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MKT 390

Marketing Research
Tutor-Marked Assignments

Done by Clara Tay En Ting
PI no.: Q1581135

friends or colleagues? oHighly Unlikely oUnlikely oUnsure oLikely oHighly likely 4b. how likely are you to use Redmart again? oHighly Unlikely oUnlikely oUnsure oLikely oHighly likely 4c.Customer Satisfaction Survey for Redmart 1a. I can find all the products I need on Redmart 3d. Is this your first time using redmart? Yes / No (if answered yes. How likely is it that you would recommend Redmart to relatives. Redmart offer value-for-money products 4a. Based on your experience with Redmart. Redmart app is easy to navigate 3c. I am satisfied with Redmart services. Please explain your answers in 4a and 4b. oStrongly Disagree Neither agree Agree Strongly Disagree Nor Disagree agree 3a Redmart website is easy to navigate 3b. Is there anything Redmart can do to improve your satisfaction with us? Please describe in detail: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ . How often do you used redmart? oDaily oweekly ofortnightly omonthly oOthers:________________ 1. Overall. skip 1a and proceed to the following question) 1b. Redmart delivery service is prompt 3e. Redmart payment system is easy to use 3f. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 5.

allowing Redmart to identify reference customers and repeat customers. allowing Redmart to capture respondents’ feelings of satisfaction towards the brand and know how many respondents agree that they are satisfied or not. Hence. Thus. Hence. the survey is designed systematically to categorize respondents according their usage rate and how each segment feel satisfied with Redmart services. . Question 5 is an open-ended question to provide opportunities for Redmart to gather new insights and viewpoints of respondents and unrestricted feedback on areas for improvement. Redmart can also uncover what first-time users’ satisfaction level towards Redmart is like. Open-ended questions to collect of richer data as respondents may offer Redmart new insights which the survey may not have covered. While. Question 3 determines the respondents’ satisfaction with specific services of Redmart through Likert scales Question 4a determines respondents’ willingness to recommend Redmart to friends and family and 4b determines respondents’ likeliness to use Redmart again through a balanced odd-point behavioral intention scale.The survey is designed as a structured questionnaire utilizing mainly structured questions to allow Redmart to easily gather data from a predetermined set of responses or scale points to easily compare analyse the responses of everyone in the sample. This ensures that respondents are not forced to take a side which may bias end results. It utilizes the Likert scale to let respondents indicate the extent they agree whether they are satisfied with Redmart. it allows Redmart to segment respondents based on their usage of Redmart and determine if there are any differing responses. Question 2 determines the respondents’ overall satisfaction of the brand. Question 1b uses an ordinal scale to further categorize repeated users based on frequency of usage. allowing Redmart to take action accordingly for each segment especially to convert first-time users to repeated- users. Therefore. it is hard to analyse and interpret the answers without human biases. Question 1a determines the demographics of the respondents by utilizing a categorical dichotomous question to establish if respondents are first-time users or repeated users of Redmart. this question is crucial to understand where respondents want improvements on. 4c is an open-ended question designed to elicit the reason behind 4a and b responses and improvement opportunities for unwilling respondents. Hence.