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Wesley Collins HC 1 Box 513 Del Rio, TX 78840 512-983-2429 (cell)


Secure a position in resource management where I can combine my passion for conservation, educational
background in GIS and biology, and applied background as an outdoorsman and land steward in order to inform
management decisions.


August 2017 M.A.G., Geographic Information Systems, Texas State University San Marcos, TX
May 2015 B.S., Wildlife Biology, Cum Laude, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX


Freeman Fellows Award: Graduate Research Support grant

Brady Boyd Memorial Scholarship from Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation
Deans List: Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Spring 2012
Award of Scholastic Excellence in Biology Department: 2015, 2014, 2013
Awarded ASG Scholarship for the 2013 School Year

Volunteer Experience:

300+ hours since 2012 volunteering for the Texas Youth Hunting Program
Crew Leader for Great Texas River Clean Up 2013-Present, San Marcos Texas


October 2017-FF2 certification via Texas Forest Service. Received required education for wildland firefighter
certification. Completed moderate duty WCT (prior knee injury inhibits ability to complete arduous duty).

December 2014, August 2015- Attended multiple prescribed burn schools: King Ranch Institute and Sonora
Research Station

Received required education in order to apply for a prescribed burn license with the Texas Department of
Agriculture, as well as participated in prescribed fires on both occasions.

Specialized Course Work:

GIS 1 & 2- Graduate level course work. Learned advanced mapping and analysis techniques using ESRI ArcGIS
10.0+ software. Some Python programming experience. Skills include model-builder, slope/aspect creation,
spatial statistics, data management, manipulation of spatial/tabular data, interpolation methods, raster and vector
data management and editing. Graduate research relied heavily upon ArcGIS for statistical analysis and map

Plant Ecology- Undergraduate, gained greater understanding of the plant communities across North America and
how they have been shaped by disturbance. Developed interest in theories such as the intermediate-disturbance
hypothesis and management of plant communities for heterogeneity across the landscape. Focus on fire ecology.

Bio Statistics 1 & 2- Graduate level course work. Learned parametric and non-parametric statistical analysis in
R. Covered most basic statistical analysis which are applied to ecological studies. Focus on mixed-effects
modeling, multiple regression, linear regression, ANOVA, etc. Emphasis on experimental design.
Remote Sensing- Graduate level course work. Introduced to the basics of remote sensing, passive vs. active
sensors, types of imagery available, spectral vs. radiometric vs. spatial resolution, classification schemes,
vegetation indices, and methods of land use/cover classification, training and verification data, and accuracy
assessments. Graduate research relied heavily upon image classification and GPS data in order to produce
accuracy assessments. Experience using Erdas Imagine, Terrasync, and GPS Pathfinder Office.

Wildlife Courses- Wildlife Management, Techniques in Wildlife Management, Natural History of Vertebrates,
Ornithology, Mammalogy. Learned about natural history of taxa worldwide including evolution and phylogeny.
Developed skills in studying and sampling wildlife. Received education in managing wildlife populations in
Texas, including completion of 1-D-1 Wildlife Tax Valuation Management Plans and focus on native wildlife of
Texas, and specifically Central Texas.

Work Experience:

June 2017- Present: Operations Ranger, Devils River State Natural Area

Responsible for interpreting resources to guests, keeping facilities cleaned and maintained, landscaping around
facilities, road repair, and equipment maintenance. Assist in various natural resource projects such as wildlife
sampling, drawn hunts, and other park planning projects. Gained understanding of TPWD mission and inner
working of the agency. All employees have the responsibility of stewardship of the resources, and safety is
always the priority.

May 2012- May 2017: Foreman, The Freeman Center at Texas State University

Responsible for many typical day to day duties on 4,300 acre calf/cow ranch as well as occasional assistance on
various research projects. Stewardship of the land was my priority. Responsible for hunting/wildlife
management (Spearheaded MLD whitetail deer management plan, worked closely with county biologist,
experience in tooth wear and replacement aging techniques, B&C scoring, feral animal control, primary manager
of lease). Experience welding, repairing various equipment/vehicles (utv, tractors, skid steers, bulldozer, 1 ton
trucks, and small engines), working cattle and managing grazing regimes, skid steer/dozer/tractor operation
experience, plumbing, road repair, fence/gap construction among other construction skills. Used GIS to plan
prescribed burn and assisted in implementing other natural resource projects such as brush abatement, herbicide
application, and native grass restoration.

Summer 2011, Summer 2010: Lifeguard in Travis Country, a subdivision in Austin

Previously certified in CPR, defibrillator use

Helped train new lifeguards, learned teamwork skills, the importance of being focused, engaged, and responsible
when others safety was at stake.


Chris Thomas, Facilities Manager- The Freeman Center, Texas State University 281-467-0647
Dr. Jennifer Jensen, Professor of Geography, Texas State University 512-245-1724
Dr. Randy Simpson, Professor of Biology (retired), Texas State University 512-245-3814
Michael McCord, Lead Ranger, Del Norte Unit, Devils River SNA 830-395-2133