BRAND PREFERENCE OF BIKES IN ROHTAK CITY A RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement For the


Under Supervision of:Dr. Rajiv Kaushik Asstt. Prof. in MBA deptt.

Submitted by:Ritesh Roll no. 41/MBA/07


I Ritesh Roll no 41 class MBA 4th semester of the Vaish College of Engineering Rohtak, Hereby declare that the project entitle “Brand preference of bikes in Rohtak city” is original work. This report was presented to the supervision of Dr. Rajiv Kaushik and feasible suggestion has been duly incorporate.

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This is to certify that Ritesh assigned the research project on, “Brand preference of bikes in Rohtak city’’. He has submitted this project report in accordance with the guide lines. To the best of my knowledge this is his original work and not submitted else where for reward of any other degree or any diploma.


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Rohtak market is new frontier for all companies more so for bike companies. The product preference is rise in Rohtak market. My research study “Brand preference of bikes in Rohtak city” is in spite find out the market preference of bikes in Rohtak city. It will also provide an insight into urban consumers, why they exist and attitudes towards different brands of bikes. This research deals with the application of theory to know the consumer preferences & customer satisfaction, through market survey & research. It was my fortune to do this report. I learned a lot of new things which could never been learned from the theory classes. This report is a presentation of my work. In the forthcoming pages, an attempt has been made to present a comprehensive report concerning different aspects of my report, the overall knowledge gained by me will reflect in the report itself. The customer is king. Finally ten years after the liberalization of India’s economy began. The market place has, suddenly become tightening competitive. Not only have new players stormed into the country, there are more brands available then ever before in every segment of every market. The customer today buys only that which meets his/her every desire. This demands more intimate understanding of the customer by the “Smart Companies”.


I take this opportunity to express my acknowledgment and deep sense of gratitude for valuable assistance and guidance to by the following personality for successful corporation of research report. I am highly indebted to Dr. Rajiv Kaushik, Asstt. Professor of MBA Deptt., Vaish College Of Engineering for assigning this task. I had been fortunate enough to name him as a Wonderful guidance and personal encouragement guidance and supervision in completing my Project report successfully.

Without their consideration it would have been difficult to complete this study .




4 1. Introduction Company profile Objectives of study Research methodology Analysis & interpretation Conclusion Limitations Recommendation Bibliography Annexture Questionnaire 8-10 11-23 24-25 26-29.1 1.2 1.6 Distribution on the basis of respondent’s occupation Distribution on the basis of respondent’s income Distribution on the basis of brand preference Distribution on the basis of age groups Distribution on the basis of easy availability of brands Distribution on the basis of source of information 7 .CONTENTS TITLE PAGE NO.3 1. 41-43 44-45 46-47 48 49-50 Appendex 51-52. LIST OF GRAPHS NO. 1. 30-38 39-40.5 1.


It has been endeavored to identify the most preferred bikes in Rohtak city. It further illustrates that what type of communication has gone through. there is huge gap lying for the automobile sector that can be utilized by different manufacturer’s to increase their market share against competetitors. so we choose Rohtak as best representative city of India where we can find the diversity of people in every manner. The importance of the project can be seen from the fact that in Indian market out of every 1000 people. The study is based on primary and secondary sources of data.INTRODUTION This study is an attempt to examine the perception changes when a consumer changes the brand. which clearly shows that with increasing purchasing power of the Indian consumer. only 8 persons are the owner of any automobile car. To get the maximum diversity of people. Because we need to know the consumer behavior of country as a whole. survey was done after distributing the 30 9 . age and living styles etc. The different factors that influence the consumer so that his perception changes and switch to a different brand. Under this project we have tried to know the buying behavior of consumers who are using two-wheelers for the time being and are thinking of purchasing any four wheeler automobile within next 12 months of time span. it was necessary to collect the data from the people who have different attributes in terms of their income.

YAMAHA:. Many companies have been producing different type of bikes according the demand of different classes of consumers. Some of them are as follows:HERO HONDA:. Now a days sports bikes are in demand the most. personality and passion. They are considered by many to be an important part of their daily life to make life easy & fast.RTR APACHE 160cc. Bikes are linked with the factors of comfort. Most of the bikes are demanded by young age consumers. Now a days bikes are a good time saver in today’s fast life. standard.GLADIATOR . CBZ EXTREME 150cc.samples have been taken so that a fair picture of reality can be made out of total data collected such that the chances of errors are reduced and the sample size represents the population in best manner.PULSAR 220cc.KRRIZMA 220 cc. FLAME 160cc SUZUKI:. BAJAJ 135cc TVS :. HUNK BAJAJ:.HAYABUSHA 225cc etc.


The company introduced new generation motorcycles that set industry benchmarks for fuel thrift and low emission. Japan has not only created the world's single largest two wheeler company but also one of the most successful joint ventures worldwide.Overview of some companies are as follows HERO HONDA The joint venture between India's Hero Group and Honda Motor Company. Hero Honda bikes currently roll out from two globally benchmarked manufacturing facilities based at Dharuhera and Gurgaon in Haryana. During the 80s. These plants together are capable of churning out 3. and Hero Honda sold millions of bikes purely on the commitment of increased mileage Over 19 million Hero Honda two wheelers tread Indian roads today. Hero Honda became the first company in India to prove that it was possible to drive a vehicle without polluting the roads. every second motorcycle sold in the country is a Hero Honda. the company sold half a million two wheelers in a single month-a feat unparalleled in global automotive history. Every 30 seconds. someone in India buys Hero Honda's top -selling motorcycle . and today. A legendary 'Fill it . These are almost as many as the number of people in Finland .Shut it . Ireland and Sweden put together! Hero Honda has consistently grown at double digits since inception. This festive season.Splendor.Forget it' campaign captured the imagination of commuters across India .9 million .

These comprise a mix of dealerships. the Chairman.'' 13 . "We pioneered India 's motorcycle industry. Hero Honda's extensive sales and service network now spans over 3000 customer touch points. Its unique CRM initiative . Having reached an unassailable pole position in the Indian two wheeler market. The company believes that changing demographic profile of India .bikes per year. This would provide the growth ballast that would sustain Hero Honda in the years to come. As Brijmohan Lall Munjal. Hero Honda values its relationship with customers. Hero Honda is constantly working towards consolidating its its position in the market place.Hero Honda Passport Program. and it's our responsibility now to take the industry to the next level. service and spare points. The program has not only helped Hero Honda understand its customers and deliver value at different price points. spare parts stockists and authorized representatives of dealers located across different geographies. but has also created a loyal community of brand ambassadors. Hero Honda Motors succinctly points out. one of the largest programs of this kind in the world. A third state of the art manufacturing facility at Hardwar in Uttranchal will soon be commissioned to cope with sustained customer demand. We'll do all it takes to reach there. has over 3 million members on its roster. increasing urbanization and the empowerment of rural India will add millions of new families to the economic mainstream.

The company produces scooters. Export markets are becoming increasingly important to Bajaj Auto.BAJAJ Bajaj Auto is a manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of two and three wheeled vehicles. The company has its own research and development facilities. Uruguay and Bangladesh. India. Among the company?s most important export markets are Colombia. Bajaj has a partnership agreement with the Japanese organization Kubota to develop diesel engines. Most of the company?s core business activities take place at its headquarters in Pune. The company has a number of strategic partnership agreements with various companies including Kawasaki. The company has a distributor network covering over 60 countries around the world. Bajaj Auto also trades auto spare parts. motorcycles. Bajaj Auto is one of the 27 companies that make up the Bajaj Group . The distributor network gives Bajaj Auto a market presence in a number of major international markets. mopeds and three wheeled vehicles such as autorikshaws. Bajaj Auto?s manufacturing and R&D activities are also located at various facilities in India.

finance and insurance.TVS Motor Company The TVS Group was established in 1911 by Shri. Value and Service. Instituted by US based Managing Automation Media. It also distributes automotive spare parts for several leading manufacturers. there are over thirty companies in the TVS Group. It represents premier automotive companies like Ashok Leyland.tvsiyengar. TVS TRU4. 2009: TVS Motor Company has won the coveted 2009 Progressive Manufacturer 100 (PM 100) award for end-to-end automation of the entire business process of its lubricant brand. 100 projects that achieved distinction in at least one of the eight core disciplines defined by Managing Automation Media were recognised. Group Companies TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited (www. employing more than 40. Fiat and Honda. Today. auto components and computer peripherals. the progressive manufacturing awards program is designed to support and reflect the extensive drive by manufacturers across the globe to improve and capitalize on growth opportunities. As one of India's largest industrial entities it epitomizes Trust. We also have vibrant businesses in the distribution of heavy commercial vehicles passenger cars.000 people worldwide and with a turnover in excess of USD 4 billion. With steady growth. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. TVS wins coveted 2009 Progressive Manufacturer 100 Award Hosur March 13. expansion and diversification. TVS commands a strong presence in manufacturing of TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited operates through the three following divisions: TVS Sundaram Motors Madras Auto Service TVS and Sons distributes Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles.. Jeeps and Cars. 15 . T V Sundaram Iyengar.

has won us this award. T. Chevron Corp. Dhandapani added. supported by advanced technology. This delivery model enormously benefits us in terms of quicker response time.The disciplines include Business Model Mastery. TVS Motor Company was chosen for the e-enablement of its order obtainment and order fulfilment process over the internet. and Operational Excellence. Innovation Mastery. Managing Automation. which advocates manufacturing business transformation. Training & Education Mastery. TVS Motor Company. Innovative thinking combining the use of internet technology and SAP helped deploy this solution successfully. Pfizer Inc. Other stalwarts like Caterpillar. chaired by David R. improved service levels to our customers and reduction of logistic costs. Editor-in-Chief. and Jeff Moad. were among the finalists who were recognized. An independent judging panel of eminent personalities from various industries. Our endeavour is to bring innovation into the manufacturing and distribution processes. T G Dhandapani. Automation of our lubricant business through seamless implementation of the progressive manufacturing concept. Data & Integration Mastery. Customer Mastery. Executive Editor. Brousell. CIO. business impact and use of technology related to each discipline. reviewed project nominations and chose the winners based on the scope.G. Supply Network Mastery. We have been selected for our mastery in the Data and integration discipline. Winners are chosen based on the scope of mastery. business integration and use of technology. . Managing Automation Media. According to Mr. Leadership.

and few survived the challenge. With a starting capital of 30 million yen.5% of the total two wheeler market in India. New ones were starting up and others were folding at a tremendous pace. Fuji Ascent Race and won. From there on. The motorcycle market share is about 81. in pursuit of the perpetual goal of being best in the world market.Yamaha Corporation Yamaha Motor is Born When Yamaha Motor Co. a will that came to forge the company spirit of challenge. it was a relative latecomer in a market where as many as 150 motorcycle manufacturers competed for survival. Three-fourths of the total exports in the two wheeler automobile industry are made 17 .) Genichi Kawakami. It was the YA-1. 274 employees and two single-story wooden factory buildings with a capacity to turn out 200 motorcycles a month. nicknamed “Aka-tombo” which means red dragonfly. The four stroke engine of the motorcycles is fuel efficient and is the main reason for the growth of motorcycle segment In India. Ltd. Yamaha entered the first YA-1 in the Mt. was established in Japan in July 1955. our employees moved with determination from one challenge to the next. In Yamaha Motor's story. the Indian government needed sturdy and reliable motorcycles for its Army and police to patrol the rugged border highways. The first batch of 350cc Bullet from the Royal Enfield Company of UK were received and assembled at Chennai. (now Yamaha Corporation. sharing victories and setbacks. In 1955. put to use some machining equipment used in the production of metal airline propellers to develop the first Yamaha motorcycle. working as a team. the fledgling company dared to confront competition. you will recognize the spirit of challenge in these early years that forged the company into the global corporate group we are today. It all began when then president of Nippon Gakki..

Katsumi Takata Personnel over the years Items Total number of employees Main Products Motorcycles and scooters Year 2006-07 385 . Capital Rs. Satya Sheel Khosla Joint Managing Director Mr.000 units.5 acres is left for land development and future expansion. The remaining area of 30. Total land area of the facility at Gurgaon is 37 acres out of which the present plant is constructed in an area of 6. SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation.75.5 acres of the motorcycle segment. Exports are made mainly to South East Asian and SAARC nations. Japan where in we are having the same manufacturing philosophy of VALUE PACKED PRODUCTS right from the inception. 713. SMIPL will be manufacturing two wheelers best suited for the valuable Indian customers covering all segments Plant area and production capacity We have installed our manufacturing plant in Gurgaon (Haryana) having the annual capacity of 1.43 Million Managing Director Mr.

Motorcycle engines assembling and machining Spare parts administration Education and training Public relations Research and development Testing and development of motorcycles 19 . Gurgaon.H. Plants & Facilities Name Ltd Address Operations Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Village Kherki Dhaula.-8. Link Head office affairs Road. N.Head Office. Badshahapur.

BAJAJ AUTO › Kawasaki Ninja* › Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si* › Bajaj Discover DTSi › Bajaj Platina › Bajaj Pulsar DTSi › Bajaj Pulsar 200CC* › Bajaj Avenger HERO HONDA › Hero Honda Achiever › Hero Honda CD Dawn › Hero Honda CD Deluxe › Hero Honda Glamour › Hero Honda Karizma › Hero Honda Passion Plus › Hero Honda Splendor › Hero Honda Splendor NXG › Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme › Hero Honda Hunk - KINETIC MOTOR › Kinetic Aquila › Kinetic Comet › Kinetic Stryker .

LML INDIA › LML Adreno FX › LML Beamer › LML Energy FX › LML Freedom › LML Graptor ROYAL ENFIELD › Bullet 350 › Thunderbird Twinspark › Bullet Electra › Bullet Machismo › Bullet Machismo 500 TVS MOTOR › Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 › Suzuki Intruder M1800R › Suzuki GS 150R › TVS Apache RTR FI › TVS Flame › TVS Star City › TVS Taurus Fiero F3* 21 .

After year of growth derived the literacy rate has grown in Rohtak city. where 62% of population is engaged in business related activities. Now a days demand for HONDA bikes has decreased. And now the urban marketers has realized that for them it is a big opportunity to establish new & good modles of bikes acc. TVS is a new company launching diff. So that the Rohtak bike market has got the latest marketing mantra. But their newly launch Stunner bike now a days commentate the other giant manufacturers.OTHERS:HONDA bikes are mostly made in Japan. And more than 70% of the population is contributes to one third of India GDP. ROHTAK BIKE MARKET The bike market in Rohtak city has won a good respect & a high ratio among all vehicles. And the knowledge & taste of consumers has also changed. To the taste & preference of young aged consumers. brands of bikes.It is the first choice of young age consumers in sports bikes. SIZE OF ROHTAK BIKE MARKET .

In other words the market penetration may be defined as the degree to which the potential customers using a particular product. 14.550 crore as compare to 37. There are almost twice as many middle income households in rural areas as the urban areas.000 with the agriculture being the main business. The total size of rural market for FMCG products is Rs. MARKET PANETRATION The market penetration may be defined as the strategy for company growth by increasing sales of current products to current market segments without changing products.70% of Rohtak population lives in cities in urban area. 23 .130 crore in urban market. 85% of the urban population is concentrated in villages with a population of lessthan 2.


To study the brand preference of bikes among urban consumers. 4) To conclude the preference of consumers towards bikes why they takes interest in bikesand why they exit. 25 . 2. 3.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The research project report aim to study the “Brand preference of bikes in Rohtak city”. 5) To develop new marketing communication strategy to target customers. To study the brand awareness of the consumers about the related brand. The objectives of the study are as follows: 1. To study the motive behind purchasing the brand of the product.


Define the problem and research objectives. 3. RESEARCH DESIGN All the work has been covered as a part of descriptive research. PREFERENCE OF BIKES IN The purpose of the project is to study the “BRAND ROHTAK CITY”. Present the findings. Develope the research plan. 4.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Effective research involves five steps : 1. The major purpose of the descriptive research as the name suggested it to describe the characteristics of population or a 27 . 5. primary data is to be collected from the respondents. In order to get the clear picture as part of secondary data with the help of internet also have been taken. scheduling and personal Interviews. in Haryana In order to accomplish this objective through questionnaire. Analyse the data. Collect the data . 2.

The convenience sampling which is non probability sampling method is used to draw the area In which the research is carried on. which are collected afresh and for the first time. One representative district of Haryana is drawn out as Rohtak & for 30 respondents from Different places of Rohtak have been drawn out as convenience.phenomenon. population of the city has been under taken from diff. There are two types of data these are:  PRIMARY DATA: . ways of info. Sources of primary data are:   Questionnaire Observation . The respondents from that area were drawn out with the convenience sampling. And thus happened to be original in character. SAMPLE SIZE There were 30 respondents from Rohtak city. SAMPLING Sampling is a process of obtaining information about the entire population by examining only a part of it. The data were collected by personal interview based Structured questionnaire & some data like company profile. DATA COLLECTION The whole study is based on primary & secondary data.The primary data are those.

TOOLS TO ANALAYSIS: HYPOTHESIS TESTING Chi-square test is used when the set of observed frequencies obtained after experimentation have to be supported by hypothesis or theory.g. To test the goodness of fit The null and alternative hypothesis to be tested is as follows: Null Hypothesis Ho: There is no significant difference between the sample statistic and the population parameter.χ2 also enables us to explain whether or not two attributes are associated or related to each other. Internet. From e. magazines. which have already been collected by Someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical processes. publications and reports. The test is known as X2. Personal interview  SECONDERY DATA: The secondary data on the other hand. newspaper. When the researcher utilizes secondary data then he has to look into various sources from where he can obtain them. Alternative Hypothesis H1: There is significant difference between the sample statistic and the 29 . Books.test of goodness of fit and is used to test if the deviation between observation (experiment) and theory may be attributed to chance (fluctuations of sampling). are those.

(2) We compute the value of CHI.population parameter. χ2=Σ (( Oi.Expected value Degree of freedoms=(R-1)(C-1) Level of significance=5 . Procedure: (1) Set up the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference between the observed and expected value.Ei)2/Ei) O.Observed value E.square by using the formula CHI-square = ∑ .


ANALYSIS AND DATA INTERPRETATION The data collected in the aforesaid manner have been tabulated in condensed from to draw the meaningful results. The different techniques are adopted to analyse the data. . All the data and material is arranged through internal resources and the last part of the project consists of the conclusions drawn from the report.

1.DISTRIBUTION ON THE BASIS OF RESPONDENT’S OCCUPATION Table no.19% consumer’s occupation is agriculture & rest 18% respondents do labour.30%respondents are involved in service.1 BUSINESS SERVICE AGRICULTURE LABOUR 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% BUSINESS SERVICE AGRICULTURE LABOUR 33% 30% 19% 18% Source : primary survey (Fig. 33 . 1.1) Interpretation The figure shows that 33% of respondents relate with business activities.

1.1.2 . that the maximum ratio of bike buiers in Rohtak city relates with business activities. DISTRIBUTION ON THE BASIS OF RESPONDENT’S INCOME Table no. it is clear with the fig.2 <15000 15000-25000 25000-40000 >40000 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 42% 33% 19% 6% <15000 15000-25000 25000-40000 >40000 Interpretation Figure no.Thus.

33% of respondents relate with 15000-40000 income level group.3 HERO HONDA BAJAJ TVS YAMAHA SUZUKI OTHERS 34% 32% 8% 12% 10% 4% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% HERO HONDA BAJAJ TVS YAM AHA SUZUKI OTHERS Figure no.The figure shows that in Rohtak city 42% respondents are related with <15000 income level. 19% of respondents are from 2500040000 income level & rest 6% of respondents are >40000 income level group. Thus.1. DISTRIBUTION ON THE BASIS OF BRAND PREFFERENCE Table no. that most of people in Rohtak are under 15000 income level group.1. it is clear in the fig.3 Interpretation 35 .

“OTHER” company includes like GLOBAL.12% of respondents are in favour of YAMAHA. ROYAL ENFIELD.32% of respondents are using BAJAJ brand.KAWASAKI. 10% are in favour of SUZUKI & rest 4% consumers like other company’s bike. Indian & foreigon bikes. SATNAM. 8% respondents like TVS.This figure shows that 34% of respondents preffer HERO HONDA bikes. . The fig. makes a attempt that in Rohtak city most of persons prefer hero Honda bikes & it has the maximum ratio. CRUIZE etc.

Thus it is clear that in Rohtak city most of young aged consumers use bikes the most.1. 1.4 17-25 26-45 ABOVE 45 62% 22% 16% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 17-25 26-45 ABOVE 45 Figure no.4 Interpretation This figure shows that 62% respondents. 37 . related with 17-25 age group are bikes the most and 26-45 aged consumers are using 22 of bikes and rest above 45aged persons are using only16% bikes.DISTRIBUTION ON THE BASIS OF AGE GROUPS Table no.

1. 1. .6% says that brands are not easily available.DISTRIBUTION ON THE BASIS OF EASY AVAILABILITY OF BRANDS Table No.5 Yes No 94% 6% Figure No.5 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% yes no Source: Primary Survey Interpretation This figure shows that 94% says that brands are easily available.

1. FRIENDS & FAMILY OTHER SOURCES 62% 26% 12% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% T. 1.V.V.7 T. 39 . FRIENDS & FAMILY OTHER SOURCES Interpretation Figure no.ADVT. ADVT.7 This figure shows that 62% respondents are getting information about brand through T. DISTRIBUTION ON THE BASIS OF SOURCE OF INFORMATION Table no..Due to good efforts of marketers brands are now easily available in Rohtak city.ADVT.V.

Like retailers. As the literacy rate is increasing. news etc. TV has become a main source of information.26% of respondents are getting information about brand through their FRIENDS & FAMIL & rest 12% of respondents are informed threw other sources of info. CONCLUSION .

All preffered brands are easily available. More than 42% consumers in Rohtak relates with <15000 income level.V. The research study is done in urbam market of Rohtak city. 4. 5.ADVT.CONCLUSION AND SUMMARY Conclusion based of this report may be as follows :1. 3. Most used brands in bikes in Rohtak city is HERO HONDA. most of consumers are purchasing brands while watchin the T. TV is still the most influencing form of mass media. 2. It will be a right strategy to accelerate the promotion activities since 60% of respondents reacted positively to promotion price. 41 . 17-25 aged consumers likes bikes the nost. There should be intensive the TV for the promotion.


The sample that I have taken was not enough.  Small sample Size: .  Availability of Time: .  Biased Responses: .LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Every study conducted has certain short coming. It does not represent the whole set of population. they were taking the things in a wrong manner. As I am a student so it was impossible for me to provide time.Some respondents were not cooperative. So there may be deviation due to this sample.The sample which is taken in the record is from the very small area as compared to large population town. 43 .For conducting a research one should have the availability of time so that he should provide time to the research. A few error have kept in dispite of the best effort to avoid them but this is expected that our study and findings are very much relevant yet this survey has also some limitation.  Limited Area: . I found biased responses from them.

Lack of experience was also a big limitation in this as I was not a trained person in this. Lack of Experience:.  Budgetary Constraints:.I was also lacking in budget which is essential for getting the responses from the respondents .


2. Allcompanies should target the young aged consumers.So thecompanies should make better quality brands at a low price. Most of consumers in Rohtak city are living under 15000 income level . should look upon the interest of the consumers for sports bikes. 3. So. Recommendations may be highlighted:1. HERO HONDA should do efforts to keep its repotation. BAJAJ & all other companies should increase their advt. The very first one recomm. for better sales.Recommendations On the basis of the this Business research foll. 5. 4. The companies should make high CC sports bikes. . Is for all bike companies that every comp. BAJAJ is the main competitor of HERO HONDA.


com www. NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS Website: www.Indiainfoline.questionanswer.Bikeproducts.R.BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: Kothari .com www.Com www. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY..herohonda.bajaj.


class MBA 4th semester of VAISH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. RATE YOUR REASON OF PREFERENCE FOR A PARTICULAR BRAND OF ii) BAJAJ . NAME-----------------------AGE---------------------------INCOME----------------------- SEX------------------------------OCCUPTION------------------NUMEBR OF FAMILY MEMBERS----------- 1. WHICH BRAND OF THE BIKE YOU PREFER MOST ? i) HERO HONDA iii) TVS 3. Ritesh.41.DO YOU HAVE INTEREST IN BIKES ? A i) yes B iii) Daily C ii) no D iv) occasionally 2. ROLL NO.QUESTIONNAIRE BRAND PREFERENCE OF BIKESS IN ROHTAK CITY I. here by declare that My research is purely for academic purpose and it is not for any in legal activity or purpose. ROHTAK.

MONTHLY EXPENDITURE ON THE BIKES ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 51 . WHICH PROMOTIONAL POLICY ATTRACTS YOU THE MOST TOWARD YOUR PREFERRED BRAND ? i)TV advertisement ii) Advice of friends & family 5.BIKES ? i) Price iii) Quality ii) Brand name iv) Availability 4. WHY DO YOU PREFER A PARTICULAR BRAND ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. HOW MUCH ROLE DOES AVAILABILITY PLAYS IN THE SELECTION OF BRAND ? i) Very high ii) Average ii) High iv) Low 6.


(A automobile word) to increase the pick up in bikes Growth domestic product. : Cubic centimeter. Figure 53 .APPENDIX CC : GDP : Fig.

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