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Annexure CD- 01

Course Title: Law , Poverty and Development L T P/ SW/F TOTAL

Course Code: LAW 521 UNITS

3 0 0 0 3
Credit Units: 3

# Course Title - Law , Poverty and Development

1 Course Objectives:
The objective of this paper is to provide an understanding of basic
concepts of poverty and development and their relationship with law.

2 Prerequisites:
Student should have an idea about poverty and development.
Student should have idea about fundamental rights and fundamental
duties under Indian Constitution.
Student should know about criminal justice system in India.
Student should have idea about legislation protecting labour,
women and children.

3 Student Learning Outcomes:

Analyze various parameters of poverty and involvement of law.
Appraise the various provisions of law protecting poor.
Examine the procedural aspects whereby poor, women, disabled
and children can be given protection.
Evaluate the understanding of the subject through case study.
Course Contents / Syllabus:
4 Module I: Understanding Poverty and 25%
Development Weightage

Poverty: Meaning and Concept, Relative Dimensions, Measurement and

Determinants, Issues related to Poverty in India; Development:
Perspectives, Developmental index
5 Module II: Constitutional Guarantees for the Poor 25%
Equality and Protective Discrimination, Right to Basic Needs and Welfare,
Abolition of Untouchability and Protection of Civil Rights, Right to

6 Module III: Criminal Justice System and the Poor 25%

Treatment of the poor by Police, Inability to get Bail, Problems of Poor
Under trials, Working of free legal aid schemes.

7 Module IV: Impoverishment of Women, Children and Disabled 25%

Persons Weightage

Deprivations of women under family laws, Problems of women workers in

organized and unorganized sectors, Child labour, Approaches to disability
and rights of the disabled persons, Right to education and dignity.

Pedagogy for Course Delivery:

The class will be taught using theory and case based method. In addition to assigning the case studies, the course instructor will spend considerable time in
understanding the concept of innovation through new case laws. The instructor will cover the ways to think innovatively liberally using thinking techniques.
The instructor will conduct mock trial sessions by giving various situations to understand the application of evidence law.

Assessment/ Examination Scheme:

Theory L/T (%) Lab/Practical/Studio (%) End Term Examination

30% NA 70%

Theory Assessment (L&T):

Continuous Assessment/Internal Assessment End Term

(Drop down)
Class Test Project Viva Attendance

Weightage (%)
10% 10% 5% 5% 70%

Maj.Gen.Nilendra Kumar : Law, Poverty & Development

Altekar, A.S. State and Government in Ancient India

Sorabjee, Soli J. Law and Justice : an anthology
Agnes, Flavia Law and Gender Inequality
Atal, Yogesh Poverty Question : Search For Solution
Amarendra Poverty, Rural Development and Public
w, endra Upendra Baxi Law,Poverty and Development