Principles of the Integrated Curriculum for Primary School (ICPS) There are six principles in ICPS whish is in line

with National Education Philosophy. The principles are: 1)equal education for all; 2)the use of existing knowledge and skills; 3)integration of intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects; 4)emphasis on noble values; 5)enhancing the use of Malay Language, other languages such as English, Chinese and Tamil, and Malay Langua as ge the medium of instruction and 6)life long education. We will look thoroughly on how these principles being manifest in the HSP (English Year 5) prepared by CDC. First principle is equal education for all. This means that ICPS provides equal access to all education programs and opportunities for pupils to acquire skills. From our checking in HSP, there is no specific guidance of how this principle will be delivered in teaching because in the learning outcomes, specifications and examples/activities/notes, there is no saying that the lesson shall adhere to all kind of students. But looking back on Teaching-Learning Strategies for Year 5 SK in the Other Considerations section, it is stated that teachers should use the Malaysian setting when planning lessons. Teachers should also use materials that emphasize the principles of good citizenship, moral values and the Malaysia way of life. From the excerpt we can say that it is emphasize early on that the teacher shall take into consideration that for every lessons and activities, they need to adhere to the guideline which is using the Malaysian setting and Malaysia way of life. This is important because by ensuring the teacher follow this guideline, the teacher will surely manifest the ICPS which is equal education for all. By using the Malaysian setting and balancing the usage of it in every lesson, it will pave the way of equal education for all because all the students can relate and connect to the lesson with their daily life. None of the students will be left out as a result of the lesson is bias to certain community group or the students don t have prior knowledge on that. I agree that the 1st principle of ICPS is being manifest in the HSP, even though it is not direct but still play its role. Second principle of ICPS is the use of existing knowledge and skills. This principle is meant to make sure the students will use the existing knowledge and skills in acquiring the new knowledge and skills. In HSP, I think this principle is being highlighted because it is everywhere. For instance in the description of Learning Content When planning lessons, topics for teaching are initially based on the immediate learning environment of the child and in Word List description The list of words selected for teaching is based on a sample of the more common words and high frequency words and can be used and recycled in different contexts and topics. The suggested word list can be widened if pupils demonstrate that they are capable of receiving more . This means that teacher is reminded to use students prior knowledge and something that they are aware of in teaching new knowledge and

Elements of patriotism.1. it is clearly shown that HSP give guidance and reminder for teacher to make sure integration of intellectual. In the Teaching Outcomes and Specifications part. In English HSP Year 5. In 3. it is stated that Whatever context is used. In the Planning and Organisation of Lesson. In the Important Consideration for Teaching. spiritual. it is truly clear that it manifest the 2 nd principle of ICPS.. study of the local environment and health education should also be integrated in lessons . reading and writing have to be integrated in a natural manner . We can see that in HSP.. In . environmental education. spiritual. the HSP underlined in the Integration part that The curriculum adopts an integrated approach. The third principle is integration of intellectual. emotional and physical aspects.9. By using both examples. From the snapshot above. we will show the example of how HSP guide the teacher to the use of existing knowledge and skills of students to gain new knowledge.5. Another principle in ICPS is emphasis in noble values. In 3. the students have to relate the story in the lesson with his/her own story that happens in his/her life. emotional and physical aspects take place in the teaching and learning process.. Noble values are important for us to make sure we create a generation full with noble value that can drive Malaysia to a new level. the students need to use their prior knowledge to response to the task.9. moral values should also be infused in lessons through the selection of appropriate materials and activities. the students need to use his/her prior knowledge on what is good or bad character based on the story and in 3.. integration.skills using the i+1 technique.9. we can see that HSP specifically give instruction for the teacher to prepare such lesson so the students can use their prior knowledge. the integration part is stressed because this is what ICPS is all about. the skills of listening. In addition. speaking.4.

In every lesson. which values and citizenship is one of the EE. We are going through English Year 5 HSP so this principle is out of context. in English HSP Year 5. which means that even after schooling. The last principle is life-long education. one of the objective for Year 5 is by the end of Year 5 SK. It is clear that this principle is incorporate in the HSP. For example. So the life-long education principle is there. One of the principles of ICPS is life-long education. teacher must have Education Emphasis. and when filling out forms . Which means the teacher must have added moral values in some lessons if not all. learning how to learn skills. So it is clear that in HSP. the lesson will continue and the learning can take place everywhere. In HSP also. the life-long education in ICPS is manifest here. one of the learning outcomes is give accurate information when writing messages. learners should be able to show an awareness of moral values and love towards the nation. knowledge acquisition and preparation for the real world. instructions. ICT skills. education should prepare and gear pupils for life. The HSP is preparing the students for the real life. The ICPS will provide the basics that pupils require in coping with everyday life. . HSP is prepared so the teacher will teach the students not only for classroom purpose but for the real world as well. Besides that. this principle is given emphasize. Throughout ICPS. simple reports. the Educational Emphasis (EE) that is being introduced also manifest this principles such as thinking skills. in writing section. The subject is a language subject so it is surely the target language is being emphasized. The fifth principle is enhancing the use of Malay language.HSP.

The HSP is providing the teacher clear guideline on teaching to ensure the students will be able to master these 4 communication skills. This is one of the most important objective ICPS is try to achieve because in HSP. The students must develop the habit to seek knowledge so they will have the internal motivation to gain more and more. This HSP is lacking the guideline on how the teacher should instil this mind set to the students. But the main problem is whether it is relevant and achievable when we take into consideration the constraint we often have in implementing it in class. balanced and integrated development of an individual s potential which includes the intellectual. spiritual. speaking. Apart from that. . the HSP is developed to achieve this aim. Everything is from the teacher. the curriculum developer has managed to prepare an ample and subtle guideline on how to teach the students to achieve this aim. One of those is master the basic language skills namely listening. emotional and physical aspects so as to produce balanced and harmonious with high moral standards (ICPS). speaking. there is no suggested activity on how students can go and explore themselves about certain issue. reading and writing in the medium of instruction . Objectives There are so many objectives of ICPS. the objective of ICPS is also to seek and esquire knowledge . So through HSP. For instance. This is because in our point of view.Aim and Objectives of Primary School Education Aim The aim of primary school education is to ensure an overall. reading and writing. To get the students to have the mentality of always seeking and esquire knowledge is very important because learning is a lifelong process and the teacher won t be able to guide or teach them everything under the sun. we can see that it has been divided into 4 categories which are listening. So I think what this HSP is lacking is guideline on how teacher can instil the attitude of exploring and esquire language so they can achieve the objective stated.

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