Debra J. Rahn Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

(Phone: 202/453-8455) RELEASE: 91-34

February 27, 1991

U.S. AND CANADA SIGN RADARSAT EARTH OBSERVATION AGREEMENT The United States and Canada have agreed to participate in a 5-year RADARSAT Earth observation satellite mission. The agreement was signed today in Washington, D.C., by NASA Administrator Richard H. Truly, Dr. John A. Knauss, Undersecretary of Commerce and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Dr. Larkin Kerwin,President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). RADARSAT is currently manifested for launch in June 1994 using a medium class expendable launch vehicle provided by NASA. Through sophisticated new technologies, the Canadian-provided satellite, RADARSAT, will collect valuable economic and scientific data on ice and ocean surveillance and natural resource management, leading to an enhancement in understanding of global change. The satellite's synthetic aperture radar (SAR) will be able to penetrate cloud cover and darkness, scanning the Earth in swaths varying from 50 to 500 km. The SAR will produce high-resolution (10 to 100 meters pixel size) images of the Earth's surface and be used in the first year-round monitoring of conditions along arctic sea routes. The SAR also will provide the first comprehensive map of the Antarctic continental ice sheet. In addition, the SAR's sensitivity to soil moisture and vegetation will provide valuable data useful for crop assessment and forest operations. The satellite also will be used for surveillance of natural disasters including floods, drought, forest fires and other such phenomena. NASA will provide medium class expendable launch vehicle services and tracking and data acquistion support for the satellite. In exchange, the United States will receive access to the SAR data. NASA will have full research access and NOAA will obtaindata for itself and facilitate research and operational access for other U.S. Government agencies. NOAA also will ensure that the U.S. private sector has an adequate opportunity to participate in distribution rights to this data.

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