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Contemporary Literature V1

Assignment A

1. Define the term me generation

2. What were the three major political and social milestone of contemporary
literary period?
3. Do you think eBook will completely eradicate the joy of book reading and

Assignment B

Case Study:
The bus pulled in and I hoped on and paid my fare. 1 Then I headed for the back
of the bus. I just made it. My eyes were becoming clouded with ushed tears and if
the bus had have been any longer, I would have probably fallen over in the
aisle. I turned my face to the window and shared out at the passing bitumen
(asphalt). Had I been dishonest with myself? What did it really mean to be
aboriginal ?I d never participated in corroborres or herd stories of the
Dreamtime. Id lived ally life in suburban and told everyone I was Indian I
hardly knew any aboriginal people. What did it mean for someone like me? Half
way home on the bus, I felt so weighed down with my question that I decided to
I give it all up. I would telephone the department and tell them that I wanted to
go off the scholarship . I didnt think my family would care what I did , they
d probably be relieved I was nt trying to rock the boat anymore
Q.No. 1: With reference to the above extrcact name the novel with brief
introduction to its author.
Q.No.2 : Do you think that salleys mother and Nan would feel bitter about what
happened to them? why?
Q.No.3: Do you feel that above extract depicts identity crisis. Explain.
Assignment c
1. In which year was Atwoods first novel, The edible woman, published?
(a) 1963
(b) 1967
D) 1970
2. Atwood would be the first contributor to the future library project. What is
(a) A digital project to turn Atwoods work into web based impression
(b) A global project to connect libraries through video conference hosted
by authors
An education project , appealing to author to donate books to a toruing
library visiting areas hit by climate change.
(d) A writing project that aims to collect one original story each year

3- Which piece of technology did Atwoods invent?

(a) A long pen robotic writing technology that allows authors, and other , to
sign paper remotely
(b) Writing world an app that enable amateur writers to collaboratively create
and self-publish stories online.
(c) Earthface a web rogues gallery, where users can add their own defaced
images of environmental villains.
(d) He-reader, an app that switches masculine and femine pronouns ebook.
4. Popular contemporary novel life of Pi is written by.
(a) by yann Martel
(b) Khaled Hosseini
(c) Khaled Hosseini
(d) By Donna Tartt
5. Synonym of Aboriginal .
(a) Primitive
(b) Affirmative
(c) Attribute
(d) Simple
6. Naipaul was awarded the Noble Prize in literature in 2001.
(a) 2000
(b) 2003
(c) 2001
(d) 2006
7. My place had been so influential that it affects the Human Rights commission
of Australia. Is the statement.
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Partially true
(d) None of the options
8. Contemporary literature is literature with its setting generally after world
(a) World war I
(b) World war II
(c) None
(d) World War III
9. Fate had brought him from India to the sugar estate, aged him quickly and
left him to die in a crumbling mud hut in the swamp Lands Name the Novel.
(a) The E dibble women
(b) The House of Mr. Biswas
(c) My place
(d) None of the option
10. In the 21 century contemporary literature reflects beliefs and changes
often, based on the world changes . Is the statement
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Partially true
(d) None.
11. My place is a biographical chronology of the life of
(a) Sally Morgan
(b) V.S. Naipaul
(c) Margaret Atwood
(d) Ray Coffey
12. How is the beginning of the prologue A House of Mr. Biswas unusual?
(a) Mr. Biswas begins telling his own story
(b) All the dialogue is in Hindi
(c) The prologue beings with Mr. Biswas murder.
(d) The prologue begins with the end of Mr. Biswas story.
13. What job is Mr. Biswas fired from in the prologue?
(a) Taxicab driver in Trinidad
(b) Overseer for a sugar plantation
(c) Police officer in Trinidad
(d) Reporter of the Trinidad sentinel
14. In the prologue, what severance is Mr. Biswas given after he is fired?
(a) Three months notice and a free newspaper delivered to his door each
(b) A hundred rupees and taxicab ride home
(c) Fifteen rupees and a free police radio
(d) None
15. In the prologue, how much of the mortgage is left on Mr. Biswas house?
(a) $2,450
(b) $ 1300
(c) $ 3000
(d) $ 5,500
16. The story of my place revolves around Morgans own hometown
(a) Perth
(b) King Lear
(c) Julius ceaser
(d) Orthello
17. Sally Morgan has won the award the Human Rights for literature in
(a) 1987
(b) 1988
(c) 1989
(d) 2000
18. The theme of a search for identity in The House of Mr Biswas reveals the
influence of William Shakespeares
(a) Halmet
(b) King Lear
(c) Julius ceaser
(d) Othello
19. The first writer to contribute to Katie Patersonsfuture Library..
(a) Margaret Atwood
(b) Sally Morgan
(c) Hopkins
(d) V.S. Naipaul
20. Marian is the leading female character of the novel..
(a) House of Mr. Biswas
(b) The Edible woman
(c) Empire of conspiracy
(d) The Dominion of women
21. Margaret Atwood insists that the bookEdibleWomanshould actually be
consideredproto-feminist because she completed writing it in
(a) 1960
(b) 1965
(c) 1970
(d) 1975
22. In prologue, why is Mr. Biswas pleased with his wife Sharma?
(a) She make his favorite meal the night he is fired
(b) She does not run back to her family when he is fired
(c) She confronts his boss after he is fired
(d) She supports the family by getting a job in a local school
23. The novelist who go the Booker Prize for his work the Midnights
(a) Kushwant Singh
(b) Salman Rushidie
(c) Anita Desai
(d) Agha Shahiad Ali
24. The God of small things (1997) Arundhati Roys ..Novel,
(a) Second
(b) Third
(c) Debut
(d) Fourth
25. The novel-Train to Pakistan (1956) is written by
(a) Kushwant Singh
(b) Vikram Seth
(c) Anita desai
(d) Sally Mogan
26. acclaimed novelist vikram Seth penned down
(a) War talk and capitalism
(b) A ghost story
(c) Thucydides
(d) A suitable boy (1993)
27. Aravind Adiga debut novel.won the Booker prize.
(a) Between the assassinations
(b) The white Tiger
(c) Last Man in Tower
(d) Selection Day
28. The novel untouchable, is based on a single day in the life of a toilet
cleaner written by
(a) Anita Desai
(b) Vikram Seth
(c) Salman Rushdie
(d) Mulkh Raj Anand
29. Contemporary literature is literature with its setting generally after world
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) None
30. Sir,V.s. Naipaul won the Booker Prize for which novel.
(a) In a Free State
(b) The big heart
(c) A bend in the River
(d) 11
31. The famous book Malgudi Days is written by
(a) R.K. Narayana
(b) Mulkh Raj Anand
(c) Salman Rushdie
(d) Sir, v.s. Naipaul
32. Sally Morgan was termed as the .ambassador
(a) Aboriginal
(b) Affluent
(c) Original
(d) Transdental
33. The Novel in custody is written by female novelist
(a) Anita Desai
(b) Arundhati Roy
(c) Barkha Dutt
(d) Sally Morgan
34. The novel The Satanic verses is written by
(a) Vikram Seth
(b) Mulkh Raj anand
(c) R.K. Narayana
(d) Salman Rushdie
35. Naipaul was a ..
(a) Postcolonial novelist with a diasporic contemplation,
(b) Fictional Novelist
(c) Nature loving
(d) Sensational
36. Which Novelist has said I have a right to know my own history
(a) Sally Morgan
(b) Mulkh Raj Anand
(c) Arundhati Roy
(d) Khushwant Singh
37. The words Diaspora, Native, Displaced, Helpless are related to the Novel
(a) A Bend in the river
(b) The Enigma of arrival
(c) Miguel Street
(d) A House of Mr. Biswas
38. In which year Sir V.s.Naipaul won the nobel prize for literature
(a) 2001
(b) 2002
(c) 2003
(d) 2004

39. Sally Morgan published her first book, My place in..

(a) 1988
(b) 1986
(c) 1984
(d) 1987
40. The novelEdible Woman is set in the city
(a) Paris
(b) Sydney
(c) Toronto
(d) Belgium

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