Issue No 24 October 2017

Cousland Courier the CVHA newsletter

Kathleen, Lesley,
Jean, Lindy, Gordon

and Fiona once again Iron man 2
thank you for sending “Thank you so much Cousland! Iron maiden 3
in your contributions
for this Courier.
Please keep them
You were fantastic!” Village day 4
Guide dog training 5
coming. Without all The morning of Sunday 2 July dawned bright but crisp as a number of
villagers were up before breakfast for the event they had been training Petanque Results 6
your great pieces the
Courier would be a hard for – Ironman Edinburgh. Open cast mining 6
very dull read. While other braver/foolhardier? souls were already swimming in a Firth Calendar winners 6
Thanks also to of Forth best described as “lumpy” – the swim had to be shortened by
Remembrance 7
Midlothian Council the race organisers because of the weather – the volunteers were
chopping up bananas, unwrapping energy bars and pouring some Park planting 8
for their continued
help with printing. horrible looking liquid into plastic bottles. Congratulations 9
Elsewhere in the village others were putting the finishing touches to Dates for diary 11
signs of encouragement for the competitors (although the truthfulness of
the sign reading “It’s all downhill from here” was later hotly disputed by some).
The tracker technician from Frankfurt setting up his equipment outside the Lumsden’s was busy taking pictures of the
view and saying, with Teutonic humour, that he had worked in worse places.
It seemed we didn’t have long to
wait until the first rider swooshed
by us, so far ahead of everyone
else it was amazing. (Andreas
Raelert, who won by 7 minutes,
which even to a couch potato like
me seems a lot). The elite athletes
had no need of our wares but as
more passed through we were
kept busy and some of the riders
even had time to stop for a chat.
All through the village over 1200
competitors were being cheered
on and they truly appreciated it, as
some of the comments on social
media show:
“Thanks to everyone for the
support you gave us as we
passed through your village for
the morning”;
“Thank you so much Cousland! You were fantastic!”; “The Cousland Team were fabulous - Well done.”
So many people did such a great job it almost seems unfair to single anyone out but special mention must go to Cameron
Mackay, piping everyone through and earning this accolade:
“I heard the bagpipes at a time that I was in a dark place, and instantly it gave me energy, so thank you for that.”
Did we have more fun than the competitors? Absolutely!
Training for 2018 starts here………………
More pictures on page 2

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The Cousland Ironman Volunteer Team

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Page 3 Cousland Courier


Do you like ironing? It’s a task many organisations including Health Visitors, The feedback is great – families feel
people hate, so it may surprise you Social Workers, Midwives and other valued and that a level of dignity is
to learn that in Cousland we have charities. placed on them that they don’t
“Iron Maidens” ironing for fun and Up to August 1,000 referrals had experience very often.
for a good cause. already been made this year. First to get involved in Cousland was
Kids Love Clothes Each child is provided with Carol McArthur and now a few of us
is a Lothians based a wardrobe’s worth of are part of a larger group based in
charity that takes clothes in a ‘gift bag’ and Dalkeith. If you would like to know
the very best whenever possible, they more, or get involved yourself –
quality and much also include shoes, books maybe by donating clothes, if not
loved clothing that and small toys. ironing - please get in touch with
kids (0 to 10yrs) Carol.
All the clothes in the gift
have grown out of (Or contact the Courier on the email
bags are beautifully ironed
and passes these address below and we will pass on
by volunteers before being
on to struggling your details.)
packed into stylish paper
families. It works via referrals
bags with the KLC logo on the side. Gillian McGovern
through a wide variety of

Open days for the Smiddy and Heritage
Carols at the Forge
Hub are now on a break until Spring Come and join your fellow
but meetings of the Local History Project villagers, celebrating a
and Cousland Smiddy Trust continue special time of year, around
throughout: the forge at the Smiddy on

CLHP meetings: Friday 22 December at 1800.

all 10 – 12 in the Smiddy cottage unless Our annual carol-singing is
otherwise notified. always a happy and
atmospheric event for adults
14th October – visit to Dalkeith Museum
and children alike. Song
11th November
sheets will be provided and
9th December there will be hot soup and
other refreshments available
to keep everyone feeling
Anyone who is interested in the history
of the village and the smiddy is warm and their vocal chords
welcome to come along. well lubricated.

Cousland Smiddy Trust
The Smiddy Trust is a local charity that has been operating for almost 30 years now.
Meetings of the Smiddy Trust are normally on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Smiddy Cottage. January and
July have no meetings.
Everyone is welcome to come and find out about our voluntary work conserving a historic gem at the heart of our community
and keeping it relevant to our community’s aspirations and needs.
Next meetings will be on 7 November 2017, 5 December 2017 and 6 February 2018.
You’re guaranteed a warm welcome if you do drop in.
If you would like to find out more about us or would be interested in volunteering, please have a look at our website: or call us on 07803 94 06 30 to have a chat with Gordon Brown, our Secretary.

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Page 4 Cousland Courier

Village Day in Pictures
Once again the CVHA management committee worked hard to bring together another successful Village Day .
Just a small snapshot of the enjoyment had by all.

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Page 5 Cousland Courier

Guide Dog Training
Although there are many dog lovers meet other animals from cats to horses, to welcome the next wee pup a few
in Cousland, Elizabeth Ramage must and go to church and coffee mornings. weeks before her big one leaves.
be one of the most special. Just like a fully trained Guide Dog, the As guide dogs retire at eight years old,
For the last 10 years she has shared puppy is allowed in places that a lot need to be trained. A few will be a
her home with 10 trainee guide dog ordinary dogs aren’t, so they also go to blind person’s very first guide, but
puppies, and her daughter the supermarket, hospital nine out of ten will go to someone
suggested we should do a Courier appointments and even a football whose last dog has to retire.
profile. So Jean and Lesley went to match with Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s last puppy Kay went to an
meet her to hear more……………... After a year with Elizabeth, the puppies 87 year old lady, who had had eight
are ready to begin their 20 weeks of previous guide dogs over many years.
Elizabeth previously owned Irish advanced training. It might surprise
setters and ran kennels looking after you to know that two thirds don’t make
dogs for the Dog Aid Society. it to the end, for all sorts of reasons.
When she and George moved to The dog has to be absolutely 100%
Cousland, having recently lost the reliable in all situations to make it
last setter, she didn’t want to take on through. After matching with their
another lifetime dog, because she potential owner, they have a six week
couldn’t bear to eventually lose him. trial period together. They have to
Her Dog Aid Society friend bond with each other if their
suggested she might think about relationship is going to be permanent.
becoming a Guide Dog puppy Some dogs can’t be used for medical
walker. She slept on it, said she reasons. Ember developed a treatable
would give it a go, and the very next skin problem that would have been too
day six week old Janey arrived, difficult for a blind person to deal with.
setting the pattern for all the others. There is a waiting list of people to have Last Christmas Elizabeth decided it
For the next twelve months, Elizabeth these dogs as pets, although Ember was time to call it a day. They still had
trains each puppy to cope with stayed with Elizabeth and George. Ember, who is now nine years old. But
anything and everything. On day one So Elizabeth is very proud of her pups never say never; she missed the
she switches on the Hoover. At who did make it through. Saying puppies, and so we met newly arrived
mealtimes the puppy is taught to wait eight week old Pebbles.
for three whistle blows before To quote Elizabeth “It’s a big
tucking in. He learns to ignore the responsibility and commitment but
noise of pan lids being dropped on very rewarding provided you really
the kitchen floor. He goes like dogs. You have to eat, drink and
everywhere with her – the noisier sleep dogs.”
and the more people around the
better. Walks tend to be along main So if you meet Pebbles and Elizabeth
roads, using every junction and out and about, look to see if Pebbles
crossing en route. It’s even better if has her training harness on. If she has,
there are roadworks, or if they are please ignore her– she’s working and
able to wait outside either the shouldn’t be distracted. If she’s on a
primary or secondary school at normal lead feel free to fuss all over
going home time. Of course they EMBER her – she’s irresistible!
travel together by bus and train, goodbye is hard, and she has tended Jean Kirk

Midlothian Doors Open Day 2017 9th September
Following a dreich week, the volunteers for Doors Open Day were pleased to see the sun shining for most of the day.
We welcomed 90 visitors, with lots of children enjoying the unusual venue. We also had some return visitors bringing other
friends. Everyone had the chance to enjoy delicious soups and home-baked savouries and cakes.
Thanks to all volunteers and supporters for their input to this successful day.

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Midlothian Tourism Forum
OPEN CAST MINING were welcomed to Cousland for the
first time on 31st August, having their
Villagers may be unaware that the mention in the local press. Jim Sorrell,
regular bi-monthly meeting in the vil-
recent report by the Scottish our planning consultant during the two lage hall followed by a visit to the
Government Planning and year battle against Scottish Coal, who Smiddy and Heritage Hub.
Environmental Appeals Division has has continued to support us in framing
formally approved the Midlothian our objection to Hargreaves' appeal
Local Development Plan and dealt commented, "I'd say this has now been
with all unresolved issues related to put to bed, certainly for the
the new LDP. foreseeable future and quite possibly
forever." He adds, "In my opinion this
It may have gone under the radar is of equal importance to the 2010
that Hargreaves Mining objected to decision and I hope there is means of
the exclusion of Airfield Farm as an articulating this locally."
area of search for open cast coal and
requested it be reinstated as a I would like to thank Jim on our behalf
potential site for future mining. The for his vigilance on this matter during
village is now safe from the the period when most of us thought it It was a first visit for many of them!
disruptive impacts of large scale was a settled issue. It looks like it is
mineral extraction. now.

In many ways this decision is even Dougie McKenzie
(Former Chair of Communities REMEMBER REMEMBER
more important than Cousland's
victory over Scottish Coal seven Against Airfield Open Cast). THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER
years ago though it has had no The fireworks and bonfire night will be
held on Sunday 5th at 6pm in the field
Village Garden Composting Area to the East of the village.
After the annual tidy up and compression of this valuable area, by Robin Donald Collection of combustible materials will
and Marshall Wright in particular, almost immediately some people have been take place on Saturday 28 October.
simply tipping their garden refuse immediately adjacent to the entrance A collection to fund the fireworks
pathway. display will be the previous weekend.
Could we ask that these people endeavor to show a degree of consideration for
the majority of users, and tip their grass cuttings, leaves etc. further down into
the composting area?

Thank you.
Bill Lumsden

Petanque Results for 2017
After another successful session the petanque competition has drawn to a close. Thanks once again to Norrie for organizing.

Doubles Results
1) Sheena Irving; Douglas Bolton 8 7 0 1 73 48 25 7
2) Lesley; Mike Combe 7 7 0 1 51 30 21 7
3) Jean; Jack Kirk 8 6 0 2 55 55 0 6

Singles Final Results
1) Stevie Gilhooley 7 6 0 1 85 51 34 6
2) John Hamilton 7 5 0 2 70 51 19 5
3) Gillian McGovern 7 5 0 2 69 51 18 5

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Cousland Calendar The lights were dimmed
This year's competition brought a record number of entries and the curtain raised.
from more entrants than ever. Sadly a number of great
After a year in the planning, it is now a reality.
pictures couldn't be considered for the calendar as they
Cousland Film Club went live on 7th October 2017
were either in the wrong with the first film of a six film pilot.
format (the calendar is Big screen pictures and even bigger sounds came to
landscape style) or too low Cousland, as the film club shared the big picture
resolution to be printed. experience in the “wee village hall”.
A new data projector, amazing surround sound
There was still a very high system, a two minute walk from home to the cinema, a
standard though, and glass of wine, and films to meet all tastes…...
congratulations to worthy that is the good life!
winners: Support for this project
from the CVHA
1st - Lesley Combe, committee has been
2nd - Fay Cornes, excellent as well as from
the many villagers who
3rd - Ryan Gilhooley. signed up for
If you missed all the
The calendar is now available at £4.50 (Same as in 2015). information about the
film club and would like
It can be ordered from,
more information or
or 5 Stewart Park Cousland or calling 0131 654 1092. membership to see the
It is also on sale at the Post Office and you will be able to buy next five films starting in
it at the Community Café and at various events from now until November, please
contact me at
Christmas. .
But if you want to be sure of yours, send an order now or pick
it up at the Post Office. Don't wait. A report on the first two
film nights will appear in
All profits go to Cousland Heritage Hub funds. the next Courier. Dr Brian Ellis

REMEMBRANCE – Cousland’s First World War Sacrifice
A fascinating piece of research about Cousland residents who lost their lives
in the First World War has been undertaken by Paul Cornes.
Paul has researched in meticulous detail the lives and ancestry of the 3 men
and produced a booklet for the Cousland Local History Project.

David Hadden (1894 – 1914)
John McCabe (1893 – 1915) and
Thomas Hunter Kinghorn (1896 – 1917).

Hadden family members have been longstanding residents of Cousland until
this year (2017) when Kenny Hadden sold their house in Hillside Cottages
and moved away. Then there is the interesting connection between Thomas
Hunter Kinghorn and the Skeds, the Cousland blacksmith family whom many
residents still remember.
As a Cousland resident I found it riveting and read it from cover to cover.
The beautifully presented booklet can be found in the Smiddy Cottage for all
those interested in reading it.

If you wish to borrow it, contact one of the History Group or Kathleen Donald.

Kathleen Donald

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Proposed tree planting in Cousland Park (football pitch)
A second open village meeting was held in the village hall on 15th June 2017 to discuss tree planting in the football park
and further greening of the village. The notes of the meeting are below:

Based on the key principles that were agreed at the first open meeting (20th April 2017) there followed a constructive
and lively discussion, and the following design features were agreed. These features would be embedded onto a map
and Brian Ellis agreed to meet with Justin Venton (Land and Countryside Division, Midlothian Council) to discuss the
proposed plan.

Proposed Design Features:
Planting of a mixed hedge (eg hawthorn and beech) along the western border of the petanque court with a small return
of the hedge on to the south side. The hedge should be restricted in height to circa 5-6 feet and should be planted 4-5
metres from the court to allow a village marquee to be pitched between the hedge and the court.

Access to the park: to enhance ease of access in wet conditions
for vehicles and villagers, grass gates should be embedded in
the path from Michael Black’s gate down the slope into the park.

Hedging should be planted along the eastern border of the
park of the same type and height as the hedge on the northern

Park bench seating could be positioned along the southern or
eastern border of the petanque court.

Remove 5 trees which were planted on the northern edge of the
pitch and relocate within the village envelope, eg at the top of
Southfield Road.

The village would welcome the supply of mixed shrubs and
plants, and would agree to plant these within the village

In order to create a “park environment”, we would wish some of the grass along the western, northern and eastern
borders to be left to grow and be seeded with wild flowers. The border to this long grass area should be “amoeba like”
in shape with deeper borders in the NW and NE corners; small trees, eg fruit trees, could be planted in small clusters.

Along the western border, as there is a double fence, Gordon Brown (Smiddy Trust) suggested that new trees could be
planted in the space between the two fences; the existing wild sycamore trees could be removed.

Could the football posts be made removable to create a wider open space for village functions?

In Hadfast Road there is a tree missing (at the Post Office) from the line of trees; could a replacement tree (Laburnum or
cherry) be planted?

Subsequently, Brian Ellis met with Justin Venton on Thursday 14th September 2017 to discuss the village proposals for
the park. At that meeting Justin agreed to consider all of our design features and produce a plan for the park which he
would share with the village prior to commencing any changes to the park.

Dr Brian Ellis

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Congratulations WELCOME Congratulations
to to also go to
Kathleen and Robin Donald Fiona and Gordon Dunn
Hillside Cottages Richard and Cat Hadfast Road
on the birth of a grandchild and
Eilidh Anne Donald, born 10 August. on the birth of their first grandchild
First child of Alexander and Jen. Andy and Morag Harriet Amelia born 20 September.

who have all recently
moved into
Castle View.

Cousland Smiddy Trust
Tynewater Heritage Trophy
Congratulations go to Isla Tulloch who won the annual,
arts-based competition for the Tynewater Heritage
Trophy, competed for by pupils of the primary school.

Isla won with her painting of blacksmith Sean Cockburn.

The trophy was presented at the end of year assembly
by Sheena Irving, Chair of the Smiddy Trust.

Majority Group Programme 2017/18
Cousland Majority Group usually meets on the second Monday of the month, at 2pm in the Village Hall.
Cost £1:50 per meeting. All Seniors are welcome.
The first meeting of the session was a visit to the Equine Centre at the Bush on the 4th of October.

Meeting still to come include:
Nov 6 Midlothian Tales – Andrew Stewart 2pm Village Hall
Dec 4 Tales of a Nomadic Nurse – Susan Simpson 2pm Village Hall
Jan 8 Wartime Memories (Film) – Ian Rintoul 2pm Village Hall
Feb12 Christmas Lunch TBA
Mar 9 Tales of Fisherrow – Simon Fairnie 2pm Village Hall
Apr 2 Poppy Appeal 2pm Village Hall
Apr 30 Visit to Dunbar Lifeboat Station pm Bus from Hall

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RURAL SYLLABUS FOR 2017 - 2018 Clubs and Societies - Meeting Days
17/10/17 Fun Painting for all Best effort on the night Majority Group 1st Monday in the 2.00pm
Jane Waite Flower of the month month

Circuit Training Monday 7.30pm
21/11/17 Coffee Evening Irish dancers
Bring and Buy Stall
Carpet Bowling Tuesday 7.00pm
December Christmas Dinner - TBA SWRI (Rural) 3rd Tuesday in the 7.00pm
16/01/18 Healthy Smoothies Recipe for a smoothie
Carol Mitchell Flower of the month Parents & Tots Wednesday 9.15am

20/02/18 Community Garden Garden photo
Youth Club Wednesday 6.30pm
Ian Gilchrist Flower of the month

20/03/18 Wedding Dresses Blue ribbon bow Girl Guides Friday 6.30pm
Mrs Tate Flower of the month
History Group 2nd Saturday in the 10am-12pm
17/04/18 100th Birthday Party - TBA month

Rainbows Thursday 6.00pm
15/05/18 AGM Best mnemonic
Talk on Dementia Flower of the month
Milestones Thursday 6.30pm
President: Jean Adam 0131 663 6290
Secretary: Jennifer Torrie 0131 237 6842 Smiddy Trust 1st Tuesday in the 7.30pm
Treasurer: Ann Kay 0131 660 6180 month

Cousland Post Office, Hadfast Road. Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-12noon

Village Trades and Services
B & B (Twin/Double Room) Kathleen & Robin Donald 0131 663 1821

Beauty Treatments Claire Wilson 07849 717 291

Blacksmith/Forged Metalwork Sean Cockburn 07392 791 202

Builder & Plasterer Clark Millar 07812 780 017

Child Minder Carol McArthur 0131 660 2315
Computer Services & small DIY jobs Tom Morrow 07884 125 126

Fencing, Railings & Metalworker Steve Gilhooley 07702 188 692

Hairdresser Christine Bolton 07909 059 905

Painter/Decorator Stuart Naysmith 0131 454 9707

Personal Trainer Phil Calvert 07525 046 436

Personal Trainer Gemma Chapman 07783 941 723

Physiotherapist Dougal Coward 07921 618 568

Plumber /Heating & Boiler Servicing Gordon Dunn 07850 246 810

Vet Beate & John Buxton 0131 654 2266

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning. Lisa Kerr 07759 101 099


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Dates for your diary Your CVHA
October Management
14 CLHP - Visit to Dalkeith Museum TBC
Mid October Carpet Bowl Season Starts 7.00pm Village Hall
17 Tynewater Community Council 7.30pm Callander Pavilion
17 SWRI– fun painting 7.00pm Village Hall Caroline Pearson
28 Cocktail Evening 7.30pm Village Hall Norrie Brown
28 Bonfire Collection Tom Morrow
29 Clocks Change – Fall Back Andrew McGovern
November Stuart Buchan
4 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall Alison Vikis
4 Film Club 7.30pm Village Hall Darren Sweeney
5 Bonfire night 6.00pm Field at east end
Richard Taylor
6 CVHA Management Committee 7.00pm Village Hall
6 Majority Group - Midlothian Tales 2.00pm Village Hall
The Village Hall
7 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
11 CLHP 10-12pm Smiddy Cottage Management
21 SWRI—Coffee evening /Irish Dancers 7.00pm Village Hall Committee meets on
December the 1st Monday of each
2 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall month in the Village
2 Film Club 7.30pm Village Hall Hall.
3 Seniors’ Christmas Lunch 12.30-2.30pm Village Hall Members of the
TBA SWRI Xmas Dinner community are always
4 CVHA Management Committee 7.00pm Village Hall welcome to attend.

4 Majority Group 2.00pm Village Hall
5 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
Your Tynewater
9 CLHP 10-12pm Smiddy Cottage
9 Christmas Fayre 12 noon Village Hall Community Council
12 Tynewater Community Council 7.30pm Fala Village Hall representatives for
13 Youth Club Xmas Party TBA Village Hall Cousland are:
14 Rainbows Christmas Party TBA Village Hall Kathleen Donald
16 Youth Club Panto Trip TBA Meet Village Hall
Gordon Brown
22 Smiddy Carol Singing 6.00pm Smiddy
31 Hogmanay at the Hall 10pm-01am Village Hall
The Tynewater
Community Council
2 New Year Walk 11.00am Meet Village Hall normally meets on the
8 Majority Group -Wartime Memories 2.00pm Village Hall second Tuesday of
13 Film Club 7.30pm Village Hall each month at various
16 SWRI– Healthy Smoothies 7.00pm Village Hall venues within the
February Tynewater area.
3 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall
3 Film Club 7.30pm Village Hall Please check the diary.
6 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
12 Majority Group – Xmas Lunch TBA TBA Members of the public
20 SWRI 7.00pm Village Hall are welcomed at all
23 CVHA AGM 7.30pm Village Hall meetings of the
Community Council.

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