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July 27, 1990


NASA and Japan's Ministry of State for Science and Technology agreed to new areas of space cooperation during a Senior Standing Liaison Group (SSLG) meeting held in Tokyo, July 26. NASA Administrator Richard H. Truly and Minister Tomoji Oshima, Ministry of State for Science and Technology, co-chaired the meeting. The following are the new NASA/Japan projects: o Observation of the Ozone Layer -- NASA will fly a Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) instrument and the Environment Agency of Japan will fly the Improved Limb Atmospheric Spectrometer and the Retroreflector in Space on Japan's ADEOS spacecraft to measure atmospheric constituents. ADEOS, the Advanced Earth Observation Satellite, is scheduled for launch in l995. NASA and the Environment Agency of Japan will exchange data between the two agencies' instruments and continue research on a comparison of ground-based and satellite data. o Space Environment Monitoring -- Data will be exchanged between NASA, NOAA and the Communications Research Laboratory (CRL) of Japan using NASA's Space Physics Analysis Network (SPAN). CRL was connected to SPAN in l989 and plans to receive real-time solar wind data from future NASA missions. o Space Station Solar Terrestrial Physics -- NASA and Japan's

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science will continue discussions on use of the Neutral Environment with Plasma Interactions Monitoring System and other systems to measure the solar-terrestrial environment from Space Station Freedom. - more -

-2o Space Microgravity Experiments -- NASA and the National Space Development Agency of Japan will continue cooperation in microgravity science on Space Shuttle Spacelab missions. The first Japanese payload specialist, Dr. Mamoru Mohri, will fly onboard Spacelab-J in l99l. During the meeting, Administrator Truly and Minister Oshima also discussed the ongoing cooperation between the two countries on the construction and utilization of Space Station Freedom. They emphasized the importance of adequate funding for the project in both countries and agreed on the importance of Japan's gaining manned spaceflight experience in preparation for it. Additional areas of discussion included joint projects in X-ray and infrared astronomy, cosmic ray research, the study of ocean dynamics, measurement of cloud height by satellite stereography, reception of Japan's first Marine Observation Satellite data and satellite measurements of tropical rainfall. The SSLG was established in l979 by NASA and Japanese government space agencies. Senior-level NASA and Japanese space officials have met in the SSLG on a periodic basis to review cooperative projects. The next meeting of the SSLG will take place in the United States. - end NASA news releases and other NASA information is available electronically on CompuServe and GEnie, the General Electric

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