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(Phone: 202/453-8536) Release: 90-109 NASA ANNOUNCES 1990 SPIP AWARDS

August 6, 1990

NASA has announced the 1990 Solid Propulsion Integrity Program (SPIP) awards for outstanding contributions toward improving the nation's engineering capability for solid rocket motors. These awards recognize SPIP contractors, subcontractors or individuals that have made significant accomplishments toward achieving the program's objectives. This year's awardees: Hercules Aerospace Corporation, Magna, Utah; PDA Engineering, Costa Mesa, Calif.; Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, Ala.; and United Technologies Chemical Systems Division, San Jose, Calif. The Solid Propulsion Integrity Program originated from joint NASA-Department of Defense-industry studies in 1984 which identified critical shortfalls in the U.S. engineering technology base for solid-fueled rocket motors. The objective of the program is to provide U.S. engineers with the techniques, engineering tools and computer programs to be able to better design, build and verify solid rocket motors. The Hercules team, under the leadership of Richard M. Herman, performed with outstanding proficiency in the organization of the necessary inter-company infrastructure and implementation and execution of their prime contractor role.

They earned an award fee of $52,000. The PDA team, led by Greg Crose, demonstrated exceptionally innovative approaches to understanding nozzle thermal responses, showing that smaller, less expensive motors can be used to verify full size motor responses. PDA, as a result, was given the freedom to conduct a special research task of their own selection in this area of responsibility, valued at $100,000. - more -2The Southern Research Institute team, led by John R. Koenig, was recognized for their innovative approaches and highly significant findings that allow measurement of material properties never before demonstrated in laboratory tests. This effort earned them a special research task, also of their own selection, valued at $85,000. The United Technologies team activities, led by Al Holzman, was recognized for outstanding proficiency, implementation and execution of work leading to improved engineering test tools for motor validation. United Technologies earned a special research task of their own selection, valued at $75,000, to continue their work. Nominations for SPIP awards are made by participating contractors and government task managers. Final selection and approval is made by a NASA/Army/USAF award committee. - end -

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