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Todd you could introduce this topic on air and create a lot of local interest in

to the discovery of the true prehistoric Sea Dragons. Watch how peoples ears per
k right up when you talk about Dragons being discovered right here an hour from
Salt Lake. We are working on a Sun Dance documentary currently with Dan Morris p
hotography of Salt Lake. Confirmation of the discovery came out of Canada last w
eek. My facebook page contains a wealth of info
rmation on the Seazoria Dragons discovery. Website traffic has come from 106 nat
ions around the planet, including hits from all fifty states.
Todd we could really use your help in getting one of the top ten greatest discov
eries in history out to the local population and media. I will grant you persona
l inside access to field research documents. dragon photographs from the dig sit
e and lab. Access to the books and would love to talk about the Hallettestoneion
Seazoria Dragons discovery on air with you. Heather Harper Kirk from Hooper is
our mutual friend who mentioned contacting you Todd. My phone number is 1 801 86
0 6705. Your listeners might really enjoy having insider access to this internat
ional discovery. Ten times more spectacular than land Dinosaurs. Hallettestoneio
n Seazoria Dragons discovered and confirmed. This discovery is absolutely off th
e chart. 27 inch teeth.
Todd sir here is some information and links on the Seazoria discovery. Love to w
ork with you on air with this research project. I think your viewers would love
the inside access and a little controversy. Thanks Todd.
Mike Hallett The Hallettestoneion Research Project Proudly Presents the Discover
y of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons
Welcome to the discovery of the prehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. N
ow for the first time in history you as a viewer, a reader, a scientist, a paleo
ntologist, news media reporter, or anyone who visits the websit
e will be able to get your first look into the landmark discovery of the remains
from the prehistoric sea dragons.
Hallettestoneion Seazoria Images, Templates, Field Research. Photo Album
Here at the Hallettestoneion Research Project located in Kaysville, Utah. We wel
come every single individual visitor and appreciate your interest in exploring w
hat will become one of the single most important biological evolutionary life sc
iences discovery in history. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery rep
resents many significant advancements in the scientific understanding of the evo
lution of advanced prehistoric biological life on Earth. The Seazoria discovery
allows life science researchers to study and examine a completely new era of adv
anced prehistoric biological marine life and ecosystem. The Hallettestoneion Sea
zoria biological era came to a cataclysmic life ending extinction 540 million ye
ars ago, at the end of the Precambrian time period. Extinct for more than 320 mi
llion years before the first modern land dinosaurs began to emerge in the Triass
ic time period 220 million years ago.
The sheer magnitude and ramifications of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria discovery
has yet to be understood and comprehended by the global scientific communities.
The Seazoria discovery will have an impact and influence on many core scientifi
c disciplines. The biggest and most immediate discovery impact will be felt with
in the current sciences of Geology and Paleontology. The science of Geology has
a critical fundamental flaw that has been created by the science of paleontology
. To get straight to the heart of the current situation. Miss classification wit
hin the science Geology.
The Hallettestoneion Seazoria discovery proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that
the science of Geology has a fundamental flaw and that there is an entirely new
era of advanced prehistoric marine biology (the Hallettestoneion Seazoria biolo
gical era) has been misclassified and improperly labeled as geological. Not all
rocks are rocks and the Hallettestoneion Seazoria discovery demonstrates this bi
ological fact clearly. Individual remnant specimens of a previously unknown adva
nced prehistoric biological marine ecosystem. Zoria Repeating biological structu
res can be found by the millions scattered throughout the Salt Lake Vally floor
just below the surface. Most likely the by product of Hallettestoneion Seazoria
era marine biology having replaceable teeth. On the Valley floor teeth are the o
nly hardened components with enough structural density to survive for 540 millio
n years. Other softer biological components located on the Salt Lake Valley floo
r would have been completely reclaimed back into the Earth as dirt.
Movie: 6:00min Seazoria Dragon skull matrix excavation. Hillfieldion Seazoria 35
The somewhat Intact Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons examples are located more
than 1,000 feet above the Salt lake Valley floor on an elevated peninsula 3 mile
s wide and 5 miles long. The graveyard location of the intact Hallettestoneion S
eazoria Dragon examples was the only beach and shallow water habitat area locati
on within the region. Being located just below the high water mark of the pacifi
c ocean 540 million years ago. The intact Hallettestoneion Seazoria examples wer
e not subjected to the same type of erosion and decomposition forces that were a
pplied to specimens located on the bottom of the ancient Ocean floor.
Seazoria Dragon skull matrix excavation 356 dig site photos..
Field studies in and around the Salt Lake valley at commercial construction exca
vation sites have reviled millions of individual biological component specimen r
emains that were all created biologically in highly specialized repeating triang
ular wedges. Teeth that were created biologically in distinctive specialized bio
logical right or left handed configurations only. Individual repeat specimens fr
om the Seazoria marine ecosystem are mathematically predictable having repeating
structural equations and can be identified utilizing field developed Seazoria s
pecific Zoria Repeat right and left Templates that have been created and refined
by the Hallettestoneion Research Project, Through the mapping of the internal g
rowth spines locations within the sub structure framework format layout. Through
mapping and identification of the specialized external structural features inhe
rent to the triangular wedge Zoria Repeat shape Structure. http://www.facebook.c
The Second of three major discoveries stemming from the original discovery of th
e Precambrian era Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons is the "ZORIA REPEAT" discov
ery. the ZORIA REPEAT describes the structural format of the specialized Hallett
estoneion Seazoria Dragon teeth. And extensive variety of Seazoria spiking. Faci
al spikes, Crown spikes, Neck spikes, and the two primary types of body spikes f
ound on the top half of the bodies. Seazoria Teeth and body spikes are examples
of very complex triangular wedges that are specialized repeating biological stru
ctures that have been individually and biologically created in distinctive right
or left hand configurations only. These Zoria Repeat examples can be internally
and externally directly compared structurally to all forms of advanced prehisto
ric teeth, especially prehistoric Megladon sharks teeth. Biological structures a
re individually created to perform a specific function in an exact location as a
component of a larger biological Seazoria era life entity.
Movie: 8:00min Seazoria Dragons field reseach, ZORIA REPEAT TEMPLATES
Dragon forum album Seazoria Dragons 60 img