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June 27, 1990

NASA CHOOSES INDUSTRY/UNIVERSITY IN-SPACE TECHNOLOGY STUDIES NASA's Office of Aeronautics, Exploration and Technology (OAET) has selected 11 proposals for development of space flight technology experiments and 4 proposals for further study in its In-Space Technology Experiments Program (IN-STEP). Since 1987, IN-STEP has stimulated the aerospace engineering community to work with NASA in making greater use of the Space Shuttle, expendable launch vehicles and Space Station Freedom for space research and technology experiments. The current program provides technology advancements that will extend U.S. leadership in space. The latest solicitation was second in a series sponsored by OAET. The 11 proposals selected for development of space flight technology experiments are: * "Electrolysis Performance Improvement Concepts Study," Life System, Inc., Cleveland * "Liquid Motion in a Rotating Tank," Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas * "In-Step Venting Experiment," Martin Marietta Corporation, Astronautics Group, Denver

* "Large Inflatable Paraboloid Accuracy Measurement," L'Garde, Inc., Tustin, Calif. * "Development and In-Space Evaluation of a High Stability Hydrogen-Maser Clock," Smithsonian Institution Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, Mass. * "In-Step Integrated Two-Phase Thermal Experiment," TRW Space and Technology Group, Redondo Beach, Calif. - more -2 * "Space Cryogenic System Experiment," Hughes Aircraft Co., El Segundo, Calif. * "Jitter Suppression for Precision Space Structures," McDonnell Douglas Missile System Co., St. Louis * "Measurement and Modeling of Joint Damping in Space Structures," Utah State University, Logan, Utah * "Permeable Membrane Plant Nutrient Delivery Experiment," Boeing Aerospace and Electronics Co., Seattle * "Mode II: Reflight of the Middeck Zero-Gravity Dynamics Experiment with the Middeck Active Control Experiment Test Article," Massachusetts Institute of Technology Space Engineering Research Center, Cambridge, Mass. The four proposals for further study are: * "Sodium Sulfur (NaS) Battery Flight Experiment," Ford Aerospace Corporation, Palo Alto, Calif. * "Optical Properties Monitor," AZ Technology, Huntsville, Ala. * "Risk-Based Fire Safety," University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) * "Microgravity Measurement & Management," University of Alabama at Huntsville, Huntsville, Ala.

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