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Illustrated Parts & Service Map

HP Compaq dc5800 Microtower Business PC
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Document Number 481403-001. 1st Edition February 2008.


1 Front I/O with USB 460885-001
2 Power switch cable assembly 460886-001
3 SATA HDD cable, 18 inch, 1 straight end, 1 angled end 393958-001
Key Specifications 4 SATA cable, 19 inch, 2 straight ends 391739-001
Processor Type Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, Pentium, Celeron * SATA cable, 17 inch, 2 straight ends 453317-001
RAM Type DDR2-SDRAM DIMMs, PC2-6400 (800 MHz) non-ECC * DMS-59 to dual VGA cable 463023-001
Maximum RAM Supported 8 GB *Not shown
Expansion Slots • 1 PCIe-x16
• 2 PCIe-x1
• 1 PCI
Graphics Adapter Intel GMA 3100 integrated Keyboards (not illustrated)
Drive Support • (2) 5.25-inch external bays
• (1) 3.5-inch external bay PS/2, Basic 435302-xxx
• (2) 3.5-inch internal hard drive bays (SATA 3.0 Gb/s) USB, Basic 435382-xxx
• (1) diskette drive or (1) media card reader USB SmartCard 435385-xxx

I/O Interfaces Serial (2, 1 optional), optional parallel, USB 2.0 (8), RJ-45, Arabic -171 Kazakh -DF1
audio in (2), audio out (2), PS/2 ports (2), VGA, DVI-D Belgian -181 Korean (Hangul) -AD1*
BHCSY -B41 LA Spanish -161
Spare Parts Brazilian Portuguese -201 Norwegian -091
Czech -221 Polish -241
Danish -081 Portuguese -131
Dutch -331 Romanian -271
Estonian -CA1 Russian -251
Finnish -351 S. Chinese -AA1
French -051 Slovakian -231
French Arabic -DE1 Spanish -071
French Canadian -121 Swedish -101
German -041 Swiss -111
Greek -151 Taiwanese -AB1
Hebrew -BB1 Thai -281
Hungarian -211 Turkish “F” -541

System Unit Icelandic -DD1 Turkish “Q” -141
International -B31 U.S. -001
1 Access panel 461859-001
Italian -061 U.K. -031
2 Front bezel 460883-001
Japanese -291
3 Power supply, 300W 460879-001
*For 435385, Korean = -KD1
3 Power supply, 300W, 80% efficient 460880-001
* 5.25-inch bezel blank 335937-001
* Chassis not spared
* Not shown

dc5800 Illustrated Parts & Service Map, MT Chassis 481403-001 page 1

7200-RPM SATA hard drive. PS2. 4-MB cache. LP Miscellaneous Parts Nvidia Quadro NVS290 256-MB PCIe graphics card 460815-001 DVI.11a/g WLAN adapter for use in the rest of the world 391866-001 ATI HD X2400. LP 465339-001 Intel Celeron Processors with alcohol pad and thermal grease: * Mouse. PC2-6400. 2-MB cache. 6-MB cache. 7200-RPM SATA hard drive. 10000-RPM SATA hard drive. 2. 7200-RPM SATA hard drive. 8-MB cache 440754-001 J9 RJ-45 over dual USB P5 Power button/LED 80 GB. 3. LP 392414-001 HP FireWire IEEE 1394 PCI card. 3. 1. Standard and Optional Boards (not illustrated) Memory modules: 512 MB. real-time clock 153099-001 E1200. 2. 8-MB cache 449978-001 components may vary in location) 80 GB. 1-MB cache. SDVO graphics card.00-GHz 457656-01 Mass Storage Devices (not illustrated) Diskette drive with bezel 431452-001 Media card reader. PC2-6400. and CPU socket cover: * Fan duct 463721-001 System board 461536-001 * System board tray 460881-001 System board. 1 internal port. 1. 512-KB cache. 16-MB cache 439994-001 J10 Quad stack USB P52 Second serial port J20 PCI slot 1 P53 Serial port connector J31 PCIe X1. PCI-E graphics adapter 456137-001 Broadcom NetXtreme GbE PCI-E NIC. 2 external. 2.60 GHz 468589-001 * Internal speaker 392413-001 Intel Core 2 Quad Processors with alcohol pad and thermal grease: *Not shown LP = Low profile Q6600. 256MB graphics adapter 462477-001 nVidia Quadro NVS 290. 512-KB cache. 512-KB cache. 2.33 GHz 450694-001 E4600. 8-MB cache 440747-001 160 GB. CL6 418952-001 1 GB. PC2-6400. 1 GB 462851-001 4 Heatsink with alcohol pad and factory-applied thermal grease 460897-001 System boards with thermal grease. 8-MB cache 440499-001 160 GB. 7200-RPM SATA hard drive. FH 398754-001 3 Fan duct 460882-001 ReadyBoost module. FH 398661-001 nVidia GeForce 8400 GS 256-MB video card with DMS-59 and TV 461450-001 (S-Video) outputs.40 GHz 462569-001 E4500. slot 1 P6 Internal speaker J32 PCIe X1. 8-MB cache 449980-001 250 GB. for Russia only 462850-001 * Printer port.60 GHz 449164-001 * Mouse. FH 430654-001 56K modem. 1-MB cache.40 GHz 452451-001 Intel Core 2 Duo Processors with alcohol pad and thermal grease: E8400. 7200-RPM SATA hard drive. CL6 418951-001 2 GB.66 GHz 450791-001 E6550. CL6 457624-001 Other boards: Belkin 802.20-GHz 465216-01 E2180. 2. optical 390938-001 420.5-inch 407187-001 16X SATA DVD±RW and CD-RW drive with LightScribe 447310-001 16X SATA DVD-ROM drive 419496-001 48X CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive 419497-001 500 GB SATA hard drive 457909-001 250 GB. 2. 6-MB cache. slot 2 P60 SATA0 J41 PCIe X16 P61 SATA1 J66 Keyboard P62 SATA4 J67 Mouse P63 SATA5 J69 VGA connector P8 CPU fan J78 Double stack audio connector P9 System fan P1 Main power SW50 Clear CMOS P10 Diskette drive XBT1 Real-time-clock battery P126 Parallel connector XMM1 DIMM 1 P150 Media reader XMM2 DIMM 2 P23 Front audio XMM3 DIMM 3 P24 Front USB XMM4 DIMM 4 P25 ReadyBoost XU1 Processor P3 CPU power dc5800 Illustrated Parts & Service Map. alcohol pad. 1. FH 398333-001 1 Second serial port. 2. PCIEx16.11a/g WLAN adapter for use in the United States and most of the 391866-002 world Belkin 802.20 GHz 449452-001 Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2 Processors with alcohol pad and thermal grease: E2200. FH nVidia GeForce 8400 GS 256-MB video card with DMS-59 and TV 445743-001 (S-Video) outputs. 7200-RPM SATA hard drive.00 GHz 466169-001 E8200. USB laser 459821-001 Intel Celeron Dual-Core Processors with alcohol pad and thermal grease: * Battery. FH 441448-001 2 Chassis fan 460884-001 Intel Pro 1000 PT Gigabit PCIe NIC. 2.67 GHz 466171-001 System Board E6750. DMS-59 and TV outputs. 10000-RPM SATA hard drive. 2-MB cache. Agere 2006 PCI Hi-Speed. optical 417966-001 430.80 GHz 449165-001 * Mouse. 8-MB cache. 256MB. 16-MB cache 439995-001 System Board Connectors and Jumpers (position of some untitled 80 GB. 4-MB cache. MT Chassis 481403-001 page 2 . 8-MB cache 449979-001 160 GB.

The media must be SMBus controller. 2. or FullBoot every 1-30 days. Device Options . click Start > Shut Down > Restart. or FAT32 file system. followed by a 2 second pause Replicated Setup .Allows you to assign/modify a hard drive password for added security. tion and PCI VGA palette snooping. Red 9 9 blinks. Wakeup. followed by a 2 second pause boot.Allows you to set and enable the setup (Administrator) pass. 1 blink every second Processor not installed (not indicator followed by a 2 second pause of bad processor).Allows you to set: • Printer Mode .Enable/disable • Option ROM prompt . Red 8 8 blinks. complete the warm boot.enable/disable • Integrated Video .Provides method to allow users limited access to change 1. If you do not press F10 ment. • Cache Size (L1/L2) • ME firmware version • Memory size/speed/channels • ME management mode Red 3 3 blinks.Allows you to enable/disable Runtime Power Manage.Allows you to set system time and date. Turn on or restart the computer.Enable/disable or hidden/displayed screen. Set Time and Date . the ROM flash Storage Options • Removable Media Boot would be incomplete. 2. Security Setup Password . Network Service Boot . • Remote wakeup boot source .off/on • S5 Wake on LAN .Saves changes to system configuration or default set. • If the system BIOS image is valid. • POST Delay .enable/disable • Monitor Tracking . Setup Utility Basic system information is maintained in the Setup Utility held in the system ROM. 2. To delete the Power-on password.44 MB and 5.Allows you to set Asset tag. MT Chassis 481403-001 page 3 . Press Enter to bypass the title screen.Allows you to control minimum permitted fan idle speed. PCI VGA Configuration . hard disk.Allows you to set: 1. Restore Factory Settings as followed by a 2 second pause Default Red 7 7 blinks. and keyboard locale setting. ownership tag. click Start > Shut Down > Restart. Red 5 5 blinks. enable/disable network server mode. • F9 prompt . following options are available: followed by a 2 second pause • Diskette Type(Legacy Diskettes only)-3. FullBoot. • If the system BIOS image is not valid. If the portion of the Power-On Password . the system power LED will blink red 8 times.Lists the following main system specifications: Red 2 2 blinks every second followed • Processor thermal protection • Product name • System BIOS by a 2 second pause activated.Applies the selected default settings and clears any followed by a 2 second pause failure prior to video).enable/disable • Multi-Processor . Default Setup: Save Current Settings as Default. click File > Save Changes and Exit. Idle Power Savings. Changing a Power-on or Setup password Advanced Power-On Options . system ROM containing the video option ROM image is not corrupt. • Data Execution Prevention NOTE: BitLocker prevents Windows Vista from booting when a CD containing the BIOS image • Virtualization Technology file is in an optical drive. type the current password used when multiple video adapters are available. and then press the power button. Computer Setup. Device Security .Allows you to enable/disable SATA bus power 4.Enable/disable password. Chassis serial number. if necessary. • Emulation Type . 10. Unique Sleep State Blink Rates. another slash (/) or • F12 prompt .None. 1 blink every second Pre-video graphics error. specified setup options without knowing Setup password. EPP & ECP. Turn on the computer. click Start > Shut Down > Restart. 3. Color Beeps LED Activity State/Message Computer Setup Menu Green none On Computer on Heading Option/Description Green none 1 blink every 2 seconds Suspend to RAM Mode File System Information . and embedded security devices. the system starts normally. 1 blink every second Power failure (power supply followed by a 2 second pause overload). The Boot Block is a flash- • Legacy Diskette Write protected section of the ROM that contains code that checks for a valid system BIOS image when the system is turned on. • SKU number (some models) • Chassis serial number • Fan blocked or not turning.Displays copyright notice. 1 blink every second Invalid ROM based on bad checksum.Allows you to enable/disable PCI SERR# Genera. and your new password again as shown: • Factory Recovery Boot Support .Allows you to select a drive containing a new BIOS. Simultaneously.25” 1. Deleting a Power-on or Setup password BIOS Power-On . reattach the power cord. If you are in Windows. 5. 1. If BitLocker is enabled. As soon as the computer is turned on. When an invalid system BIOS image is detected. press F10 • POST messages .Bi-Directional.Enables/disables all I/O ports. Remove the removable media used to upgrade the BIOS. established passwords. wait 5 seconds. For example. press F10 when the PCI Devices . 1 blink every second System board failure (ROM detected Apply Defaults and Exit . your new password. Turn on or restart the computer. Select Security > Setup Password and follow the instructions on the screen. • Limit CPUID Maximum Value to 3 The new password will take effect the next time the computer is restarted. 1. if to reconfigure IRQ or disable devices.Allows you to set and enable power-on password. necessary. • Trusted Execution Technology • Embedded Security Device Support • OS management of Embedded Security Device through OS Password Security • Virtual Appliance options • Smart Card BIOS Password Support Establishing a Setup password using computer setup Setup Security Level .Lists all installed BIOS-controlled storage devices. legacy diskette.enable/disable dc5800 Illustrated Parts & Service Map. accessed Diagnostic LEDs by pressing the F10 key when prompted (on screen) during the boot sequence. If you want to change the Setup password. formatted using the FAT12.Save to Removable Media and restore from Removable Media Red 6 6 blinks.5” 1.Allows you to enable/disable: 5. Hardware Power Management . 15. If an appropriate BIOS image file is found. Output Only • Num Lock state at power-on . as soon as the computer is turned on. when the key icon appears.enable/disable • Internal speaker (some models) .Allows you to set resources or disable onbrd system devices. a restart will be necessary.Enable/disable 3. type your current • F11 prompt . FAT16. if a power failure were to occur during a BIOS upgrade. Onboard Devices . Red 4 4 blinks. If you are in Windows. The system will automatically flash the ROM. Ignore Changes and Exit . System Security (some models) .Enable/disable current password/new password/new password. Insert a flash drive or CD containing the BIOS image in the root directory. a failsafe Boot Block BIOS provides enough support Shortcut to Temporarily Override Boot Order to search removable media for BIOS image files. press F10 when the monitor light turns green to enter Power OS Power Management . if necessary.Off/on/previous state NOTE: Type the new password carefully since the characters do not appear on the screen. Press Enter. Press Enter to bypass the title • MEBx Setup prompt . the system will either automatically restart or prompt the user to unplug the UUID. If no appropriate BIOS image is found. followed by a slash (/) or alternate delimiter character as shown: currentpassword/ Bus Options (some models) . or 20 seconds 4. one blink every second. unit.ATAPI Zip drive. ACPI S3 PS2 Mouse when prompted. successful flash. and allows you to enable/disable Setup Browse Mode. • POST mode .Exits Setup without applying or saving any changes. ACPI S3 Hard Disk Reset. management. audio. when the key icon appears. • Processor type/speed/stepping • Asset tracking number • Heatsink not properly attached.Enable/disable alternate delimiter character. 1 blink every second Bad option card.Allows you to set the computer to turn on at a preset time. resources. Boot Order . 4. DPS Self-Test . 2. • Integrated MAC Address About .Allows you to execute self-tests on ATA hard drives.Lists installed PCI devices with their IRQ settings and allows you monitor light turns green to enter Computer Setup.Remote server/local hard drive • After Power Loss .Enable/disable • F10 prompt . Boot Block Emergency Password Options . 1 blink every second System powers on but is unable to tings and exits Computer Setup. USB Wake on Device Insertion (some models). and ATAPI LS-120 drive • Multisector Transfers (ATA disks only) • Translation Mode (ATA disks only) • Translation Parameters (ATA disks only) Boot Block Emergency Recovery Mode • SATA Default Values failure. The Red 10 10 blinks. This would render the system BIOS unusable. following steps: Smart Cover (some models) . CD-ROM LEDs are not flashing drive. Turn off the computer.Allows you to specify which VGA controller will be 3. a slash (/) or alternate delimiter character. as soon as the computer is turned on.Enables/disables boot from OS on a server. word. remove this CD before attempting to boot to • Virtualization Technology Directed I/O Windows Vista.2 MB • Drive Emulation none none System does not power on and System unable to power on. DriveLock Security . specify password requirement for To recover the system after it enters Boot Block Emergency Recovery Mode.QuickBoot. Execute Memory Test (some models) -Restarts computer and executes POST memory test. To delete the Setup password.enable/disable • NIC PXE Option ROM Download . Turn on or restart the computer. Before exiting. network controllers. Thermal . it is automatically flashed into the ROM. Storage Device Configuration .Allows you to lock/unlock cover lock and set status of cover removal sensor. If you want to change the Power-On password. Press Enter.When any password exists allows you to lock legacy Recovery Mode will be displayed on the screen. you will be prompted to insert media containing a BIOS image file. followed by a 2 second pause Save Changes and Exit . Turn the power on to restart the computer. Flash System ROM . 1 blink every second Pre-video memory error. If you are in Windows. 4.Enable/disable when the monitor light turns green to enter Computer Setup. After a System IDs . the speaker will beep 8 times.Allows you to specify boot order. 3. Press Enter to bypass the title screen.

1. reboot if applicable. replaced. Invalid Electronic Electronic serial number is Enter the correct serial number in 4. On the system board. is not supported in or more SATA hard drives. For one device. Failure 2. unplug the removed). Running tests is optional but recommended after installing or connecting a new device. 304-Keyboard Keyboard failure. Expansion board option 2. Error changed since the last changes. Select the specific product. Lastly. Populated DIMM configura. Insight Diagnostics may be found on the Documentation and Diagnostics CD that shipped with the computer. properly seated and installed. Reseat fan cable. The information in each screen of the utility can be saved as an html 501-Display Adapter Graphics display controller. Fan not Detected connected or may have mal- 8. Select the proper language and click Download. 1801-Microcode Patch Processor not supported by 1. 3. device. Image Corrupted errors. conforming to the SPD standard. board Attached 2. Remove and replace the identified 4. Modules not supported ECC memory error correc. lem remains. Replace graphics card. Reconnect keyboard with 201-Memory Error RAM failure. replace RTC bat. 1796-SATA Cabling One or more SATA devices Ensure SATA connectors are used in Error are improperly attached. MT Chassis 481403-001 page 4 . and print them so that you have printed reports avail. Reboot the computer. Ensure that none of the keys are type. while the system is config. ensure Drivelock is Disabled. Clear CMOS. System will not boot CPU fan not installed or dis. 2. timers 1. 1. cedure: CPUB Fan not may have malfunctioned. Enter the product number (for example. system board. Rear Chassis. Replace CPU fan. puter. Detected COM1. Click the Software & Download driver link. trol RAID and select File > Save RTC (real-time clock) bat. test using HP-only system board. . Verify ROM. front chassis fan. • Both external and internal Address Conflict 3. make sure fan's cable is X. Reconfigure card resources and/or Detected serial ports are assigned to 5. Address Conflict serial ports are assigned to cards. ROM checksum. If the memory configuration was boot (memory added or -or. or Front Chas.) Storage > DPS Self-test. 1. 7. For If problem persists. press and hold the CMOS button for 5 seconds. If 304.front chassis fan is not con. ics card to see if problem goes away. The tool may also be downloaded from the HP Web site using the following pro. Ensure memory modules are 2. nized by the system and functioning properly. 510-Flash Screen Flash Screen image has Reflash the system ROM with the able before placing a call to the Customer Support Center. or 6. configuration changes have occurred. 1720-SMART Hard Hard drive is about to fail. 163-Time & Date Not CMOS jumper may not be Check for proper placement of the 2200-PMM Allocation Memory error during POST 1. Reseat fan cable. Clear CMOS. rear chassis. power button.. Remove computer cover. The utility simplifies the process of effectively identifying. 4. remove it to see if the prob- The HP Insight Diagnostics utility allows you to view information about the hardware configu. select File > Save Changes and Devices. information about the computer. and reboot ration. Reseat CPU of chassis fan. Replace chassis. error message is missing spinning. computer turned off. You should run tests. 3. Click the Diagnostics link. Reseat graphics card. Failure 1797-SATA Drivelock Drivelock is enabled on one Either remove the Drivelocked 2. Verify proper memory module Serial Number missing. file and stored on a diskette or USB HP flash drive. Remove any serial port expansion 2. may be optimal performance. save the test results. lock feature. 1. replace the added. Replace system board. Set properly installed. are installed properly. run Computer Setup or Windows 1155-Serial Port You will receive POST error messages after clearing CMOS and rebooting advising you that Address Conflict • Both external and internal utilities. replace the may be causing a problem. Verify proper memory module Memory Module in ory socket identified in the type. 3. 4.Rearrange the DIMMs so that each 2. ration of the computer and perform hardware diagnostic tests on the subsystems of the com. 5. on this Platform tion. NOTE: The download includes instructions on how to create a bootable CD. Run Computer Setup and Diagnostic 5. 511-CPU. 0 and SATA 1. 101-Option ROM Error 1. use 5. 2. press without fan connected. Options > SATA Emulation back to Set figuration memory. spin. the computer. Check keyboard connection or keys. or 2. 1. the SATA 0. missing pins. Unplug the power cord. Remove suspected card. If processor fan not Memory Socket(s) X. SATA 0 and SATA 1 con. each listed Drivelock-capable SATA tery. Determine if hard drive is giving Drive Detects Immi. external devices. Remove third-party graph- memory modules. Remove expansion boards. memory. Other tabs provide additional information. HP Insight Diagnostics 219-ECC Memory Recently added memory If additional memory was recently Module Detected ECC module(s) support added. From the Survey tab. Clear CMOS. 103-System Board DMA. Select HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition. 1152-Serial Port B 2. plugged onto system board is incompatible with the 3. use 6. same IRQ. 4. or 3. pins. front chassis fan. dc5800 Illustrated Parts & Service Map. pos- rent configuration of the computer. Replace keyboard. Go to www. 1. 1. 162-System Options Configuration incorrect. CPUA. Reseat chassis. Check connector for bent or correctly installed. To disable the Drive- 3. Replace DIMM with a module header. Run Setup (F10). 1. 3. If message disappears. 912-Computer Cover Computer cover was No action required. 1151-Serial Port A • Both external and internal 1. and they cannot be accessed lock feature. see if processor fan 213-Incompatible A memory module in mem. battery. rear chassis. If the error persists after replacing Third-party graphics card utilities. 214-DIMM Configura. Remove the access panel. and reconnect the power cord. 3.hp. drive. For two devices. System ROM checksum. Try another memory socket. If fan is plugged in and heatsink is tion Warning tion is not optimized. For ascending order. Turn on the computer. recently changed. SATA device or disable the Drive- RAID mode. Computer Setup. 3. Replace the access panel. 512-Chassis. critical SPD information. sis Fan not Detected nected or may have mal- 4. 301-. (Some hard drives have a correct error message. and reboot the Extensions option ROM 164-Memory Size Memory amount has Press the F1 key to save the memory computer. Network Server Mode Keyboard failure while Net. Replace keyboard. functioned. Run Computer Setup and check con. select Security > Drivelock. tery may need to be used). or CPU fan is not connected or 1. type. and SATA 4. Panel (Computer Setup can also be Changes and Exit. SATA 4 and SATA 5. CMOS Error during MEBx execution of the Manage- Download ment Engine (ME) BIOS 2. depressed. Reseat CPU fan. 4. re-seat the jumper if applicable. Reseat fan cable. and isolating hardware issues. change Storage > Storage Options Not Set RTC battery may need to be figuration in Advanced > Onboard > SATA Emulation to IDE. 2. For three devices. Back up contents and replace hard remove to see if problem remains. If third-party memory has been 4. Make sure the memory module(s) memory configuration. channel has the same amount of properly seated but fan does not memory. ured for RAID mode.1. there is access to several categories of sible system board problem. and replaced. including diagnostic test options and test results. 2. Apply hard drive firmware patch 2. or 1. work Server Mode enabled. spins. Replace CPU or chassis fan. reflash if required 2. Clear CMOS. diagnosing.. enter Computer Setup. nectors must be used before SATA 0. Check monitor connection. If the problem persists. 3. and disconnect the power cord from the Startup power outlet. 2. rear chassis. SATA1. 514-CPU or Chassis CPU or chassis fan is not 1. 3. Ensure heatsink is chipset. functioned. Reset the date and time under Con. If the error persists. Run Setup (F10). Verify proper memory module 3. If expansion board recently added. use SATA problem with expansion card. This tab shows the cur. latest BIOS image. Change the processor. Enter Common POST Error Messages nent Failure hard drive firmware patch Computer Setup and run the Drive that will fix an erroneous Protection System test under Screen Message Description Recommended Action error message. Detected 2. Parity Check 2 Parity RAM failure. Select the OS. Active and No Key. Use Computer Setup to reset any special system setups Detected serial ports are assigned to along with the date and time. replace the RTC Error ROM BIOS. memory modules. then replace heatsink assembly. Turn off the computer and any external devices. COM2. 3. Clearing CMOS Has Been Removed removed since last system Since Last System startup. restore the original Incorrect memory configu. faulty memory module(s). Upgrade BIOS to proper version. Exit. dc5800) in the text box and press the Enter key. change Storage > Storage 163-Time & Date Not Invalid time or date in con. error Check connector for bent of missing The Survey tab is displayed when you invoke HP Insight Diagnostics. Use HP Insight Diagnostics to determine if all the devices installed on the computer are recog- 3. Replace system board. Re-enter Computer Setup and Reset date and time in Control Panel. Chassis. computer.