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Minggu : 18 Tarikh : 27. 5. 2016

Strategi : Tema & Pusat Pembelajaran Hari : Jumaat

Disiplin Ilmu
Masa Standard Pembelajaran Objektif Pembelajaran Aktiviti ABM/catatan

7.30 7.50 pagi Main Bebas

(20 minit)

7.50 8.10 pagi

Perbualan Awal
1. Action song
(20 minit) 2. Thank You Please Us All game
BI 1.2.7 Listen to and 1. Students Listen to 1. Free Play (In small groups) The Very Hungry
8.10 8.40 pagi respond to stories and respond to Give each group the cards in a Caterpillar book,
stories. random pile. Story Sequencing
(30 minit) BI 1.3.5 Talk about Cards
Allow them to arrange the cards in
stories heard 2. Students can talk the order they want to make up their
about stories heard. own story
BI 2.4.3 Read and
respond to texts read 3. Students Read and 2. Memory (Guided) Play
English respond to texts Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Language read story book to students.
After the story is through, ask
students to arrange the cards in the
same order as in the story.

3. Students and teachers talk about the

4. Students give their opinions about the
English BI 1.3.1 Use simple 1. Students can use 1. Draw a large Food Pyramid. Write the Food pyramid, food
8.40 - 9.30 pagi Language sentences to participate simple sentences to name of each section in each pyramid pictures, glue,
(50 minit) (Bertema) in daily conversations convey messages. section (grains-breads, meats, scissors, A3 food
Disiplin Ilmu
Masa Standard Pembelajaran Objektif Pembelajaran Aktiviti ABM/catatan
with manners to: vegetables, fruits, dairy). group sections
(ii) show appreciation 2. Talk about favourite 2. Have a variety of food pictures. Students paper.
(iv) express feelings things and activities. take turns placing the food picture in the
(v) make simple request correct section.
3. Students are able to 3. Review the completed Food Pyramid
BI 1.3.2 Talk about Copy simple phrases with the class and review portions sizes
favourite things and in legible print. and number of servings for each section.
activities 4. Ask students to describe what they see
4. Murid boleh on the food pyramid - pictures of food.
BI 3.2.5 Copy simple mengumpul objek 5. Use discussion to assess students
phrases in legible print mengikut ciri yang understanding of food Pyramid.
dikenal pasti 6. Point out that foods on the food pyramid
SA 2.2.3 Mengumpul are arranged in groups: Grain,
objek mengikut ciri yang 5. Murid boleh vegetable, fruit, meat and dairy.
dikenal pasti Menyanyikan lagu 7. Point out and discuss that everyone
dengan: needs food to live and grow.
KE 1.1.4 Menyanyikan (i) sebutan yang 8. Teacher discusses each food group in
lagu dengan: betul dan jelas turn.
(i) sebutan yang betul 9. Ask students to identify the foods they
dan jelas 6. Murid boleh know that are shown on the food
Menceritakan pyramid. What are some other foods
FK 6.1.2 Menceritakan kepentingan from each group that they like or know
kepentingan pemakanan pemakanan yang about?
yang sihat sihat 10. Give students an A3 paper with food
groups sections printed on it.
FK 6.1.3 Menyatakan 7. Murid boleh 11. Have pictures of different foods that the
makanan yang Menyatakan children can help to sort into the correct
berkhasiat dan tidak makanan yang section of the food pyramid.
berkhasiat berkhasiat dan tidak 12. Students sorting and glue the food into
berkhasiat the correct section of the food pyramid.
13. Students share their product with friends
in the group.
14. Students sing food song together.
Disiplin Ilmu
Masa Standard Pembelajaran Objektif Pembelajaran Aktiviti ABM/catatan

9.30 10.00 pagi

(30 minit)

10.00 11.20 pagi Pusat Pembelajaran

(80 minit) (Rujuk Lampiran 1)

11.20 11.30 pagi Penutup

(10 minit) Merumuskan aktiviti sepanjang hari, mengemas dan bersedia untuk pulang.