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Project : AVIC Mixed Development Project

Daily Diary : By Supervision Consultant, CECB. (Zone A)

Date : 05/02/2016

1.0 Weather:

Duratio 06hrs 08hrs- 10hrs 12hrs 14hrs 16hrs 18hrs 22hrs 24hrs 02hrs 04hrs
n _
08hrs 10hrs 12hrs 14hrs 16hrs 18hrs 20hrs 24hrs 02hrs 04hrs 06hrs
Weather S S S S S S
* S Sun Shine, HR-Heavy Rain, LR Light Rain, G- Gloomy, W Windy

2.0 Manpower:
A: Main contractor:

Category Nos. Category Nos. Category Nos.

Project manager 1 Masonry workers 7 Surveyor 1
Site Manager 1 R/f fabricators 44 Carpenters 59
Site Engineer 2 Mech. Workers 1 Welders 3
Tech. assistant 4 Operators 4 General workers 35
Foreman 10 Concreters 6 Survey Helper 03
B: Nominated sub-contractor:

Category Nos. Category Nos. Category Nos.

Kents officers 17 Kents workers 19

3.0 Machineries & Equipment:

Category Nos. Category Nos. Category Nos.

Tower crane 2 Breakers 0 Excavators 0
Mobile crane 0 Vibrators 0 Mixers 0
Bar bending machines 2 Pump car 1 water pumps 1
Bar cutting machines 2 Survey instruments 2 Jack Hammers 2
compressors 1 Welding plants 1

4.0 Inspection Carried out:

Location Element Works inspected By whom Status

L04 at 2- Beam Reinforcement Mahinda Accepted
5/A-D Heshan
L04 at 2- Beam Reinforcement Top Mahinda Done
5/A-D level
GR-L01 at 2- External Ramp Reinforcement Top Mahinda Done
5 & B1-D level Sampath
GR-L01 at 2- External Ramp Concrete Heshan Done
5 & B1-D Eshan
L03-L04 at Column Reinforcement Situge Done
23A/A-D &
At site Lab Cube Crushing Situge Done

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BS-GR at D- Retaining wall Reinforcement Heshan Done
5.0 Drawings / Sketches referred for inspection:

Description Construction Shop Sketches/

Issue Drawings Log note
Podium Level -Civil X X
Transfer Level-Civil X X X
Column drawing-Civil X X

6.0 Effects of work (accidents, breakdown, delay etc...):

7.0 Details of Material used for construction:

Material Approved Brand Material Approved Brand

Reinforcement Plumbing
R/f Melwa/Lanwa
30 Imformax Electrical
Bara emulsion Finco
Water proofing

8.0 Defects observed:

Location Element Type of defects Action taken Status

L03-L04 Column Some hooks were missed Instruction given Done
at 23A/D to contractor

9.0 Site Instruction / Defect Notification issued:

Description Instruction Ref No Remarks

10.0 Approved Method statements referred and received:

A: referred

B: received

11.0 General Comments:

Instructed to CSCEC to submit the following before scheduling the TF concrete

1. Thermo couple location marked on drawing
2. Curing method
3. Pouring pattern
4. Concrete type and approved plant

Prepared By: S.M.J.M.T.Situge Date: 05/02/2016

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