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Decision Making for Business

Markstrat Simulation

SBR1: Decision1 Preparation

SBR1 is due Tuesday August 1st, 2017 at 6pm.

Course Description
This course is designed to help MBA students develop the skills and knowledge related
to Market strategy formulation and implementation. During the 8 years of Markstrat
simulation exercise, students gain experience in business decision making in a competitive
market environment. Each team of students is assigned a firm with two brands at the
beginning of the exercise. In managing their firms, students will formulate a long term market
strategy. In order to achieve their business objectives, they will monitor the competition and
the industry before designing the market strategy. The course discussions will focus
specifically on strategic and marketing issues such as selecting segments to target, developing
a unique and consistent positioning and allocating resources that are needed for the
implementation of the strategy. The success of the implementation will depend on how
students make the decisions concerning production, products design, prices, and distribution
as well as communication strategies.

Participants Registration:
In order to start the simulation, students should do the following:

1/ google:

2/ Choose Sign In as a Participant

3/ Enter course ID, PAK and team. In the excel sheet students will find all the required
information to start the simulation.( will be distributed in class Monady

4/ The Password will be sent to your team in a separate email.

SBR1 : Decision 1
In the first SBR, you are asked to read the following four chapters in the participant
handbook prior to Decision Round 1:
Introduction to the Markstrat Challenge
Overview of the Markstrat World
Managing Your Firm
Understanding Your Annual Report.

After analyzing the available data about your company performance, the market and the
competition, you will be able to formulate your marketing strategy and make the first
decision related to:
the marketing mix of your two brands
the commercial team, distribution channels and coverage
The market research studies you want to order for next time (Market research reports
that you need for next year decisions).

You will submit your decision at the end of the SBR and you will also submit 5 to 8
slides including:
Slide 1: The title: Name of your Firm and names of the students
Slides 2-3: For each brand, briefly describe the objectives you want to achieve in year 1.
Slides 4-5: Then, explain the reasons behind the decisions you make for year 1 production
quantity, prices, promotion budget, sales force and distribution figures.
Slides: 6: Explain what market research studies you order in year 1

SBR1 is due Tuesday 1ST of August at 6pm.

Good Luck!!