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September 14, 1990


NASA's Educational Affairs Division will broadcast via satellite the first in a series of four live, educational video conferences on October 2, launching the 1990-91 series. The first conference will discuss the Mission to Planet Earth program, a major international effort to study the Earth's atmosphere, resources, oceans, land surface, climate and weather. The goal of the program is to gain a scientific understanding of the Earth as an interactive system, examining such issues as global warming and ozone depletion, to develop a basis for informed decisions on protecting the planet's future. Dr. Shelby Tilford, Director of NASA's Earth Science and Applications Division, Washington, D.C., will discuss a variety of topics related to global change, Earth Observing System and the Mission to Planet Earth program. This year more than 30,000 educators in 50 states are expected to participate in the highly successful series, now in its fifth year. These 1-1/2 hour, interactive video conferences are designed

to update teachers on NASA programs, demonstrate aerospace activities for the classroom and announce new programs, products and activities available to classroom teachers. The nation's participating school districts will receive transmissions from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. The 1990-91 video conference schedule is: Mission to Planet Earth - Oct. 2, 1990 Astro-1 Shuttle mission - Nov. 27, 1990 Space Science in the Classroom (SEEDS) - Jan. 29, 1991 Hubble Space Telescope - April 2, 1991

The Oct. 2 conference will be transmitted on Westar IV, channel 11. There is no charge for registration or participation in the video conference. The satellite video conference series is produced by NASA's Aerospace Education Services Project from the Oklahoma State University Telecommunications Center. To register for the series, interested teachers should write to NASA Aerospace Education Services Project, Videoconference Site, 300 North Cordell, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla., 74078-0422, or call 405/744-7015. Registration ensures that announcements, publications and other materials for teacher-participants are received by the school.

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