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In the last session, our English studies were attached to the
books, we didn't do news orspecialsthings,we justfollowin the
lessons (gramma,vocab...) we felt like robots,we weren't free.
But we shouldn't forget that we learned a lots of
things,ourtheacherhad a big experienceand some interesting
information and advice,and even if we didn't use them in our
class, we will use them in our life.
In general,i likestudingin the ALC because it is so dierent
and better than the other language centers.


inthe last class , we did lots of good things :
Weleardlots of grammars and communications , our
teacherexplaindvery good , and
In the last class , we did lots of good things : we learnd
inmy last class ,we had a good teacher and our class was very
interessting because we used to do a dierent activities such as
games and presentation .
thererewe weren't feeling exausted because this level had a
good units so every unite had good things belongs to grammar
and second partie to the technics which can helped us for writing
pretty nice as well as we've improved our skills
The first time I enteredtheinter 1, I was impressed by the
atmosphere in it. The teacher was amazing and very kind to us.
Her name was Tabitha.
At first, I liked being there with my classmates and my
friends. It was very fun. I met new people from dierent places.
One was from Meknes. An other was from Rabat. We were like a
family. An amazing family.
Then, when the homeworks began to be too easy, I was so
bored that I wished that it ended.
But the funnygames that we played then made me enjoy the
session more.
Finaly, I could say that I spent anunforregetabletime with
this people who I'll never forget.

In the my last classimet some nicesstudents we studied all in
the same class and wearethe same level.My teachertoothus
dierents units .We made some presentations inthespeaking
and inthewriting,we discussed some interesting subjects like
how we preservetheenvironnemtand the subjects that
concernsthe teenagers and internet .WE spent an important
session and we learnt several subjects.


In intermediate 1 , we studied lot of interesting things and we did
some entertainement games that were very funny and in the
same time they were very important for our devellopement in
English language .Besides of this, we had an excellent and cool
teacher , we were doing lot of communication with him and he
was alwayscomprehensive, but he used to hate who talks in
Arabic or French in class and he recommends them to bring
chocolate to all the students .But ,the students were always
sleepy and tired, and that what made the class too boring for
Intermediate 1 was my first class in the ALC. I learned a lot of
good things, but also bad things.

In the last class, I improvedvery well my grammar and

vocabulary, because the teacher focused a lotabout it. Also, it
was the first time that I discovered the listening; at school, we
don't do it. Finally, I had the ability to communicate with others in
English fluently, because of learning communication skills.
Nonetheless, I didn't like too many things in the last class. First
of all, we didn't something special, like games, that makes
learning English something funny. In addition to that, we didn't
have enough time for presentations; 2 or 3 minutes didn't allow
to me to present all my ideas. And without forgetting that the
teacher didn't give a big importance to not speaking Arabic or
French in class.

After finishing the last class,I hoped I'llhave a better teacher in

intermediate 2.
In int 1, Ileanreda lot of newsthings.Our teacher though to us a
lot of new vocabulary.I specially loved how he let us
communicate and participate in the classroom, even if we made
mistakes.I also ameliorated my accent with the listening we
heard every class.He also played some videos in the class,that
was so amazing.He advised us several time to learn some story
in English, butunfornatlyI didn't.We also had to give a
presentation each week.That was a good opportunity to talk in
front of the whole also permit to us to talk about several
subjects and give opinions.Intermidiate 1 was
My last class was very funny.
Our teacher wasmiss Kim. She was very friendly and serious,
and she helped us to improve our English and learn more and
My classmates were friendly too. I had a great time with them.
We had to play some games in the end of the lesson every day.
Games can be very helpful, because they make you learn and
have fun in the same time.
In the three last weeks I was too bored and I used to hate this
class, and I don't know why.
Maybe I was very exhausted.
But I'm very proud because I had a great mark in this class!
In intermediate1, my teacher was Tabitha she was a very good
teacher I love her a lot.She's a new teacher at the ALC so
shedonthave a lot of experience but she did all her possible to
be a good teacher because it's her dream while she was a child.
We did a lot of good things in her class, we did games related
to our lessons, we studied with dierent ways: with books, with
extra exercices, with songs...and by the way she's a good singer.
Every week, two people had todo presentation, so
wecomunicatea lot about all our projects and know new things
that was veryinterresting!
How about bad things?? I don't remember something bad
about this teacher, first because she was friendly,funny and
outgoing and also she's a new teacher so shedon'thave to be
perfect, and also we can tell that I love her a lot.
Finally, last section was just amazing, with a good teacher and
good students and Ithingwill never forget this class at all !!

During my intermediate one English class, I learned new
vocabulary and did everything I possibly could to improve both of
my writing and communication skills.
The teacher was pretty funny so we had a lot of fun together but
unfortunately we weren't really serious about the whole thing.
Inoderwords, I didn't really learn something extra just some
basic information, nothing special.
Although I liked my teacher and myclass mateswere very nice,
the class got a little boring after three or four weeks which is kind
of sad.
We didn't practice a lot of communication. Not as much as we
do in my current class which I seriously enjoy so far.
Even though the class was kind of helpful, the quizzes were too
easy and the vocabulary was so simple.I didn't feel like I learned
something new.
I'm genuinely interested in learningenglish and developing my
knowledge especially communication skills, so I'm going to
continue my english education, hoping that this class will be
better, which I'm dead sure about !
In intermedient 1,ihad a woman teacher her name is Tabita,
sheisvery cool and kind like aenglischteacher. We learmda lot
of new things ,we studie on the book and wepracticededall the
lessons, we understood every lessons and we passed
thequizesand writhing in thepaeper, and when we did
presentation it was good because it's a very good way to
improve our english ,and to speak with our classmates about
specialy subject ,and in the end of thesaixionwe did a dierent
types of gamesusualyto review the lessons,and sometimes we
listened to music .
But in intermedient 1 ,we didn t practice enough
communication .and i didn 'lijethe routine of thesaissons.
finalythe last class was good but i prefer this class .
In my last class ,I was proud of myself because I had a good
marks in my quizzes and writings .We always played games after
break and we talked with partners in lot of activities, we
practiced our English and we learned a lot of new
information .Forevery week we had two people whopresentit
her project and all students listened to them ,and once the
student finished her presentations his classmates give his advice
and his questions !For the teacher she's an american
teacher ,she's a good teacher.I liked her methods teaching but
she didn't keep student using her phones.
Inter 1 was great class with teacher Kim, it wasn't boring, we
did lot of activities in ever class, like a game in the last of class,
and also we study with funnyway, we talked lot of times about
pizza, because teacher loves it a lot she was from Chicago .
But I didn't like punishment, because if someone come late after
the break ,for example 2min sheminced2 point for him, also if
students talk Arabic 8 time in one class she minced 1 point for all
of students.
I spent a great time in this class with teacher and classmates I
hope this class going to be better.


myprevious class (inter1) was interesting,and also fun. I
improved my English by learning many new English skills ,which
are new tenses ,new Vocabulary.We also did many activities in
class to improve ourcommunication'sskills (mingling).
I enjoyed English a lot ,and that's motivating me to keep learning
In my last class.Istudyedthe simple past ,future tense,present
perfect and modals .I really enjoyed because I knew some new
friends ,I loved my teacher because she was lovely ,friendly and
helpful .I did some newactivites,we listened to music ,we
playedkahoot ,I love this game ,I knew a new vocabulary .Finally,
my last class wasvery pretty.
I am going to write about my last class in theamerican center in
languages. In fact, I have been in the ALC since the beginning 6
level and this class (Intermediate 2) is my third time in the ALC.

So, the last class was the first level of intermediate, the teacher
was Mr Najib. I will start by the things that I have liked. The
courses were organized but I did not enjoy the atmosphere
because it was a classical way to study English, Grammar,
Vocabulary, unit after unit, we skipped units and it looks like
studying English in the school. I think the games,the activities
makesthe things more exciting, funny and cool.

There were not many activities and I hope that this class will
change my idea about the ALC.
In inter 1 I got a teacher that I knew befor,Miss Kim was my
teacher in beg 5 too.She was veryrodeabout getting into class
room at time and also about talking Arabic and Franch
shegived-1 to all the student if she heard 8
timesometingexeptEnglish words . Honestly the class was
boring it was such a normal class.We didn't do something
speacial,we just followed the book :grammar,vocab...
Sometimes,we played games in the end of class,and I liked the
game that we did to learn pastparticipel,my team
didn'tweanbut we did a great job.


Last class I was in intermidate 1 my teacher name is Abderahim.
My last class was very boring.I didn't like it at all. The teacher
was angry all the time ,he didn't give us a time to improve our
knowledge or practice the lessons,we didn't do any activity.Last
session,I just learned some grammar and vocabulary
lessons.Omar was my partner he is a very good student he is too
intelligent he always had good marks. I like him a lot because he
has a very good personality he is calm, open-minded,hedepends
on his own.Itaughta lot of things from him.Last session was a
kind of specialfor me becauseit'smy first time in the ALC,and I
met one of my best friends.


Int 1 was good . I had a lot of good friends . We did many
activities like : play (X O ) with vocabulary words ,i like it, and
we dida lot of presentation. The teacher helped us to improve
our personality in the class , but whatididn't like was : the
teacher didn't know how to make the DVD , andhe told us about
his life, and the teacher was very angry if we came late . Finally
my last class (int 1) was pretty good .
In INT1 Iwas in a normal class like the others we learned
dierent grammar and vocabulary lessons and also we did some

The only thing that happened and let me enjoy and be excited for
the classes were my friends. For the lessons they were normal I
learned some new words and also the teacherhelped us
improvedour English by doing some activities and encouraged
us to talk with each other about our life experiences. The class
rules were so bad, like for every minute you're late you're going
to have one point of in your quiz.

Anyway,I wish we did more listening and speaking exercices and

activities just todeveloppeour English and learn new things from
the others.
We played kahoot. Westadied phrase verbal.We talked
aboutreasonabl and inreasonabl.Int1 was better for me.I did
some activite and learnt grammar .I improved my skills inenglish.
I knew new vocabulary.I enjoyed while I did my homwork
Inter 1 for me was so boring , because of the teacher who spent
all the season working on vocabulary, grammar and books . And
while we were doingexercicesand other boring stu , Mr. Morelli
students were enjoying there time by doing some outdoors
activities , to break the routine of studies , so I've been waiting all
the season to finish . But , what I liked about inter 1 was the extra
points that we had after finding out some dicult words and I've
been the first .
My last class was pretty good, I met a lot of people that I got
along with, the teacher was prepared for each session, and she
helped us a lot with our grammar, I learned new vocabulary every
week and I got to discuss plenty of things with my classmates,
thanks to that teacher I know a lot more about the American
culture.We did many activities, we talked about food which
made everything much better, the teacher focused on helping us
with our diculties, and some of the students lack of spelling
andpronounciation. I enjoyed my time with my friend that
studied with me in BEG6, we were always teaming up,
helpingeachotherto improve our level, and talking about our
school experiences.

What I hated about the class is the fact that the teacher
wasshadyto me and was sometimes rude, she asked me a lot of
personal questions that I didn't want to answer, plus she used to
compare Morocco to America which I was fine with, but I'm sure
Morocco lovers were not happy with it. The teacher taught us a
lot of grammar that was useless to me. I wished we did more
writings and listenings, because that's what I like to do.
I'm looking forward to this class because I know it's going to
be a lot better with Mr-Morelli.
In the last class. I enjoied some fun activities, like talking to
each other and know what others think about ALC, we
played also a geme calledkahoot, in the meantime we
studied about phrasal verbs wich is a construction of a verb
and a proposition.Then we didlestning. Welestnedto a
conversation between parents and little children.
In other side, I did not like the passive people, because we need
active people to do more thing and exchange knowledge. I like
the teacher, he's helpful and active, he really try to make energy
in class.
It was my first registration in ALC, I was so excited for this new
experience and I want to improve my English.
The things that Ilikethe most in my old class is having a good
and helpful teacher,I learned a lot of things:
Grammar,Focabulary and we focus a lot onwritting.The
classmates were nice, funny and helpful.
The things that didn't like are the lack of activities we just focus
on doing exercices so it was boring.

It was a good experience,I reallyenjoyit and I learned a lot things

and I am always searching for improving my English that's why I
am here.
Int 1 was my first session here at ALC,I'velearned lot of things .
First, I developed my speaking and also my grammar
knowledge by doing exercises and writings.
The teacher was kind, helpful and calm.Sometimes he made
us laugh, also he gave us lot of Cultural

About relationships, I did likeIgirl she was pretty & open-

minded.Also I had some good friends but now, we don't talk
Finally , Ihadeda nice session and lot of good moments I
think I'll miss those friends

In my last class ,I learned lots of interesting thinks like grammar,
Really I enjoyed my time.
The teacher was funny and kind but if someone try to speak
Arabic or French he would be serious.
He gave us lots of homeworksbuteven if thatthey were useful.
But the only problem was that we didn't have a chance to
practice our english very well and also we didn't have opportunity
to play or practice activities.
The student were so friendly and helpfull.We were like brothers
and sisters.