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UAE vision 2021

In 2010, the United Arab Emirates Government launched the UAE Vision 2021', which sets the key
themes for the Socio-economic development of the UAE and calls for a shift to a diversified and
knowledge-based economy. This program will be supervised by The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs . [1]
This program is multidimensional and aims to provide the Emirati nationals with the highest possible
standards of welfare. The needs and aspirations of Emiratis are at the core of the development
process as set by the UAE Vision 2021, Sheikh Mohammed said. On the day following the launch of
this program, the Crown Prince tweeted in English: Today we set our goals for the govt. of Dubai in
2021, as we march confidently towards the future & new horizons , adding In a first of its kind
initiative, the government aims to compete with the private sector in terms of the caliber of service
it provides.

Axes of the national agenda

Cohesive Society and Preserved Identity
The UAE strives to build a cohesive society with a preserved identity. It also aims to be among
the best in the world in the Human Development Index and to provide all the conditions that
make Emirati nationals happy. The creation of a Ministry of Happiness in 2016 confirms United
Arab Emirates determination and commitment reach these goals. [2]

Competitive Knowledge Economy

Another important level targeted in UAE Vision 2021 is the economic one. Sheikh Maktoum
ordered all economy-related bodies to boost the economys immunity while taking into
consideration external factors to support sustainable economic growth in the emirate on the long
run [3] UAE Vision 2021 focuses on the UAE becoming the economic, touristic and commercial
capital for more than two billion people by the transitioning to a knowledge-based economy,
promoting innovation and research and development, strengthening the regulatory framework for
key sectors, and encouraging high value-adding sectors. These will improve the countrys
business environment and increase its attractiveness to foreign investment. [4]

World-Class Healthcare
The Vision deals also with the issue of healthcare. The UAE wants to reduce lifestyle related
diseases and promote preventive medicine. Besides, the UAE tries to have a very effective
healthcare system that can be able to deal with any epidemics or health risks.[5]

First-Rate Education System

Education is also targeted in UAE Vision 2021, as the UAE aims to build a first rate education
system characterized by the use of smart systems and devices. It also aims to see Emirati
students rank among the best in the world. [6]

Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure

The UAE has an amazing infrastructure . However, it still hopes to have better things thanks to
UAE Vision 2021, which strive to improve the quality of the air, preserving water resources,
increasing contribution of clean energy and implanting green growth plans. [7]
Safe Public and Fair Judiciary
The UAE leadership is aware that making the UAE the best place for life depends at a lot of what
judicial system this country has. The UAE Vision 2021 deals with the judiciary and security
issue. The objectives set are the reinforcement of security and developing the potentials of
Emirati security services and building a fair legal system that is able to protest rights and making
the UAEs judicial system among the most efficient in the world.[8]

Principles of UAE Vision 2021

The UAE Vision 2021 is based on four principles that guide the march of the country as a
whole. [9] the four principles are 1. learning skills 2. mathematics 3. science 4. arabic

United in Responsibility
Through the implementation of UAE Vision 2021, the seven Emirates aim to ensure growth,
while drawing on their strong family and community ties, moderate Islamic values and deep-
rooted heritage to build a vibrant and well-knit society. [10] The UAE wants to produce confident
and responsible Emiratis, cohesive and prosperous families, strong and active communities and
a vibrant culture.

United in Destiny
The UAE seven Emirates express the unity of their common future through the UAE Vision
2021. To reach this goal the UAE aims to uphold the legacy of the nation founding fathers,
safeguard and secure the unity of the country and have an enhanced and international
standing. [11]

United in Knowledge
The UAE wants to have knowledgeable and innovative Emiratis who can undertake the
challenges of the future. To achieve this goal, the UAE will harness full potential of human
capital, build a sustainable and diversified economy.[12]

United in Prosperity
The UAE wants its nationals to enjoy the highest standards, long and healthy lives, first-rated
education and well-round lifestyles guaranteed by excellent public services and recreational
activities, within a safe and rich natural and social environment