow unfair because their product will be
much more fancy compared to us.

Mixture of POP is poured into the

Pretty Bookmark Final negative

The mold is taken out

from the negative, it is
the face of our friend
we can recognize him
The self standing
Alien Model. The
detail we counts ,
the colour, the
shades, the texture,
the vibes.

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