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20 August 2010
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2 NEWS 20 AUGUST 2010
Two-year old Emmanuel Mmola of Andrew Sibatana visited the scene.

2 year old Mokutung village near Echo Caves

suffered multiple burns to his neck and
face last Tuesday evening when the room
he was sleeping in, caught fire.
His aunt, Ms Jerminah Mmola
(photograph onthe front page), says she
“You see,” community members
explained when the scene was visited on
Wednesday “what people do not
understand is that it is not so easy here.
We suspect the fire was caused by a
candle, we do not have electricity. Once

suffers as heard the child crying, and the room was

already on fire as she entered it. “Smoke
and flames came from under the bed. I
called another child, Romeo, in the next
room to come and assist me, but he could
the house started burning, we have no or
very intermittent cellphone signal and no
other means of communication with the
outside world.
Very few people have cars, and while

house burns
not help me. We had to leave the room we have cellphones, it is an issue to get
through the window. Mr Johannes them charged beause of the lack of
Kgwedi, who was also at the house, doused electricity. On this side, the Echo Caves
a blanket in water to protect himself , side of the hill, we only have the one
entered the room en rescued the child. source of water, and that is the
Ms Mmola said the tried to call an handpump down the hill next to the
ambulance, but could not get hold of one. school. Water has to be carried or
THE AUTOMARK PROMISE A community member owing a car, took trasported by donkey or wheelbarrow.”
then proceeded to transport the child to Representatives of Greater Tubatse
1. Backed by Toyota plan
2. Guaranteed not stolen 6. Guaranteed year
Matabidi Hospital on the way to Graskop Municipality’s Disaster Management
3. Standard warranty model in Mpumalanga as it is the nearest section visited the scene on Wednesday
4. Guaranteed mileage 7. Every vehicle subject hospital to the village. and matresses was supplied to sleep on.
5. Seven day exchange to a check list Meanwhile community members started The rest of the house suffered smoke
to assted the residents of the house, which damage and by Wednesday afternoon
is owned by Ms Mmola’s mother, Mrs nobody could say what the condition of
950 950
Grace Mmola. The fire in the house was the injured child was as they could not
R199 R209 fought with buckets of water, but it was no
easy task. The nearest water supply is a
By yesterday morning it was
handpump at the bottom of the hill next to established that the child’s condition was
the school. stable and improving, while the docter
According to community members, it was personally looking at the patients
took hours to douse the fire. The Leboeng because the other personnel were on
Police was also called and constable strike.

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Picasso 2.0 950 950
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2008 Toyota Yaris T3+

2008 GWM 2.2
Burgersfort Burgersfort Community members who helped fight the fire at Mrs Grace Mmola’s house
Dirk Winterbach (looking at the camera in front).
Tel: 013 231 7207
Frik: 071 641 4016
2007 Mercedes E320 Terms & Conditions apply.

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consultation!! photograph.

Man rescued
after ordeal
Leboeng SAPS have arrested five men after they have
allegedly kidnapped Mr Judas Mahle of kgautswana
Leboeng Police say the victim was kidnapped last week
Saturday. The men allegedly arrived at Mr Mahle’s spaza
shop where they proceeded to bundle him with force into a
They then drove to Kgotlopong were they tied him with a
rope and started to assault him. According to the Police the
suspects said Mr Mahle is guilty of housebreaking at their
property and he allegedly stole some of their stuff.
Not satisfied the suspects then allegedly bundled Mr
Mahle into the car again and travelled to Middelburg.
Acoording to the Police they were busy assaulting him on
the way to Middelburg when a bystander saw what was
happening and called the Police who rescued Mr Mahle.
The suspects Jackson Maila aged 37, Patrick Mboyisa
Maile aged 56, Frank Mohlala aged 57, Clement Makgala
The headman at Mokutung village near Echo Caves, Mr Emmanuel Mmopane, at the handpump that serves a Maile aged 27 and Thabo Maile aged 28 appeared in
large section of his village. “It was actually installed fior the use of the primary, school, but it is the only water we Leboeng periodical court today on 17 August 2010.
have on this side of the hill, so everybody uses it. We urgently need some boreholes, and electrical pumps to They were granted bail at an amount of R500 each. The
reticulate water” he says. case was postponed to 12 October for further investigation.

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Repairing the roads takes time

The R555 section linking the R37 to attention is the access road to Dresden
Steelpoort is still under construction. Village.
The first part of the road has now been The boy in the photograph right has the
tarred and traffic can move easily on this right type of vehicle to negotiate that road
once through the waiting area. This which has become almost inaccessable.
section stretches from the cross at the R37 Tipper trucks dumped heaps of soil on the
up to the bridge. The road after this is still road, but further construction work did not
in a very bad condition, but will hopefully take place by the time of going to press, so
recieve attention once, the first section is the drivers of all the VIP’s coming to hand
finished. Another road in desperate need of over a house Dresden today - take care.
20 AUGUST 2010 NUUS 5

Mining industry welcome

government measures
The Department of Mineral Resources has prospecting licences would be reduced Outgoing chamber CEO Zoli Diliza amendment processes would therefore
placed a six-month moratorium on all new from six to three months, while the issuing made a particular point of commending have to consider a clear format in the
applications for prospecting licences while of mining licences would be reduced to six Shabangu for her leadership. regulation of associated minerals.
probing administrative irregularities. months. Trade union United Association of Matters of administrative discretion,
At a media briefing in Pretoria yesterday, “There is no doubt that clouds have South Africa (Uasa) spokesperson André for long criticised by regulatory lawyer
Minister Susan Shabangu said the been gathering over our country’s mining Venter welcomed Shabangu’s measures Peter Leon, would also form part of the
moratorium would be effective from reputation and I want to reassure and expressed the hope that the proposed proposed legislative review.
September 1. stakeholders that South Africa is indeed a MPRDA overhaul would “clear up some of The new administrative regime would
Shabangu said the department had mining jurisdiction worthy of future the confusion evident in the mining sector be supported by a new quality
dealt with 25600 licence applications since investment,” said Shabangu. lately” and lead to greater transparency in management information technology (IT)
2004.“The investigation conducted South Africa’s Chamber of Mines has future.Uasa said that Shabangu’s promise backbone to improve licensing application
internally, which is ongoing, has revealed come out in support of Mineral Resources that “major gaps” in South Africa’s management and administration of
in excess of 100 cases of apparent Minister Susan Shabangu’s “measures to minerals legislation would be closed and existing rights.
administrative irregularities,” Shabangu bring stability to South Africa’s mining that officials found to be guilty of The IT system was designed with
said. sector”. maladministration would be disciplined, robust global information systems
Shabangu also announced that: The chamber revealed that it had been should lead to greater sector credibility. capability to enhance land use, protection
All prospecting rights would be issued working with the Department of Mineral Business Leadership South Africa of sensitive areas and communication with
by the head office, as opposed to regional Resources (DMR) to address member chairperson Bobby Godsell, himself a other interested stakeholders.
offices;Cases of double-granting of licences concerns about impediments in the way of former Chamber of Mines president, also Workflow capability, which was central
would be resolved within the next three the sustainable growth and meaningful welcomed Shabangu’s decision to initiate to the new system’s functionality, would
months; From September 1, information of transformation of South Africa’s mining action to restore stability within the ensure tracking, sequential processing of
the status of exploration and mining industry. mining sector. applications.
applications would be available on the It said that the Minister’s plans to “For an economy to work well, the Shabangu again drew attention to
department’s website; Shortcomings have remove regulatory uncertainties within rules have to be clear and certain, and Citibank of the US placing South Africa in
been identified in the MPRDA, and the Mineral and Petroleum Resources consistently applied,” Godsell said. the top global position with R18-trillion
amendments on the piece of legislation Development Act (MPRDA) would assist Currently, the law allowed for the worth of mineral reserves.
will soon be submitted to Parliament; and in attracting foreign direct investment, granting of different minerals to different Russia and Australia are placed a
turnaround time in the issuing of which was critical to the country. entities on the same land, and the distant second.

The Not everybody is striking. Although schools and other public services
(exept municipal, they do not strike) in the area are severely affected,
everything seem to proceed peacefully. For others, such as this
egg seller, they cannot afford to stop working.

end of
This photograph
was taken near
Burgersfort at
the start of
winter. This
week, day
have started to
pick up and here
and there trees
start to show
signs of new life,
but the evenings
are still very cold.

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6 NEWS 20 AUGUST 2010

Hier kom Moooo is vir melk,

groot sports! Tafelkop Melkery melk
Laerskool Ohrigstad is besig om die
Atletiekveld groter te maak om moontlik
Leon Labuschagne van Deutz wat die
brandstof voorsien en mnr. Buks van der
Hulle kon sien hoe word die koeie gemelk
in die toekoms ‘n interlaer vir kleinskole Wal wat sy vragmotor beskikbaar gestel
aan te bied. Daar word ook binnekort het. ‘n Ouer, mnr. Karel Beetge het sy Laerskool Ohrigstad se Gr 0, 1 en 2 klasse word ‘n koei gemelk. Ons het heerlik wors
begin met die aanbou van ‘n verloftyd opgeoffer om alles te koördineer was Vrydag 13 Augustus 2010 op ‘n baie gebraai en die kinders kon tussen die
verversingslokaal. en bestuur. lekker uitstappie. Hulle het Tafelkop plaasdiere rondloop. Almal het dit vreeslik
Die uitbreidings word moontlik gemaak Die skool sê graag dankie aan almal van Melkery van Jan en Alida Jacobs besoek. geniet.
deur JP Planthire (Mnr. Willie Smit), mnr. hulle. Die kinders het dit baie interessant Die skool sê baie dankie aan Jan & Alida
gevind en was geamuseerd om te sien hoe wat die uitstappie so spesiaal gemaak het.

ECM celebrates Inkleurkompetisie

Women’s Day se wenners gekies OK Grocer se inkleurkompetisie vir die ouderdomme 3 - 12 jaar se wenners is die
Samancor Eastern Chrome Mines celebrated Woman’s Day on 13 August. afgelope week aangewys. Fadzai Mbizwo was eerste met Bianca Beukes in die tweede
Ruska Warricker, a Corporate Wellbeing Consultant from Careways delivered a plek. Alison Vorster was derde.
very informative speech to ladies about sexual harassment. She emphasized that Me. Wanda Pieterse van OK Grocer het hulle pryse aan hulle oorhandig. Sy het gesê
ladies should set the dat hierdie jaar se kompetisie vir hulle besonder moeilik was om ‘n wenner te kies
boundary in terms of omdat daar soveel hoë gehalte inskrywings was. Sy het al die kindertjies bedank wat
the kind of ingeskryf het.
behaviour they allow
towards themselves.
She continued to
inspire the ladies
about the challenges
of being a woman.
She encouraged all
ladies that they are
strong and can cope
with the multiple
challenges women
are faced with. The
event was wrapped
up with some lovely
refreshments and
the ladies had the
opportunity to
network with each
other. Every
participant received
a gift as part of the
Photographs: Davida
van der Walt.

Top: What would a

function be without
some delicious food?

Left: Ruska Warricker

was the guest speaker
on the day.

Thorburn ladies at
Modikwa celebrations
The 2010 Women’s Day was a special day for some of the Thorburn ladies – from the
Cape to the North! In the North the many female employees perform various mining
security functions which are in line with the Thorburn contribution to the concept of Fadzai Mbizwo, Alison Vorster en Bianca Beukes saam met Wanda Pieterse van OK
Women in Mining. Grocer.
In the Steelpoort Area of the Northern Region 30 female security officers and HIV
Aids councillors from the non-profit organisation People Against the Spread of HIV
Aids and Starvation (PASAS) joined forces at Modikwa Platinum Mine. For the past
three years Thorburn joined in the event with the ladies from Modikwa Platinum
Mine. This is the second year that Thorburn has sponsored the HIV Aids councillors The women
from PASAS for the event and the year with the most Thorburn employees from the dressed to the
various contracts in the Steelpoort Area enjoying the day. Our target is 50 ladies for theme ‘Durban
2011! July in August’.

Photograph supplied by Dolf Scheepers.

8 NEWS 20 AUGUST 2010

Modikwa celebrates women

at ‘Durban July in August’
Modikwa Platinum Mine has been celebrating
Women’s Day in style since 2006. This year’s theme
was ‘Durban July in August’. The ladies went all out
and were dressed to kill. There was even a jockey,
ready for the big race.
Robin Banks, a motivational speaker helped the
women to learn more about different personalities
and how to have effective communication and
sustainable relationships at work and home. Food,
lucky draws, poetry and song rounded the day off.

Above: Robin
Banks, a
entertained the
women while they
learned more about

used &
new m

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Donderdag op hul tuisgrond teen Laerskool Mariepskop se span
Die span het baie goed gespeel en sommer ver gewen.
Daar word nou elke Donderdag ‘n wedstryd teen ‘n ander skool
gespeel en Steelpoort Akademie se krieketspelers is tans ‘n span om
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10 NEWS 20 AUGUST 2010

How will we keep the new stadiums

Many of the brand new stadiums
constructed for the FIFA Soccer World Cup
will struggle to make enough money to
maintain themselves.
South African Football Association, chief
executive, Mr Leslie Sedibe said that the
traditional low cost of tickets for local
matches will be far from enough to cover
the costs to maintain and operate the new
and renovated stadiums.
The stadiums are too small to play cricket
in and various problems are preventing
them from being used for rugby.
The Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban
would be the ideal home for the Sharks
rugby team, but the stadium cannot
accommodate the team’s suite holders.
These problems are being blamed on the
lack of consultation with the various
sporting bodies before construction. “What
we are discussing today should have been
discussed before we built the stadiums,” Mr
Oregan Hoskins, the South African Rugby
Union’s president said this week to
members of parliament, who were
discussing the future of the stadiums.
Cricket South Africa’s chief executive, Mr Ms Thembi Motau said: “The Springboks Me Denise Thompson sê: “Die Ms Puseletso Lebotsa said: “South Africa
Gerald Majola said that the pitches at the will win. They must play more rugby Springbokke gaan beslis wen. Die telling: will win. They must play more
stadiums were too small to host cricket games at these stadiums and they must 25-15. Hulle moet internasionale international soccer friendly games there
games. host concerts to cover the costs”. kunstenaars kry en shows in die stadions to raise the money for the stadiums.”
Cricket South Africa had seek special hou”.
permission from the International Cricket
Council to host a Twenty20 game between
South Africa and India at the Moses
Mabhida stadium next year. This was
granted as a once-off and no major games
will be played there due to the too small
pitch. Majola added that they would have
made space for a tournament similar to the
Indian Premier League if the stadiums
were big enough.
Hoskins was quoted as saying “We want
the new stadiums. We want to take the
game to the people, but these issues are
going to stand in our way in a big way”.
On Saturday, the Springboks will play the
first international rugby game at FNB
Stadium (Soccer City). They will face the
All Blacks from New Zealand in a Tri-
Nations game. The stadium was build in
1988 and renovated for the Soccer World
Cup. Only local rugby games have
previously been played there.
We asked readers whether they think the
so-called Soccer City magic will help the
South Africans to finally secure a win and
what government must do to prevent the
R1.3 thousand million rand invested in Mnr. Willem Palm sê: “Die Springbokke Me Marlene Breytenbach en me. Desireé Meissenheiner sê: “Die All Blacks gaan wen.
stadiums from being a waste? How can gaan met 25-20 wen. Hulle moet die Die telling sal 30-15 of daar rond wees. Dalk moet daar meer internasionale sokker in
these stadiums be used to generate and stadions vir die Superliga rugbyklubs gee die stadions gespeel word sodat Bafana Bafana dieselfde naam soos die Springbokke
income and be viable? om te gebruik en so geld insamel”. kan kry en mense op hulle kan trots wees”.

Mr Sbu Mokwena said: “They will win. I’m Mr William Moyeng said: “The Springboks Mnr Sello Khoza sê: “Die Springbokke Ms Angie Malapane said: “SAFA and
not sure about the score. They must will win 30-28. They must arrange singers gaan wen. 18-12. Hulle moet konserte hou SARU must talk to accommodate rugby at
organise more sporting events like for the stadiums. That will make them en meer sokker wedstryde speel, dan is the stadiums. The Springboks will win on
athletics at the stadiums as well as money”. dit nie nodig om die stadions groter te Saturday. The score will be 13-9”.
festivals and concerts. They must involve maak vir nog sportsoorte nie”
communities to keep the stadiums alive”.
20 AUGUSTUS 2010 NUUS 11

from becoming white elephants?

Mnr Lape Schoeman sê: “Die goed is so

klein. Hulle moet maar meer oorsese
sokker reël en dit so nuttig gebruik. Die
Springbokke sal ‘n baie lae score hê. So
22-18. Dis wat ek dink. Hulle moet meer
Bulls in die span sit”.

Right: Mr Anthony Shingange said: “The

Springboks wil win with 17 and the All
Blacks 0. They must call international
artists like Clarence Carter to come and
perform and generate money like that”.
With him is Bennett Nkadimeng.

Mnr. Hannes Venter sê: “Hulle moet die stadions vergroot en

verander sodat dit rugby kan akkommodeer. Nieu Zeeland gaan
wen. Die telling: 25-16.” By hom is Izaan en Henru.

Mr Sam Mokwena and Mr Abel Moraba said: “They must host more Bafana Bafana
games. The fans will come. The Springboks will win 15-0”.
Mr Vorster Mapanga and Mr Vusi Manzini said: “Yes, they will do well. The Springboks
will score 7 and the All Blacks 5. They must bring entertainment and play more
international soccer at the stadiums to make money”.

Me. Kaysey de Faria sê: “Die Springbokke

gaan wen. 35-20. Hulle gaan ons verbaas
met ‘n goeie telling. Vir die stadions moet Ms Annah Shai said: “They should
Mr Ernest Ramphene said: “The stadiums hulle konserte hou, liefdadigheids- organise concerts for fundraising at the
must be for a lot of things. They must funksies daar laat hou, marathons daar stadiums. South Africa’s Springboks will
accommodate changes to include cricket. Mr Jim Nkuna said: “They must enlarge laat eindig en nog baie meer. Meer win 22-20. The stadium will be full. The
They must play more games to generate the stadiums to accommodate other oorsese sokkerwedstryde sal ook ‘n people of South Africa love rugby very
money. The Springboks can win if they games. South Africa will win on Saturday. finansiële inspuiting gee en ons spanne much.”
focus. The score: 22-21”. 10-0”. boost”.
12 NEWS 20 AUGUST 2010

Letters / Briewe We need information and transparency

Its been a decade now since we voted our government into power.
Express your opinion. Write a letter to the Platinum Gazette. Letters may But less has been done to address the issues affecting us on daily basis, specifically
be e-mailed, posted or faxed. Contact details are on page 2 of this issue. our Greater Tubatse Municipality. Just take a look at our village,Kgautswane. We’ve
been in many IDP’s caucusses and suggested many things that can bring development
Spreek jou mening uit. Skrywes kan per epos, pos of faks na Platinum amongst us all and until today, nothing have ever happened.
There will always be that empty stupid promises we always get when we try to
Gazette gestuur word. Kontakbesonderhede is op bladsy 2 van vandag se follow-up on things we had been promised if we don’t take a stand. And another thing,
uitgawe. we don’t understand is the role our Chief is playing in this community. What we need is
transparency. Let the people get the information that they deserve.
With information, they can take decisions. Transparency will automatically destroy
gossip and divisions.

Thought for the week A concerned resident of Kgautswane (letter shortened - Editor)

“After one look at this planet any visitor from

outer space would say: I WANT TO SEE THE
MANAGER.” - Willliam S Burroughs
(American novelist, essayist and social critic)

Dagboek / Diary
To submit your diary entry. Fax or e-mail all the details to us at (fax) 013 231 7147 or (e-mail) This is a free service.

Chrome Golf Club Wednesday Competitions

Time: 15:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Chrome Golf Club Friday Sundowner Competitions (twice a month)

Time: 13:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Burgersfort United Soccer

Burgersfort United Football Club plays soccer every Wednesday and Friday evening. They invite all
social players of all ages to come and join them at the Laerskool Burgersfort sportsgrounds. Enquiries:
Faizal, 082 922 3909 or Riaz, 072 471 7545.

Winterveld Ringbal Klub

Winterveld Ringbal Klub oefen Dinsdae en Donderdae by die CVO skool op die R37 (op pad na
Lydenburg) se bane. Enige spelers of nuwe spelers is welkom om by die klub in te skakel. Navrae: Zelna
Wheeler 072 531 6287.

Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes

Monkey business ... Switching
Op Ohrigstad verkoop die Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes hou elke laaste Vrydag van die maand
pannekoek- en vetkoekverkope by die Pure Plaas stalletjie. Hulle hou ook vandag padstalverkope, so brands at Tubatse Chrome Gholf
moenie hulle heerlike kos en tuisgebak misloop nie. Al die geld wat hulle in die eerste deel van die
jaar ingesamel het, het gegaan vir liefdadigheid. Nou werk die bejaardes om geld in te samel vir hul Club!
toer na die Kaap later vanjaar.

Tubatse Chrome Festival

Daar word hierdie jaar weer fees gehou by Tubatse Chrome Klub. Die Tubatse Chrome Festival
sal op 22 en 23 Oktober 2010 plaasvind. Die fees beloof om iets vir almal te bied en dit is die
ideale plek om saam te kom kuier en nie net aan die aktiwiteite deel te neem nie, maar ook ‘n
stalletjie te hê. Hierdie jaar word stalletjiespasie gratis aangebied en persone wat graag hulle
Kitsgids na jou SAPD/
produkte wil kom verkoop of ‘n diens wil bemark is welkom om solank hul stalletjies te bespreek.
Kontak Jacki Hanekom by 013 231 8340.
The Tubatse Chrome Festival on 22 and 23 October promises to be one of those don’t miss
Important numbers:
events. The festival will have something for everyone and is the ideal place to sell or market your
products or services. Bookings for stalls are already open and stall space is offered free of charge.
Bookings for this can be made with Jacki Hanekom on 013 231 8340. Burgersfort (013) 231 7231
Ohrigstad (013) 238 0128
Kom skoffel saam met Laerskool Burgersfort
Op 10 September om 18:00 kan almal lekker kom saam skoffel by ‘n dans wat by Van Rensburg Roossenekal (013) 273 0075
Boerdery aangebied word. Die geleentheid word gehou om die Graad 7 Fonds van die skool te
sterk. Kaartjies is R50 vir kinders en en R100 vir volwassenes. “Bring jou eie vrou en Mecklenburg (015) 615 0204
kosmandjie” word genooi. ‘n Kontant kroeg sal beskikbaar wees. Navrae: 082 709 6525. Eerstegeluk (013) 237 0011
Hervormde Kerk Gholfdag Tubatse (013) 216 8500
Op Saterdag 21 Augustus vind die Hervormde Kerk se gholfdag by Tubatse Chroom Klub plaas.
Persone wat meer inligting verlang kan vir Martin van Rooyen by 082 816 4833 skakel. Sekhukhune (013) 260 1007
Leboeng (013) 769 9099
Gerhard Steyn by Tubatse Chrome Club
Gerhard Steyn sal op 17 September 2010 by Tubatse Chrome Club optree. Die vertoning begin Maartinshoop (013) 235 4041
om 19:00 en kaartjies kos R100 vir volwassenes, R50 vir laerskoolkinders en R20 vir voorskoolse
kinders. Daar sal kos en drank te koop wees en braaigeriewe vir na die konsert. Bring jou eie
kampstoele saam en kom geniet die aand. ‘n VIP-area sal ook beskikbaar wees. Navrae: Tanya by
013 236 5112 of Jacki by 013 230 8340/082 472 9445.
Ander nood/Other emergencies:
Kunsuitstalling met kaas-en-wyn
Dilokong Hospitaal/Hospital (013) 2147265
Steelpoort Akademie hou op 25 Augustus ‘n kunsuitstalling en kaas-en-wyn. Die kostes is R60 Mecklenburg Hospitaal/ Hospital (013) 615 0204
per persoon. Die funksie vind by die AGS Kerksaal plaas en kaartjies is by die skool beskikbaar.
Navrae: 013 230 9341 Burgersfort Kliniek/Clinic (013) 2317843
Wiele skou
Water & Sanitation 082 900 4449
Op 4 September word daar ‘n Wiele Skou by Steelpoort Akademie gehou. Die hekke maak 09:00 Disaster Management -
oop die skou sal tot 17:00 aanhou. Daar sal onder meer ‘n motorkompetisie met drie kategorieë
wees: Motors, motorfietse en 4x4’s/SUV’s. Daar sal ‘n vlooimark met stalletjies en hope vermaak (Ambulance & Fire) 0800 330 022
vir die kinders wees. Kosstalletjies ook beskikbaar. Toegang: Volwassenes: R20, Kinders: R10 en
Kleuters: R5. Navrae: Mariaan, 071 492 8400 of Louise, 084 520 5320.
Electricity (Eskom) 0860 037 566
20 AUGUSTUS 2010 13

Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone
Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre
or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676
or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs
10 . Te Koop/
For Sale “Doing business
4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight
accommodation TE KOOP: without advertising is PROSPECTING RIGHT – FARM DOORNHOEK
355 KT
like winking at a girl in
5. Troeteldiere/Pets 1 Hektaar prag erf in
6. Persoonlik/Personal Mafuri Mining Construction (Pty) Ltd has made application in terms
the dark. You know
ontwikkeling. Erf
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous grens aan die of Section 16 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources
8. Gesoek/Wanted Watervalsrivier. Geleë Development Act for a Prospecting Right over the entire farm
9. Te Huur/To Let tussen Lydenburg en
Burgersfort. Koop
what you are doing, but Doornhoek 355 KT in the magisterial district of Tubatse.
10. Te Koop/For sale A consultation process has been set in place with the land owners
direk van eienaar.
nobody else does”- and other Interested and Affected Parties (IAP’s) in accordance
with Section 16 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources
1. Sport Klubs/ 4. Oornag Skakel Ludwig:
083 629 6536
Stuart Henderson Development Act, 2002 (act No. 28 of 2002).
Sport Clubs Akkommodasie/ A Public Participation meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday
31st August 2010 to be held in the Greater Tubatse Municipality
Overnight Hall at 10h30. The offices are located at the corner of Kort &
GSKA Karate
Dinsdae & Donderdae accommodation Eddie Sedibe Streets Burgersfort.
van 17h30 – 19h00 by
Calvin Collage. Almal Mooifontein Betrekkings/Vacancies You are cordially invited to attend the meeting which will introduce
welkom van 6 jaar en Guesthouse Mafuri Mining and Construction, explain its immediate plans for
ouer. Accommodation in
exploration and receive comments or concerns from the meeting.
Skakel Jolanda Burgersfort. R380 per
THABA TSWENE CONSTRUCTION (DIRECTIONS: From Johannesburg: Take N12 To Emalahleni /

Hietbrink by person per day.
Includes Bed & Witbank then to Middleburg. From there head to Stoffburg ,
082 859 9681.
Breakfasts, Lunch/ Steelpoort and on to Burgersfort.)
Supper & Laundry
2. Te Huur/ service. The Greater Tubatse Municipality can be contacted at:
Contact: Judy, 082 1. Boilermaker/Welder with 013 231 1000/4815.
To Let 308 9221/7 plant and fabrication
Young lady looking
to share a luxurious
2 bedroom flat in
secure complex in
7. Allerlei/
2. Fitter & Turner with plant
and machine experience.
Aloe Ridge West. 3. Plumber
Available on 1 Vision Meat
September 2010@ Slaghuis 4. Bricklayer
R2000 per person per Vir al jou vleis en E-mail your CV to:
month. biltong behoeftes.
Contact: Ure: Ma. - Vr: 08:00 - or
013 231 1350 17:30. Sa: 08:00 -
14:00. Phone: Dries
3. Dienste/ Tel: 013 231 7094 076 508 7239
Services Fax: 086 623 7124
COMPUTER 083 637 8749.
Upgrades, repairs,
networking, new
installations. Buy &
sell secondhand
computers. Location:
Lebowa Business
Park. Contact:
Riaan, 076 842 9270
or 013 231 7726.
Elshamah Motors
Your Mechanic on
Duty. We specialize
in all minor and major
repairs and services
on ALL types of
vehicles. Engine,
gearboxes and
We specialize in
Mahindra vehicles.
Lebowa Business
Park, Burgersfort.
Willie, 076 158 9192.
Best Burgersfort
Build in kitchen units,
installation of garage
doors, sliding and
boom gates, car ports
(net & steel), welding,
fencing (wire/steel/
concrete), paving,
pipe fitting. Rebuid of
076 020 7435

14 SPORT 20 AUGUST 2010

Soccer season is here

Modikwa’s Netball SAFA Sekhukhune

team plays in regional fixtures
First round fixtures for 2010 - 2011 season of SAB Regional League

tournament 28 August 2010

Sekhukhune Celtic vs Makgalanoto Young Chiefs at Mpudulle
The Modikwa Netball team participated int he anual Mining News Netball Tournament at Phasha City Rocks vs Mooihoek Real Touch at Ga-Phasha
Beatrix Gold mines in Welkom. Tubatse United vs Maatlopo Unite at Praktiseer
Twenty teams from the mining industry participated in the tournament. One of the other local Material Black Chiefs vs Tubatse Gunners at Ga-Masemola
mines participating in the event was a team from Twickenham Mine. King Born vs Nchabeleng Young Stars at Ga-Phaahla
Modikwa played three games and won one of the three. This was unfortunately not good enough Ngwaabe City Motors vs Mpheleng Sweepers at Ngwaabe
for them to proceed to the next round. Moohoek X1 Experience vs RT Giant Killers at Mooihoek
They beat Kumba Resources but lost to Rand Uranium and Driefontein Goldmines. The aim of Morethetho FC vs Dudu Stars at Ga-Motodi
the tournament was to strengthen the relationships between the different mining industries and to
give their employees the opportunity to take part in something that is good for body and mind.
4 September 2010
“Modikwa Platinum Mine would also like to encourage their employees to participate in sports
activities,” said Mr Andy Mohloke of the mine. Maatlopo United vs Material Black Chiefs at Moroke, Ntwampe
Photographs: Andy Mohloke Phasha City Rocks vs Tubatse United at Ga-Phasha
Mooihoek Real Toubh vs Sekhukhune Celtic at Mooihoek
Makgalanoto Young Chiefs vs Dudu Stars at Ga-Phasha (Selatole)
Modikwa’s netball RT Giant Killers vs Morethetho FC at Jane Furse
team at the Mining Mpheleng Sweepers vs Mooihoek X1 Experience at Denilton (Mpheleng)
News Netball Nchabeleng Young Stars vs Ngwaabe City Motors at Ga-Nchabeleng
Tournament. Tubatse Gunners vs King Born at Longtill, Eerstegeluk

11 September 2010
Morethetho FC vs Mpheleng Sweepers at Ga-Motodi
Mooihoek X1 Experience vs Nchabeleng Young Stars at Mooihoek
Ngwaabe City Motors vs Tubatse Gunners at Ngwaabe
King Born vs Maatlopo United at Ga-Phaahla
Material Black Chiefs vs Phasha City Rocks at Ga-Masemola (Malope)
Tubatse United vs Mooihoek Real Touch at Praktiseer
Makgalanoto Young Chiefs vs RT Giant Killers at Ga-Phasha (Selatole)
Dudu Stars vs Sekhukhune Celtic at Elandsdoorn

All the games start at 15:00. On 21 August, 18 September and 24 September

the Nedbank Cup games will be played.

Titans tightens their grip on

the trophy
The Action Cricket Golf day on last week Saturday was full of fun and delivered many winners. The
Titans adapted from the action cricket court to the golf course to take the trophy for a second
consecutive time. Read more on page 16.

The various four

ball teams
started shotgun
style on the
course to give
everyone a
chance to finish
in time.
16 20 AUGUST 2010

Platinum Gazette

enjoyed the
early morning
without wind
on the

Action packed
Action Cricket Golf
day at Tubatse
Two wins for Titans
Ca$h Trader Last weekend the Tubatse Action Cricket Golf day took place at

230mm Angle 5” Bench grinder -
Tubatse Chrome Golf Club.
The team’s played in four ball pairs and started off on the course
in shotgun style.
The day delivered various winners. The team consisting of Leon
Grinder 200W - R150 each Smit, Deon du Plessis, Adriaan Coetzee and Tim Marobane walked
R350 away as the winners. In second place was Koos Jonker, Victor
Fourie, Johan Holscher (Snr) and Johan Holscher (Jnr). Third
place was taken by Johan Dreyer, Bard Language, Frikkie van
den Berg and Theuns Viljoen.
230mm x 3mm The Longest drive was taken by Martin van Rooyen and on pin 9/
steel cutting disk - 18 Theuns Viljoen landed nearest to the pin.
R8 each The overall team win for the day was by the Titans. This is the
115mm x 6mm second consecutive win for the team who is also a strong contender
on the action cricket courts. They won the Cricket Trophy, a
grinding disk -
floating trophy used for this specific tournament.
R2 each All funds raised with this day will be going towards the local
Jig Saw 55mm - action cricket club.
This weekend the course will be occupied with players
R100 each
Ca$h Trader
Furn Traders
participating in the Hervormde Kerk Gholfdag. Those who would
Visit Cash Trader behind ABSA Visit Cash Trader behind still like to enter is welcome to contact Martin van Rooyen on 082
bank, near Cheap Cheap ABSA bank, near 816 4833.
Cheap Cheap Bothashoek Crossing In two weeks the Monthly Mug will be played. All club members
Tel: (013) 231 7140 Tel: (013) 231 7140 Tel:076 111 8405 are welcome to join in the fun and play in this club competition.