Roque, Jason R.

HUB 12 General Psychology

“Carrie” (Reaction Paper)
The film was absolutely spellbinding horror and terrifying movie but on the other side it was illuminating one. Actually at the first part of the movie it was quite offensive because I’m not used to see movies with such opening. As the movie goes by, I become interested in the character of “Carrie”. She was a girl who has something she is hiding from within. I was very worried and concerned about the hard and violent life that Carrie had. She was always bullied by her “so-called” friends at school. They do whatever they want to make Carrie’s life very difficult and just to satisfy their pleasure. Also, she was treated badly and always harassed by her mother. Even though, she also had a very understanding teacher and two friends who are always there to help her to overcome the anxiety and problem she has. By the time she notice an extraordinary power which is “telekinesis”, I was more interested and focused because I’m a type of person who likes fantasy, magic and power. At the later part of the film I was quite upset with Carrie because she used her power to take vengeance to the people who destroyed her life, but actually they deserve it, because they triggered the bad side of Carrie. On the other side, it was illuminating one, because the film left me two great lessons that will be of great help as I journey in my college life. The first one is don’t bully or make fun of someone just to gratify the pleasure of yourself. In the first place it is not right, it will just end to a bad relationship or maybe death as the movie appeal to me. The second thing is being of great help to someone who needs you in times of trouble. I do really enjoy the movie.

Roque, Jason R. HUB 12 General Psychology

“Carrie 2” (Reaction Paper)
The film was the best scary-funny movie --- a teasing, terrifying and lyrical shocker yet it is still revealing and illuminating one. Just like the first movie – “Carrie”, the first part is very shocking not in sexual terms but the phasing of the movie was very fast. Actually, I didn’t had a hard time understanding the movie because I already watch the first one, but as I watched the film it appeals me that Carrie and Rachel still have differences even though they have many similarities. I got more interested also when I noticed that Carrie and Rachel were sisters, it impress me that an ability just like – “telekinesis” can be passed by genes to the next generations to come. There were part in the movie also that Rachel fell in love with his friend, and it caught my attention because I know that will be of great help to Rachel who is having trouble with her emotion and especially her power – telekinesis. At the latter part of the movie, it is just the same with the first movie, Rachel, driven by her anger to her so-called friends, she killed them. I know the embarrassment followed by her anger was the great contribution and motivation for her to kill them all, even her teacher who tried to help her, died by her cruelty to her friends. But there is still one thing that helped to motivate Rachel to stop, and that is the LOVE by his boyfriend, that love helped her to overcome her anger but rather have enlightened. At the end of the film, sad to say Rachel died, but her memories stay with his boyfriend forever. I think this horror classic movie, years from now it will still be written and argued about, and it will still be scaring the daylights out of new generations of moviegoers.

Roque, Jason R. HUB 12 General Psychology

“High School Musical 3” (Reaction Paper)
The film was very remarkable, incredible, astonishing and astounding. I do really enjoy the film from the beginning till the end. This movie is much related with many emotions we certainly does every time. Emotions are strong feeling about somebody or something; it is just a result of the things happened around us that triggers it. In this film many emotions arise in each member, dominantly --- happy and love, but in some part there were confusion, puzzlement, depressed, fear and even anger and hatred arise in the movie. I found out that emotions enrich and gives life more meaningful. Imagine the movie without any emotion it would be quite a routine and dull film. In this film each person portrayed different emotions. I have noticed that every time each emotion was expressed there is something or should we say a stimulus that triggers it. Environment which includes weather, things, persons and many other more are the great contributors or stimuli that would result to an emotion. In the movie, Troy and Gabriella was in love with each other, but in a certain time there were puzzlement with Troy when Gabriella leaves him. Sharpay is very vulnerable and always angry with every little thing, she tried her very best to get the attention of Troy but it would not work and it results to shame and depression, while Ryan is naïve and childlike. Eventhough there were many hindrances between Troy and Gabriella’s relationship, the ending was very amazing, they were together and still in love with each other. In every emotion that they portrayed there are stimuli that provokes it to happen.

Roque, Jason R. HUB 12 General Psychology

“Girl Interrupted” (Reaction Paper)
It was very alarming and disturbing, but it really strokes my heart. At first, I was having a hard time understanding the movie, just because I have no idea with such borderline personality disorder. When I have found out what was it, my heart softened and I was burdened but I can do nothing to help her. A person just like Susanna with borderline personality disorder experience intense emotional instability, particularly in relationship with others. She also expresses anger, frustration, and dismay through suicidal gestures, self-mutilation, and other selfdestructive acts. There were times that she destroys anything that hinders her happiness. In the middle part of the movie she was brought to a mental hospital that may cater to cure her problem. Inside the mental hospital, she found friends that also have personality disorders. She get used to be with her friends to the point to escape the hospital just to be with them. At the latter part of the movie, one of her friend died by suicide. I know it was a tough time for her to deal with it, but I know she can handle it. Even though we didn’t finish the movie, for me any disorders just like the borderline personality disorder, the society has facing right now, it is permitted by God for us to learn something and to value them with all our heart.

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