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The Axor. The Actros.

18–26 tonnes
Trucks you can trust

The Actros 4 – 27
Cabs 6 – 15
The workplace, operating convenience 8 – 11
Home comforts 12 – 15
Economy, technology 16 – 23
Engine technology 18 – 19
Gearshift, transmission, axles 20 – 21
Frame, chassis, suspension 22 – 23
Technical data 24 – 27
Model overview 24 – 25
Cab types 26 – 27

The Axor 28 – 45
Cabs 30 – 35
The workplace, operating convenience 32 – 33
Home comforts 34 – 35
Economy, technology 36 – 43
Engine technology 38 – 39
Gearshift, transmission, axles 40 – 41
Frame, chassis, suspension 42 – 43
Technical data 44 – 45
Model overview 44
Cab types 45

Actros and Axor 46 – 65
Safety 46 – 49
Quality 50 – 53
Cost-effectiveness 54 – 55
Environment 56 – 57
Servicing, services 58 – 61
Accessories 62 – 65

Equal to any task in long-distance transport. Including
yours. The new Actros and the Axor from Mercedes-Benz

As you will see. The Actros for the highest level of ride comfort in the international long-distance sector. where payload is priority number one. . the Actros or Axor is the perfect long-distance truck for practically any application. And the Axor. for medium-distance work.Whatever you need to transport and however far you need to take it.

Optionally available Euro 5 engines also save road toll charges.g. an exemplary range of safety features and optional driver assistance systems for even more safety and ­comfort. impressive driving and living comfort and exemplary safety – these are the key attributes with which the new Actros sets standards in international long-distance operations.Even better: the new Actros Outstanding reliability and economy. Climb in and see. a towel holder and shaving mirror. and sets new standards in practicality. From the improved steering and instrument cluster right up to the new. provide even more comfort. comfort and equipment. e. lower comfort bed. Improvements to many other ­components also contribute to a reduced fuel consumption. Even more cost-effective – the Actros remains right on track for optimum economy with the new Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic transmission (standard) and reliable. And last not least. In addition a number of other practical features included as standard. Actros | Positioning 4 . fuel-efficient BlueTec® engines. An optionally available Economy Pack reduces costs even further. Even more comfortable – the new Actros excels with an ergonomically designed workplace and great freedom of movement.


The ideal conditions for more job satisfaction
The cabs of the new Actros convince even the most critical test drivers. And the most cost-conscious too.
Because they combine comfort and cost-effectiveness. With exemplary ergonomics, numerous new, practical features
as standard and - not least - through their trailblazing design.

Strikingly attractive and powerful – the new Actros.
From the sun visor right down to the front apron. All
new, but still typical of the Actros. All the more because
the design of the new Actros is not just attractive, but
also leaves nothing to chance where comfort, safety and
economy in day-to-day operations are concerned.
As a driving, working and living environment, the cabs
meet today’s increasing expectations even more fully. The improved corner panels combine better looks with better aerodynamics The geometry of the newly designed exterior mirrors ensures less vibration
From the redesigned instrument cluster and the rain and and more safety and less dirt build-up on the sides. They are optionally available with
covers painted in the vehicle colour or with a two-piece chrome-plated or
light sensor right up to the new lower comfort bed,
ribbed 1) cover
which is included as standard, and many other practical
details. Not forgetting standing room of up to 1.92 m,
great freedom of movement and large stowage facilities.
Everything in the new Actros serves a single purpose:
to make your job comfortable, safe and cost-effective.

Expected to be available from 12/2008

The new, optionally available Mercedes star, which lights up at the touch The new sun visor, which is standard in the Megaspace cab, improves
of a button, shows that both are possible: being on the road cost-effectively ­visibility and safety. Its central stainless steel panel also accentuates the
and still looking good striking appearance of the new Actros

Actros | Cab 7

You can’t put a price on motivation.
But you can on the cabs that provide it
The cabs of the new Actros feature countless examples of how ergonomics, comfort and design
can be combined to produce the one factor that is probably most important of all in international
long-distance operations: the motivation to take pleasure in a job well done.

The interior of the Actros: great freedom of movement
and plenty of working and living space. The L and
Mega­space cabs are equipped with an air-sprung driver’s
suspension seat, manually adjustable air conditioning
and the new lower comfort bed as standard, plus numer-
ous practical shelves and stowage compartments. The
Single Cab is available as an option for solo drivers,
­providing even more comfort during breaks and after the
working day. The more direct steering makes for an
­easier workload in the 4 x 2 semitrailer tractors with
air suspension, and the optional rain and light sensor
­improves both operating comfort and safety. The atmo-
sphere and quality of finish inside the new Actros are
also convincing – high-grade materials and attractively
coordinated colours ensure a high-quality feel and
­appearance. To make sure that the driver feels at his
or her very best on the road.
The Megaspace cab meets the very highest expectations. Both in terms of freedom of movement and working/living comfort. From the completely level floor
with standing room of 1.92 m to the standard comfort suspension seat for the driver and the mature cockpit design, and right up to the first-class beds
and plenty of practical stowage facilities – including two separate, externally accessible stowage compartments for the necessary vehicle tools. In short,
the Mega­space cab has everything you need on a long journey. And everything to make a driver’s heart beat faster

Actros | Cab 8

The L-cab excels with its comfortable. There are also diagnostic functions and various onboard settings – lettering and colours plus improved dials for the driver together with excellent cross-cab access from an alarm clock to an auxiliary heater Actros | Cab 9 . which is also available in fine with chrome dial surrounds are now even more clearly legible. the 10° parking position allows easier access and egress leather. In addition. manually adjustable air conditioning Ideal for the solo driver: the Single Cab has plenty of standing room and ­offers and the new comfort bed. the steering wheel adjustment range of The telephone. Plus many more practical. motivation-enhancing features outstanding legroom when seated. radio and driver information system can be operated using The analog and digital displays in the newly designed instrument cluster up to 66 mm for height and from 10° to 42° for rake ensures optimal driving the keys on the multifunction steering wheel. The armchair mounted on the rear wall and the padded side walls with a reading light make breaks all the more relaxing. with features including a comfortable driver’s seat. thanks to new comfort. driver-oriented interior. More information about the Single Cab on page 14/15 In conjunction with the driver’s seat.

CD-changers and TV 5. The standard-specification compressed-air connection The optional new rain and light sensor noticeably assists on the rear of the driver’s seat can be used for cleaning the driver and improves safety even further. dynamic route guidance with DVD navigation and an integrated TMC function. 5. the seat cool and moisture-free – without any unpleasant draughts around the kidneys. It automati. also contributes to greater working comfort. And which are specially tailored to fit the floor contours of ensure the best possible seating position and therefore the new. power windows. illuminated control panel for the Telligent® level the cab concerned. all the drivers’ seats on the vehicle lights when darkness begins to fall. a button. 3. The upholstery of this seat. Numerous adjustments such as height adjustment with a memory function. is made from a combination of tough velour and ­elegant Alcantara 2. climate-controlled suspension seat. new radios with an integrated Bluetooth hands-free system leave no wishes unanswered: in addition to a radio and CD-player compatible 2. As are new rubber floor mats. with all common music formats. mirror adjustment and mirror heating system are exactly where you would expect to find them Actros | Cab 10 . New. which automatically suggests an alternative route when a tailback is encountered. the cab. and provides a flow of cool air for the driver in the summer months. you will reach your destination even sooner in most European countries 4. adjustable side bolsters and heating. A compatible compressed-air gun with spiral 1. The ball-type air vent prevents the side windows from misting or freezing over. relaxed driving 4. The comfort suspension seat option­ control with a switch in the cockpit. and optionally available from 12/2008: truck navigation from Mercedes-Benz. relaxed driving. which is optionally available for both the driver and co-driver. seat cushion height adjustment and a height-adjustable seat belt contribute to optimal seating comfort for safe. The optional. these units feature interfaces for connecting MP3-players. and switches hose is optionally available. Maximum seating comfort – the climate-controlled suspension seat keeps 1. The illuminated switches for the central locking system. safe. with which the ally available for both the driver and co-driver can also Actros can be raised to standard level at the touch of be specified in leather with a pneumatic lumbar support. 3.From the air-sprung suspension seat to the optional cally switches on the wipers when it rains. Thanks to truck-specific. variable seat cushion angle adjustment.

On request the cockpit of the Actros is also available with “wood” or “brushed steel” trim. this has four additional. automatic c­ limate control is available which automatically adjusts functions such as the fan setting.g.5 l for freight documents and other paperwork. ventilation and climate control: the L and Megaspace cabs are equipped with manually controlled air conditioning as standard. On request. mirror adjustment. both fully integrated into the ventilation system for maximum comfort during breaks and rest periods and standing height of 1.92 m –– Multifunction steering wheel with which e. the telephone. radio and diagnostic functions can be controlled –– Improved instrument cluster with large matrix display –– Optional comfort suspension seat or climate-controlled suspension seat with multi-stage ventilation –– Rain and light sensor available on request –– Ball-type air vent for clear side windows –– Illuminated switch console for power windows. cans and bottles. Also available on request: a practically silent. mirror heating and central locking system –– Optional automatic climate control. temperature-controlled auxiliary heater and –– Megaspace cab with completely level floor hot-air booster heater. And to make sure that no gymnastics are needed to get into the upper comfort bed. Directly underneath: a drawer with a capacity of 5. a fold-out step is integrated between them Actros | Cab 11 . auxiliary heater and hot-air booster heater The cockpit of the Megaspace cab – as well as those of the L-cab. spacious stowage trays. And the Air Quality System automa­tically switches from fresh to recirculated air mode when necessary.The cockpit of the L-cab has numerous practical features. for example the large upper stowage shelf and secure receptacles for cups. temperature and air distribution. Advantages at a glance Heating.

The new. The Actros has plenty of new features to offer where living comfort is concerned as well: standard features include the new. optionally available folding table is easily erected and folded away. lower comfort bed. a sunblind on the driver’s side. blue ambient lighting for an extra-pleasant atmosphere. a shaving mirror. via the steering wheel or via a switch module near the beds. two towel-holders and seat that can be folded forward simply by unlatching the backrest. green night-lighting and – on request – dimmable. Another option is the Single Cab – with particularly generous legroom and freedom of movement – plus new Bluetooth radios which can be operated either directly. Options include a folding table and a sunblind on the co-driver’s side. enabling you to eat and work in a relaxed environment on the co-driver’s side. Also on board: large stowage facilities. favourably priced comfort equipment package. co-driver’s seats that promote wellbeing and lighting for any situation – for example cockpit illumination. Perhaps just as much as your own home What makes driving a pleasure? What makes for a comfortable home? And what makes a space seem larger? The new Actros has the answers.You’ll love it. as well as our new. In short: there is a great deal to look forward to in the new Actros. The table surface is hard-wearing and can be stowed away in the L-cab and Megaspace cab in the rear stowage compartment or the centre stowage compartment above the windscreen Actros | Cab 12 .

In the Megaspace cab there are two spacious drawers in place of the a tool compartment for the vehicle tools. warning triangle. A roller sunblind for the co-driver’s side centre stowage compartment and first-aid kit immediately below this is available as an option Actros | Cab 13 . In the Megaspace cab there is side reduces both heat penetration and glare on hot days – enhancing safety space. and the Megaspace cab includes a pivoting. large open stowage compartments which can be fitted with hinged covers. outer stowage compartments A crate of drinks can be easily accommodated in the internally accessible In the interior. the new standard-specification roller sunblind for the driver’s and the wide centre compartment in the L-cab provide plenty of stowage outside stowage compartment of the Actros.In the L-cab with high roof and in the Megaspace cab there are three For those who like to start the day with a shave. A CD box and shaving mirror as standard in a stowage compartment with hinged cover integrated. fire extinguisher and ride comfort in bright sunshine. The optionally available refrigerator with folding table a lockable security box are also available on request above the windscreen is integrated into the upper pull-out drawer Beneath the comfort bed: the internally acessible. the L-cab with high roof Depending on the cab and equipment level. folding and retractable 21 x 15 cm compartments and drawers with a total capacity of up to 125 l can be illuminated and lined with non-slip fleece as an option. practical stowage trays.

Optionally available foam mattress for a really good night’s sleep. co-driver’s area is the comfortable armchair mounted The upper comfort bed has been improved even further. the living room and a gooseneck spotlight mounted on the seat is quickly converted into a spacious bedroom Actros | Cab 14 . an integral heating system extra bit more enjoyable. An adjust. comfortable armrests and the cushioned side in a trice. comfort bed included as standard is now also fitted with In the L-cab the seats are upholstered in a flat-weave an individually adjustable slatted base and a high-grade fabric in the new “Brasao” design. an adjustable neck bolster. during breaks and rest periods. seats such as the driver’s comfort suspension seat are Standard: the multifunctional seat creates more space on the co-driver’s The optional reclining seat makes for an unrivalled level of comfort and The armchair in the Single Cab: wide. upholstered in velour in the new “Brasao New” design. Moreover. This allows a flexible and practical use of space folding armrests. fort – ex factory and at a particularly favourable price. And thanks to the folding backrest. which replaces the conventional co. For most Actros variants an optional Comfort Pack is on the rear wall. electric angle adjustment. cater for the solo driver. multifunctional seat can be folded forward by simply The beds in the Actros set new standards: the new. The centrepiece of the homely fixed frame also ensures good seating comfort. and unusually generous all the seats in the Actros with the exception of the space when standing. which is standard in the Megaspace cab. A wide. lower unlatching the backrest. for the angle of its surface can be variably adjusted to available which further improves working and living com­ driver’s seat. This means enormous legroom when seated suit unlevel ground – up to an angle of –10°.The optionally available Single Cab was developed to able headboard improves comfort even further. side wall area with integral reading light make waiting times and breaks that folded. This is because both the seat surface and the backrest can be relaxation: thanks to first-class upholstery.

as the angle of the bed surface –– Improved upper comfort bed with on the roof liner provide space for can now be variably adjusted to suit unlevel ground. radio. low-cost Comfort Pack with a selection of features Now a feature of both beds in the New and included as standard: the lower comfort bed in the Actros is equipped with a flexible. with slatted frame and adjustable headboard New: two 42 cm towel rails mounted The optional 202 x 80 cm upper comfort bed now justifies its name even more fully. auxiliary heater and electrically adjustable pop-up roof can be conveniently operated comfort from the bed Actros | Cab 15 . Advantages at a glance –– New lower comfort bed as standard. Either for sleeping or if used as a stowage area a wider range of adjustments anything that needs drying en route –– Body contour supporting and flexibly sprung slatted frame in both beds –– Single Cab features with a relaxation armchair for the solo driver –– Co-driver’s multifunctional seat with folding seat surface and backrest –– Optional reclining seat – for unrivalled comfort and relaxation –– New sunblind for the driver’s side. individually adjustable new Actros: the flexibly sprung slatted frame. thereby ensuring optimal sleeping slatted frame for optimal sleeping comfort. The lighting. a height-adjustable headboard and a high-quality foam mattress. also ­available for the co-driver’s side on request –– Two 42 cm towel rails as standard –– 21 x15 cm shaving mirror as standard –– Optional folding table on the co-driver’s side –– Numerous practical stowage trays and compartments –– Optional refrigerator with a capacity of 25 l –– Optional.


and in cladding also contribute to fuel economy. optional A-pillar selectable programmes such as EcoRoll mode.000 km and optional oil-change intervals of up to 150. As witness the Mercedes Powershift 2 automatic transmission ­included as standard in the new Actros. For the vehicle Euro 4 and Euro 5. improved ride comfort and better performance. more output depending on the the engine variant. Purpose-designed technology and low costs. technology 17 . the driver benefits from easier the lettering BlueTec®. Actros | Economy. In the sum of its parts and with every technical detail.000 km speak for themselves. and the durable. economical BlueTec® engines which are also able to meet the Euro 5 standard cost-effectively. Service intervals of up to 120. Optional super- widebase tyres with aluminium wheels increase the payload while reducing rolling resistance. The Actros ­operator this means a lower fuel consumption and – depending on the trans­ any event a lower fuel consumption than with Euro 3 Low-Liner ensures the best possible payload : capacity mission variant – a higher payload ratio in international long-distance operations. The optimised compressed air control system of the 4 x 2 semitrailer New and included as standard: Mercedes PowerShift 2 – thanks to specifically All Actros variants equipped with Mercedes-Benz SCR diesel technology bear tractors with air suspension and new. For you this means cost-effective compliance with handling.It has never been easier to operate cost-effectively Reliability and cost-effectiveness – those are the attributes that make the Actros so convincing in international long-distance operations.

000 km. You’ll find it very reassuring Convincing arguments: durable and economical engines. technology 18 . extremely low particulate and exhaust emissions thanks to BlueTec®. two-stage water pump1). In addition the Actros is equipped with power-saving ancil- lary units such as controlled 1-cylinder air compressors and a new. Depending on the operating profile. AdBlue is injected into the stream of hot exhaust gases use the auxiliary heater while running the Actros as they leave the engine. The SCR catalytic converter breaks the nitrogen oxides down into harmless nitrogen and water on subsidised biodiesel fuel. The engines of the Actros set standards where economy is concerned.000 km and oil-change intervals of up to 150. Thanks to a low fuel consumption and a high level of environmental compatibility. low-particulate combustion process. 1) Expected to be available from 02/2009 for 320 kW (435 hp) Actros | Economy. BlueTec® reduces exhaust emissions even further. This is because it is guided by the actual wear and tear on the Actros – enabling the potential of all the operating fluids to be utilised to the full. The Telligent® engine management system ensures the best possible injection strategy. with injection pressures of up to 2200 bar for extremely efficient and clean combustion. the Telligent® main­ tenance system allows service intervals of up to 120. And you can kill two birds with one stone with the optional Biodiesel Package and its combination tank: BlueTec® technology is based on engines with a particularly clean.Take a few moments to have a look under the “hood”. long service intervals and many other technical features that save you cash.

and also in many areas outside the EU: www.000 km 700 1200 –– Biodiesel package with combination tank 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 Speed (rpm) Speed (rpm) available as an option From the V6 with 235 kW (320 hp) to the most powerful V8 unit with 440 kW (598 hp): the Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines of the Actros already make their maximum torque available in the lower. low particulate and fine dust V6 engines V8 engines 360 450 Advantages at a glance V6 12 l displacement 340 430 kW/hp Nm 320 410 at 1800 rpm at 1080 rpm –– Reliable V6 and V8 engines with increased 300 390 235/320 1650 280 370 265/360 1850 peak pressures and a low fuel consumption Output (kW) Output (kW) 300/408 2000 260 350 320/435 2100 –– Future-proof BlueTec® SCR diesel technology 335/456 2200 240 330 350/476 2300 for cost-effective compliance with Euro 4 220 310 and Euro 5 200 290 180 270 V8 16 l displacement –– Telligent® engine system. fuel-efficient engine speed range.000 km and oil-change 1300 1800 1000 1500 intervals of up to 150. Roughly one litre of AdBlue is consumed for every 25 l of diesel fuel. enough for up to 6500 km or the distance from Hamburg to Athens and back. an unrivalled low level of CO2 emissions and compliance with the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits which do not come into force until 2010. with injection kW/hp Nm 160 2500 250 3000 at 1800 rpm at 1080 rpm pressures of up to 2200 bar for improved 2200 2700 375/510 2400 efficiency and clean combustion 405/551 2600 1900 2400 –– Telligent® maintenance system allows service Torque (Nm) Torque (Nm) 440/598 2800 1600 2100 intervals of up to 120. the SCR technology from Mercedes-Benz. Lowering your diesel costs Actros | Economy. The standard AdBlue tank capacity for semitrailer tractors is 85 l. AdBlue is readily available throughout the European Union. a lower fuel consumption. stands for cost-effective compliance with Euro 4 and Euro 5.findadblue.BlueTec®. technology 19 . Advance compliance with Euro 5 also enable you to benefit from government incentives – for example lower taxes and toll charges.

As an alternative to Mercedes PowerShift 2. and optionally also with ­16-speed transmissions with different ratio spreads and economy. The HL 6 hypoid axle is installed in the case of engines up to 480 hp.Efficient gearshifts as standard – with Mercedes PowerShift 2 With the new Mercedes Powershift 2 12-speed automatic transmission. This is partly achieved by softer gearshifts. All drive axles are of extremely robust and reliable ­construction. as well as for Lowliners and ­low-frame vehicles. for example. the well-proven HL 8 1) is used for the 375 to 440 kW (510 to 598 hp) output range. Manoeuvring mode allows extremely 16 speeds. shorter interruptions in tractive power and reduced body movements Actros | Economy. improves steering comfort and helps to reduce fuel consumption as well as brake and tyre wear. with the HL 7 planetary axle available as an option. ­continues to be available. This provides scope for the best possible. safety or overdrive transmissions. while the oriented drive configurations – in any output class. The separately selectable programmes and specific addi. technology 20 . sensitive low-speed manoeuvres. The steerable and liftable Telligent® trailing axle available as an option for chassis cabs with air suspension reduces the turning circle. EcoRoll mode saves fuel. the well- tional functions of the Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated able in conjunction with non-synchronised direct-drive proven Telligent® gearshift with four synchronised transmission contribute to improved ride comfort. the Actros satisifies practically any requirement that drivers and operators might have of a modern transmission for long-distance operations. Mercedes PowerShift 2 is avail. 1) Not for low-frame vehicles or Lowliners New and included as standard: Mercedes PowerShift 2 – noticeably more dynamism. optimal handling and a lower fuel consumption. a shift strategy optimised with the help of inclination sensors. task.

In addition. Manoeuvring Mode. the vehicles can also be equipped with a direct-drive transmission to save even more fuel Actros | Economy. where the speed range for drive and braking cruise control is now wider and freely selectable. EcoRoll Mode. With a corresponding final drive ratio.Mercedes PowerShift 2 in the new Actros helps to ensure greater ride comfort. The instrument cluster shows the operating status and the currently active Mercedes PowerShift progamme in the matrix display –– New. technology 21 . standard Mercedes PowerShift 2 auto- mated transmission with 12 or 16 gears and five specifically selectable programmes and additional functions –– Shift lever on a folding console by the driver’s seat –– The fuel-saving HL 6 single-ratio hypoid rear axle used up to 350 kW (476 hp) and for Lowliners and low-frame vehicles –– The well-proven HL 8 hypoid rear axle for variants from 375 to 440 kW (510 to 598 hp) –– The HL 7 planetary axle with maximum ground clearance is available on request –– Standard differential lock and ASR for maximum traction –– Liftable and steerable Telligent® trailing axle optionally available for a reduced turning circle Light and efficient: the single-ratio HL 6 hypoid rear axle is weight-optimised and helps to reduce fuel consumption in the engine variants up to 350 kW (476 hp). practical supplementary functions such as the ability to shift directly from 1 to R. high-ratio reverse Advantages at a glance gears and a kickdown function make for improved vehicle handling and more driving comfort. The HL 6 axle is also installed in low-frame variants and Lowliners. Fore-and-aft Mode and so-called cruise control hysteresis. safety and economy thanks to the five specifically selectable programmes Power Mode.

thereby for example the volume and pressure of his cargo in A low frame means more capacity and more cost-effec. particularly robust and highly compatible with mounted bodies thanks to cataphoretic dip painting and a 50 mm The integral rear end included as standard with the Megaspace cab makes matrix of predrilled holes. the headlamps are located above the areas of the front apron that are particularly vulnerable to stone impact 12. Other advantages include a frame end consisting of bolted components which are easy and inexpensive to replace if repairs are needed. conjunc­tion with Telligent® stability control. The rear axle stabilisers. In addition level”. drive train makes it a paying proposition. The driver is also tiveness – the Lowliner Actros excels wherever profitabi­lity There is a new item in the switch array: “Standard vehicle assisted by the integrated ramp guidance function and is decided by the volume of cargo carried.000 litres is possible in the case of semitrailer tractors with wheelbases of 3600 and 3900 mm and air suspension. technology 22 . its fuel-efficient pension can be automatically raised or lowered to the also be accessed using FleetBoard®. In Actros models with a steel suspension. corrosion-protected parabolic springs ensure system. Using this switch. Actros variants with full air suspension are also equipped with shock absorbers. standard level. Actros variants with air sus­ automatic lighting control. All Actros variants are The frame of the Actros is weight-optimised. Their low rolling resistance also helps to reduce fuel ­Telligent® stability control available as an option for The optionally available Trailer Integration function con­sumption. ­optionally available with Telligent® roll control. optimal use of the available installation space – a tank capacity of up to Moreover. the case of a tanker or gas transporter. Super-widebase tyres are available in Actros semitrailer tractors is able to prevent hazardous enables the driver to view information about his load. the 4 x 2 and 6 x 2 semitrailer tractors as standard. weight- ­Chassis cabs with air suspension feature the 4-bellows optimised. This saves time and ensures that the The twin-bellows air suspension system is installed in job in hand requires less effort. For even more driving comfort and handling the best possible ride comfort. Mounting hydraulic pumps or ­compressors is also a simpler matter Actros | Economy. situations such as skidding or jack-knifing. All the trailer information can to three metres of clear loading height.Optional super-widebase tyres with aluminium wheels safety. improving safety even further. as well as front and increase the payload of the Actros by around 110 kg.

New: the control panel is now –– Weight-optimised. This improves handling and has advantages in terms of roll characteristics Actros | Economy. and is therefore easier to see and operate in the dark hole matrix. The battery status display is expected to be ­ systems to be easily and quickly exchanged. 110 kg less vehicle weight –– Optional Trailer Integration for cargo status checks from the driver’s seat –– Even more safety available on request: Telligent® roll control and Telligent® stability control The twin-bellows air suspension for 4 x 2 and 6 x 2 semitrailer tractors dispenses with rear spring bellows. illuminated control panel for Telligent®-level control –– “Standard vehicle level” switch for the Actros with air suspension –– New battery status display as standard to avoid unforeseen downtimes –– Optional super-widebase tyres with aluminium wheels for approx. which makes it possible to locate the shock absorbers directly behind the axle. ideal for mounting bodies –– Integral rear end for optimal use of installation space behind the cab –– Twin-bellows air suspension for improved ­handling dynamics and safe roll-resistance –– New. robust frame with a 50 mm available from 12/2008 ­illuminated.The new battery status display included as standard allows continuous Standard equipment in conjunction with air suspension: Telligent® level ­control Advantages at a glance ­monitoring of the battery charge and starting ability. enabling semitrailers and d ­ emountable ­unforeseen downtimes. technology 23 . thereby avoiding for raising and lowering the frame.

000 Permitted gross combination weight 40.000 40.000 18.500 11. 7100 1) 7100.000 18. of cylinders V6 V6 V6 V6 V6 V6 V8 V8 V8 kW/hp (BlueTec® 4/BlueTec® 5) 235/320 265/360 300/408 320/435 335/456 350/476 375/510 405/551 440/598 max.500 11. 7100 1) 7100.500 11.Model overview Actros 2-axle 1832 1836 1841 1844 1846 1848 1851 1855 1860 Engine No. torque (rpm) 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 Cab Standard (S) • • • • • • • • • Medium (M) x x x x x x x x x Long (L) x x x x x x x x x Megaspace x x x x x x x x x Wheelbase in mm Chassis cab 2) 4500 2) 4500 2) 4500 2) 4500 2) 4500 2) 4500 2) – – – 48002) 48002) 48002) 48002) 48002) 48002) 48002) 48002) – 5100 2) 5100 2) 5100 2) 5100 2) 5100 2) 5100 2) – – – 54002) 54002) 54002) 54002) 54002) 54002) – – – 5700 2) 5700 2) 5700 2) 5700 2) 5700 2) 5700 2) – – – 60002) 60002) 60002) 60002) 60002) 60002) – – – Semitrailer tractor with rear air suspension 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 Chassis cab with rear air suspension 39002) 39002) 39002) 39002) 39002) 39002) – – – 4200 2) 4200 2) 4200 2) 4200 2) 4200 2) 4200 2) 4200 2) 4200 2) – 45002) 45002) 45002) 45002) 45002) 45002) – – – 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 51002) 51002) 51002) 51002) 51002) 51002) – – – 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400 – 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700 – – – 6000 2) 6000 2) 6000 2) 6000 2) 6000 2) 6000 2) – – – Chassis cab with low frame 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 – – – 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400 – – – 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700 – – – Semitrailer tractor with air suspension all-round 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 STT with air suspension all-round and level control 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 – – – Permitted axle loads and weights in kg Permitted front axle load 7100.000 18. 7100 1) 7100 7100 7100 Permitted rear axle load 11.500 Permitted gross vehicle weight 18.000 40.500 11.000 40.500 11.500 11.000 18. 7100 1) 7100.000 18.500 11.000 40.000 40. 7100 1) 7100.000 18. 7100 1) 7100.500 11. output (rpm) 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 Nm 1650 1850 2000 2100 2200 2300 2400 2600 2800 max.000 18.000 18.000 40.000 40.000 40.000 Actros | Technical data 24 .

Model overview Actros 3-axle 2532 2536 2541 2544 2546 2548 2551 2555 2560 Engine No.500.000 25.000 40.000 Permitted gross combination weight 40.500. of cylinders V6 V6 V6 V6 V6 V6 V8 V8 V8 kW/hp (BlueTec® 4/BlueTec® 5) 235/320 265/360 300/408 320/435 335/456 350/476 375/510 405/551 440/598 max.000 40. 71001) 11.000 25.000 25. 7100 Permitted gross vehicle weight 25. 7100 11.000 • Standard x Optional​ – Not available​ 1) Low frame height​ 2) No Megaspace cab available STT: Semitrailer tractor​ Actros | Technical data 25 .500. 71001) 11.000 25. 7100 11. torque (rpm) 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 Cab Standard (S) • • • • • • • • • Medium (M) x x x x x x x x x Long (L) x x x x x x x x x Megaspace x x x x x x x x x Wheelbase in mm Chassis cab with rear air suspension 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200 – 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 – 5100 5100 5100 5100 5100 5100 5100 5100 – 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 – – – Chassis cab with low frame 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 4500 – – – 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 4800 – – – 5100 5100 5100 5100 5100 5100 – – – Semitrailer tractor with rear air suspension 25502) 25502) 2550 2550 2550 2550 2550 2550 – Permitted axle loads and weights in kg Permitted front axle load 7100 7100 7100 7100 7100 7100 7100 7100 7100 Permitted rear axle load 11.000 25.000 40.000 25. 71001) 11.000 40.000 40. 71001) 11.500.000 25.000 40.000 40. output (rpm) 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 Nm 1650 1850 2000 2100 2200 2300 2400 2600 2800 max.000 25.500.500.500. 71001) 11.500.000 40.500. 7100 11.

0160 110 710 2500 2260 665 The L-cab is also available with an interior height 322 of 1410 mm for car transporters. 370 600 330 373 Actros | Technical data 26 .Actros cab types 2277 L-cab Exterior width: 2500 mm 110 470 480 Exterior length: 2277 mm 837 2085 Interior width: 2260 mm 525 1920 Ø 45 0 Interior height: 1920 mm 577.0160 110 710 1950 2020 2260 2500 665 800 322 370 600 330 373 2277 L-cab with with single cab low roof Exterior width: 2500 mm 2500 mm 837 Exterior length: 2277 mm 2277 mm 2085 Interior width: 2260 mm 2260 mm 1920 Ø 45 0 Interior height : 1920 mm 1560 mm 577.

0160 110 Interior height: 1920 mm 710 665 2260 2500 640 735 600 275 300 Actros | Technical data 27 .0160 110 Interior height: 1920 mm 710 665 2500 2020 2260 1950 800 640 735 275 300 2277 Megaspace with ‘Single Cab’ package 837 Exterior width: 2500 mm 2085 1920 Exterior length: 2277 mm Ø 45 0 Interior width: 2260 mm 561. 2277 Megaspace 110 Exterior width: 2500 mm 837 470 480 2085 525 600 1920 Exterior length: 2277 mm Ø 45 0 Interior width: 2260 mm 561.

the Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission and two optional Economy Packs increase the cost-effectiveness of the Axor even further. 6. Euro 5 engines. safety and driver-oriented comfort – which means that the Axor delivers a convincing performance in medium-distance operations. That works like a heavyweight. The Axor A high payload. Both on the road and on the balance sheet. its extremely economical and reliable 6-cylinder in-line engines with long service intervals. Comfort comes as standard – the Axor also meets high expectations in terms of equipment. exemplary operating convenience and many other driver-oriented features – from the comfortable bed to the optionally available Safety Pack for even greater ride comfort and safety. comfort and safety: the interior excels with task-dedicated cockpits. It excels thanks to a low vehicle weight and e.5 – 26 tonnes” Axor | Positioning 28 . low fuel consumption. The Axor.A lightweight. exemplary reliability. 1) All the details in this brochure refer to the Axor from 265 kW (360 hp).g. as a fleet vehicle and in regular or contracted haulage operations. Information about the Axor up to 240 kW (326 hp) may be found in the brochure “The Atego. Low weight combined with maximum economy – the Axor 1) delivers outstanding results in weight-sensitive sectors.



for example. the Axor is available with two cockpit versions. The high roof variant offers a comfortable standing height. In short. plenty of stowage space and is optionally available with a second. To ensure the best possible working conditions.Yes another reason why so many enjoy this job so much In order to deliver the goods in medium-distance operations. Because it is tailored to the operational needs of its driver in every respect. partially foamed surfaces are particularly pleasant to the touch in this cockpit Axor | Cab 31 . The L-cab is fitted with the comfortable stand­ ard bed. The cabs of the Axor make sure of both. the Axor is ideally equipped for medium-distance operations. Thanks to the projecting shelf beneath the front bulkhead. the Axor is a highly convincing workplace. On request both cockpits are available with “Wood” or “Brushed steel” trim. the optional Comfort cockpit offers even more space. Where you can feel right at home. upper comfort bed. Soft. Ergonomically arranged controls. the standard long-distance cockpit of the Axor provides the best possible working conditions for medium-distance operations. an adjustable steering wheel and a comfortable driver’s seat ensure optimal driving comfort. while the “Comfort” version has more stowage facilities. The Axor as a workplace: thanks to its ergonomically arranged controls and a practical stowage concept based on a projecting front bulkhead. you need a workplace that makes the job as pleasant as possible. The “Long-distance” cockpit provides better cross-cab access. Ideal dimensions – with the L-cab and the L-cab with high roof.

Messages in text format and. is quick and easy. braking cruise control function included as standard A comfort suspension seat or climate-controlled sus­ also does its bit to relieve driver stress. visibility is immediately reassuring. slip-resistant steps and pension seat for both the driver and co-driver is available useful feature is Truck Navigation from Mercedes-Benz. trailer data can also be displayed Axor | Cab 32 . The drive and ments for a healthy. Easy access – thanks to large. or the green night- standard suspension seat. This meets all the require. fitness-maintaining seating position. Another very The steering wheel of the Axor has an adjustment range of up to 66 mm for Depending on the vehicle configuration. This ensures an optimal driving position. Adjusting the seat. A centre seat is also optionally available. relaxed driving – in any situation. as is the air-sprung lighting with a bright reading light. access to the workplace on request. steering wheel Different interior lighting variants ensure the best pos. the instrument cluster features Accelerating and braking – the drive and braking cruise control feature height and from 22° to 39° for rake. The good all-round sible lighting conditions – these include e. lighting for relaxed driving in the dark. particularly wide-opening doors. To ensure calm. Thanks to its dynamic truck-specific route guidance. this optional DVD navigation system ensures that you and mirrors is also simplicity itself.Have a good working day! Anybody sitting at the wheel for up to four and a half hours at a stretch deserves a working environment that makes the job as pleasant as possible. cockpit will reach your destination by the most direct route. if applicable.g. a graphics-capable display whose adaptive green rev counter sector ­combines these two functions in a single unit allows easy access and egress and provides good cross-cab access helps the driver to save diesel.

Advantages at a glance –– Two different cockpit variants for different ­operating profiles The switch console on the door has the switches for the power windows. offers more comfort than this Axor | Cab 33 . safe driving. manual mirror heating and central locking system –– Different interior lighting variants For all those items that must always be ready to hand – the open stowage The comfort suspension seat optionally available for the driver and co-driver compartments in the doors also have space for a 1. The variably ­graphics-capable display and variable green ­adjustable ball-type air vent increases safety and comfort. e. Only the is always within easy reach and remains fresh for longer. –– Easily legible instrument cluster with ­mirror adjustment. So a drink ­ improves seating comfort and promotes relaxed. which conducts heat and moisture against direct sunshine away from the seat surfaces.g. by preventing rev counter sector the side window from misting up –– Steering wheel adjustable for height and rake to ensure an optimal driving position –– Optional comfort suspension seat or climate-controlled suspension seat for the driver and co-driver –– Combined drive and braking cruise control as standard –– Variably adjustable ball-type air vent to keep the side windows clear –– Illuminated door switch console for power ­windows. mirror adjustment.5 l bottle. mirror heating and central locking system. as it is protected optional climate-controlled suspension seat.

The cabs of the Axor are not just a winning proposition practical stowage areas above the windscreen and beneath clock can also be operated using a switch console by the during the working day.Just looking at it makes you feel good Living comfort is made up of several factors. and with stowage refrigerator beneath the standard bed. The L-cab with high roof can be specified with the upper comfort bed. In the Axor. With Other comfort-enhancing features include an optional in the high-roof variant and is also available in glass. one-piece foam mattress. The same applies to the optional and a high-quality. Beneath the standard bed there are three large stowage compartments ­one-piece spring core mattress. driver-oriented stowage facilities help to make sure that you feel at home while on the road – and can relax in comfort after a hard day’s work as well. As an alternative to the lower bed. you can simply which has an individually adjustable. the booster heater. comfortable beds and generous. As can the plastic pop-up roof. in the L-cab with high roof – for example with large. a folding upper comfort bed as an alternative to the upper bed bed is available for the S-cab with an extended rear wall Axor | Cab 34 . For even more convenience. And if changing vehicles. air conditioning facilities that also provide enough space for two people and a hot-air booster heater. body contour supporting slatted frame with a total capacity of around 300 l. A luggage rack is available be fitted with a refrigerator. beds that actually deserve the name. as they also offer outstanding the standard bed. beds. which is standard comfort on tours extending over more than one day. interior lighting and an optional alarm The standard bed makes for a good night’s sleep with its comfortable. of which the centre compartment can take your “own” mattress with you.

optional is extended to include a generous stowage compartment with hinged cover ­radios with an integrated Bluetooth hands-free system to a CD-player and an open compartment Advantages at a glance –– Comfortable standard bed with one-piece spring core mattress as standard –– Optional upper comfort bed with individually adjustable slatted frame available for the L-cab with high roof –– Efficient heating and ventilation system as standard –– Optional air conditioning and a hot-air booster heater with two air vents for optimal warm air distribution –– Practical stowage facilities. and quickly provides cosy warmth even if the engine coolant has not yet reached its normal operating temperature. the stowage space above the windscreen for ­everything that is needed in a modern truck – from the new.g. Also available as an option: a particularly quiet hot-air booster heater with two air vents for optimal warm air distribution Axor | Cab 35 .The standardised DIN recesses above the windscreen provide space In the L-cab with raised roof. This is air-controlled. e. three large stowage compartments with a capacity of around 300 l beneath the standard bed The Axor is equipped with an efficient heating and ventilation system as standard. An optional air conditioning system improves the level of comfort even further.


the Axor offers the best conditions for doing it very cost-effectively. On request the Axor is also available with Mercedes PowerShift. But that is by not means all that helps to keep costs down. technology 37 . and service intervals of up to 120.If saving money were always that easy Whatever you need to transport in medium-distance operations. the automated transmission whose characteristics sup- port everything the Axor stands for: optimal handling.0 or 9. low fuel consumption and of course a high payload. With reliable technology geared to the task in hand. reliable and economical – attributes that make the Axor excel in day-to-day operations. Based on its weight-optimised frame and low vehicle weight. Lightweight. The 50 mm hole matrix ensures excellent suitability for mounted bodies. In short. dynamic performance.000 km. the Axor possesses all the key attributes that make for cost-effective medium- distance operations.5 mm. low fuel consumption and the accumulated experience of Mercedes-Benz. Combines maximum load carrying capacity with minimal vehicle weight for operations in sectors where payload is a prime consideration: depending on the variant and type of operation. fuel efficient 6-cylinder in-line engines that can already meet the Euro 5 exhaust emission standard. the frame of the Axor is available with a side member thickness of 8. durable. while cataphoretic dip priming provides the best possible corrosion protection Axor | Economy. With a high payload.

allowing service intervals of up to 120. transport. low particulate emissions and gratifyingly long service intervals. The BlueTec® in-line six-cylinder engines of the Axor prove their worth day after day. This means that peak power is generated where it is needed most – on gradients. and ­ensures a muscular performance that impresses even the most experienced drivers.000 km. This reduces both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. reliable and fuel-efficient construction. The standard service intervals are 100. as it allows a particularly efficient combustion process. By virtue of their robust.000 km. The ­Telligent® maintenance system is available on request. for example. A key contribution is also made by the Telligent® engine system. technology 38 . but rather the actual wear and tear on the ­vehicle. ­Different transmission and axle combinations also ensure an efficient. This is because all of them already make their maximum torque available in the most fuel-efficient engine speed range. 7 l or 12 l – the 6-cylinder in-line engines of the Axor excel with a high level of reliability and low fuel consumption. during acceleration and when overtaking Axor | Economy.Up to 428 hp – the Axor has the right performance for any job Cost-effective compliance with Euro 4 and Euro 5 in medium-distance operations: durable and powerful 6-cylinder in-line engines in three output classes – with low fuel consumption. This avoids unnecessary downtimes and further contributes to operating economy in medium-­distance Whether with a displacement of 6 l. fuel-saving power transfer. In this case it is no longer the odometer that decides when the engine oil and other operating fluids are due to be changed.

000 km 315/428 2100 on request All the BlueTec® 4 and BlueTec® 5 in-line engines of the Axor already make BlueTec® consists of the following components: 1. Control and metering unit 3. 6-cylinder in-line engines 340 320 300 280 Output (kW) 260 240 1 220 Advantages at a glance 200 180 5 2200 2 –– Powerful. Power that impresses even the most experienced trucker Axor | Economy. lower toll charges. are among the major advantages of environmen­. Stainless steel silencer with integrated SCR catalytic converter as the engine speed falls. Another advantage of this concept shows itself on uphill gradients: injection 4. as well as early compliance ­compliance with Euro 5 can attract Europe-wide govern- with the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limit coming into force ment subsidies in the form of tax concessions and in 2010. BlueTec® -system displays their maximum torque available in the lower. clean and economical: extremely low tally friendly BlueTec® technology. at the end of the vehicle’s period of use. and early low level of CO2 emissions. technology 39 . reliable and fuel-efficient 2000 6 6-cylinder in-line engines with high torque Torque (Nm) 1800 3 1600 7 at low engine speeds 4 1400 –– BlueTec® SCR diesel technology 1200 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 for cost-effective compliance with Speed (rpm) Euro 4 and Euro 5 –– Telligent® engine system for 6-cylinder in-line. 11.97-litre displacement a particularly efficient combustion process kW/hp Nm at 1900 rpm at 1100 rpm and low exhaust emissions 265/360 1850 295/401 2000 –– Service intervals of up to 120. exactly the reverse happens with the torque. Improved engine 6. fuel-efficient engine speed and system diagnosis in the cockpit 2. AdBlue tank 7. 5. Other potential particulate and fine dust emissions. AdBlue range.BlueTec® – safe. Delivery unit which increases. a significantly lower ­benefits include the probability of a high resale value fuel consumption compared to Euro 3 and an unrivalled.

The optionally available lifting Telligent® trailing axle ­perfect torque transfer. Briefly: it The Axor is also optionally available with the Telligent® semitrailer. The 9-speed direct-drive transmission (eight speeds.5") available ex factory for safety and economy. cost-effectiveness and comfort. gearshifts and excel with special ratio spreads and vring is even more precise and sensitive in the Axor. trailer or reduces the turning circle by up to 2 m. manoeuvrability and in its gearshift and different 16-speed transmissions. Mercedes PowerShift: this optional 12-speed automated Mercedes PowerShift increases the payload of the Axor by transmission available from 265 kW (360 hp) allows up to 50 kg versus the previous synchronised transmissions. It is also possible to shift directly from 1 to R. As another advantage. Plus transmissions and axles for than comparable synchromeshed transmissions. and low manoeuvring speeds. a choice of different modes helps to enhance safety.down raised position contributes to reduced fuel consumption only impress with their high performance on gradients function enables more power to be summoned when it is and tyre wear. slow-speed manoeu. but also with their low noise. increases payload and reduces fuel consumption. As another advantage. for more driving comfort. f­ aster gearshifts and is able to transfer a higher torque New option: the midlift axle (17. technology 40 . overtaking or on uphill gradients. This The 9-speed direct-drive transmissions allow smooth In Manoeuvring mode. Addition­ Axor semitrailer tractors weighs around 250 kg less than any operating profile and topography. long operating life and outstanding power-to-weight ratio.Gearboxes for any requirement. a conventional forward trailing axle. needed – e. which not which saves time and effort. one crawler) with hydro-pneumatic gearshift and a single-disc clutch is standard equipment in the Axor. with a low fuel ally. and its more compact consumption as standard. size allows aerodynamic side panels to be installed. and ensures precise gearshift travel together with a high level of comfort. And the integrated kick. Which means less risk of damage to the vehicle. for example.g. ­enhances steering comfort. when joining a stream of motorway traffic. the hydraulic fluid lasts for the entire operating life of the vehicle Axor | Economy.

Telligent® gearshift and the automated transmission improve vehicle handling as well as safety ­Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission are available for even more and economy driving comfort Advantages at a glance –– Smooth 9-speed direct-drive transmission with optimal torque transfer as standard –– Optional Mercedes PowerShift 12-speed ­automated transmission or Telligent® gearshift with a choice of 16-speed transmissions –– Fuel-saving. technology 41 . lower friction losses and a lower fuel consumption – with the HL 6 single-ratio hypoid rear axle and the 16-speed direct-ratio transmission. the Axor from 265 kW (360 hp) is also optionally available with a hydro-mechanically operated 16-speed ­overdrive transmission Axor | Economy.Improved ride comfort at the touch of a button: specifically selectable From manual to automated – the Axor is equipped with a hydro-pneumatic programmes and additional functions in the optional Mercedes PowerShift 9-speed manual transmission as standard. In conjunction with the robust HL 7 planetary axle. the Axor achieves a particularly low fuel consumption in the 80 – 85 km/h speed range thanks to the 1 : 1 ratio of the highest gear. 250 kg less weight for a lower fuel consumption Fewer gear wheels.5") with approx. single-ratio HL 6 hypoid rear axle as standard –– Optional HL 7 planetary axle in conjunction with 16-speed overdrive transmission –– Liftable and steerable Telligent® trailing axle optionally available for a reduced turning circle –– Optional for semitrailer tractors: midlift axle (17.

the Axor offers particularly important advantages in sectors where payload is the prime consideration. From 03/2009 the L-cabs will be optionally available with air suspension. a lightweight driving characteristics. due components to be dispensed with. This improves safety. In the Axor these are e. comfort and load cushioning during transit. the vehicle load and the condi- tion of the road surface. you can reduce available ex factory and also look good. Without any penalties in terms of safety and driving comfort. maximum robustness and optimal suspension increase the payload. Axor semitrailer tractors with air suspension feature a twin-bellows air suspension as standard. A low vehicle weight. torsionally rigid yet extremely If an even higher payload is required. which are to the weight-optimised. Another comfort-enhancing extra available for all cabs is the optional comfort cab suspension system.Less weight.g. technology 42 . robust parallel frame. Which relieves driver stress. The optional Telligent® roll control uses constant electronic control of the shock absorbers to adapt the damping characteristics to the current driving situation. fifth-wheel coupling or light-alloy wheels. better ideas Light in weight yet robust – thanks to an uncompromising reduction in vehicle weight. For example with Telligent® level control ensures rapid raising and lower- ing of the frame when exchanging demountable bodies. In this suspension variant the shock absorbers are positioned ­directly behind the drive axle. as they enable various aluminium fuel and compressed air tanks. The result is extremely stable handling. semitrailers and at loading ramps. This features additional longitudinal mountings and rubber bearings to dampen vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces even more effectively. outstanding driving dynamics and optimum roll characteristics Axor | Economy. Stabilisers and twin-bellows air the weight of the Axor even further.

Moreover. ­therefore cost-saving access to electrical systems. ideal for mounting bodies –– Optional lightweight components include a lightweight fifth-wheel coupling. the air pressure in the spring bellows is automatically suited to the vehicle load. for easier “communication” Advantages at a glance ­dampens impacts and vehicle vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces between the vehicle and body during operations ­particularly effectively –– Weight-optimised frame with a 50 mm hole matrix. the frame of the Axor with air suspension can e. be raised by up to 170 mm or lowered by up to 90 mm to suit loading ramps or when hitching/unhitching a semitrailer. it e. The bodybuilder interface allows bodybuilders easy. uncomplicated and ­Featuring additional longitudinal mountings and rubber bearings.g.g. technology 43 .The optionally available comfort cab suspension enhances ride comfort. so that the frame height remains constant even as the load increases Axor | Economy. aluminium fuel and compressed-air tanks and light-alloy wheels –– Air-sprung semitrailer tractors have a twin-bellows air suspension as standard for a higher payload and safe roll-resistance –– Telligent® level control as standard for rapid raising and lowering of the air-sprung Axor –– Comfort cab suspension on request –– Optional Telligent® roll control for more safety and ride comfort –– Bodybuilder interface for low-cost bodies and easy “communication” between the vehicle and body Thanks to the inclusion of Telligent® level control as standard.

500.500 11.000 40.000 • Standard​ x Optional​ – Not available Axor | Technical data 44 .000 25. output (rpm) 1900 1900 1900 1900 1900 1900 Nm 1850 2000 2100 1850 2000 2100 max.500.500 11.000 18. 7100 11.000 40.000 18. of cylinders 6 in-line 6 in-line 6 in-line 6 in-line 6 in-line 6 in-line kW/hp (BlueTec  4/BlueTec  5) ® ® 265/360 295/401 315/428 265/360 295/401 315/428 max.500. 7100 Permitted gross vehicle weight 18.500 11.000 40.000 40.000 25.000 40.000 Permitted gross combination weight 40. 7100 11. Model overview Axor 1836 1840 1843 2536 2540 2543 Engine OM 457 LA OM 457 LA OM 457 LA OM 457 LA OM 457 LA OM 457 LA No.000 25. torque (rpm) 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100 Cab S – – – – – – S extended – – – • • • L • • • x x x L high roof x x x x x x Wheelbase in mm Chassis cab with air suspension – – – 4500 4500 4500 4800 4800 4800 5100 5100 5100 Semitrailer tractor with air suspension 3600 3600 3600 – – – 3900 3900 3900 Permitted axle loads and weights in kg Permitted front axle load 7100 7100 7100 7100 7100 7100 Permitted rear axle load 11.

Axor1) cab types L-cab with one bed 2250 Exterior width: 2490 mm 810 820 Exterior length: 2250 mm Ø4 50 645 1591 Interior width: 2000 mm 1510 Interior height:  1510 mm 545 – 200 620 630 2040 2490 2000 340 620 464 335 330 2250 L-cab with high roof and two beds 810 590 Exterior width: 2490 mm Exterior length: 2250 mm 2015 Interior width: 2000 mm 570 Ø4 50 Interior height:  1910 mm 1910 620 545 – 200 2000 2040 2490 630 620 340 464 335 330 1) Information on the S-cab and S-cab with extended rear wall may be found in the brochure “The Atego. 6.5 – 26 tonnes” Axor | Technical data 45 . The Axor.


A driver airbag in conjunction with a belt tensioner is also available on request. Axor | Safety 47 . and also automatically closes any open warns the driver and brakes the vehicle with full force if he fails to react. Both on the road and in certain statistics to which we likewise give our daily attention. secondly owing to large areas of glass and good all-round visibility. Actros. Exemplary safety – firstly because the cabs meet the ­European ECE-R 29 standard. so that the brake discs and linings perform as they should It does not respond to stationary obstacles. The system is optionally available in any real-life situation windows and the pop-up roof. With impressive results where the safety of the Actros and Axor is concerned. in conjunction with Telligent® proximity control What else? Various dynamic control and driver assistance systems.More safety. fire-retarding materials without sharp edges and corners. and thirdly thanks to interiors with non-splintering. Thoroughly tested safety and reliability – tests on the inertia dynamometer go touch of a button. safety also includes protecting the vehicle and driver from uninvited guests – which is why a comfort locking system is available that locks the doors at the Active Brake Assist recognises impending rear-end collisions at an early stage. vehicle and cargo are on the road even more safely. the driver’s side window and optionally the co-driver’s side window. right to the limits. fewer accidents One of our constant preoccupations is to avoid the unavoidable. To our mind. which significantly help to ensure that the driver. Protection from blinding sunshine is provided by roller blinds for the windscreen.

ous situations. A bi-xenon version of the clear-lens Actros headlamps is also available as an option. these new headlamps provide very good visibility in the darkness. the non-wearing brakes and is available as an option for the Axor. The Telligent® tances are short – with ABS. A number of optional dynamic control and driver assistance systems are also available on request. similar to daylight conditions. With a range of 130 metres using low-beam headlamps and light intensity which is 150 percent higher using the main beam. as well as the driver assistance systems Telligent® stability control. and at a particularly favourable package price. are also included in every braking manoeuvre. And the also be optionally equipped with a turbobrake. a non- The integrated Brake Assist responds instantly in hazard­ integrated hill-holder prevents the vehicle from rolling wearing brake that generates up to 450 kW of braking energy for more safety in hilly areas. The optional Telligent® stability control recognises a risk of instability. There is also an optional Safety Pack available which ­includes a driver airbag and retarder. The Axor can lose none of their effectiveness under prolonged use. Telligent® proximity control and Telligent® Lane Assist. ASR. Ex factory. but minimisation of risks is not. and intervenes to counteract these forces within the physical limits. such as a skid or the tail sliding out. For even less risk. By adjusting the engine torque as required. a continuous 10-bar force available. Foglamps for the front apron are also available on request Actros. and more safety. applying the brakes individually at the tractor vehicle’s wheels and activating the trailer’s braking system.You can never have too many safety systems Safety is relative. giving a further boost to safety. which in turn means better safety. That is why the Actros and Axor are equipped with exemplary safety features as standard. braking system is standard equipment in the Actros. The Telligent® braking system ensures that braking dis. it can prevent a potentially dangerous situation from ­actually developing. brake pressure and internally ventilated disc brakes that Except during emergency braking. and immediately makes the full braking forwards or backwards when moving off. Axor | Safety 48 .

Brake Assist and hill-holder –– Non-wearing turbobrake with a braking power of up to 450 kW –– Actros: bi-xenon headlamps for better road ­illumination and improved safety –– Dynamic control and driver assistance systems for more ride comfort and safety: Active Brake Assist Telligent® stability control Telligent® proximity control Telligent® Lane Assist Safety Pack The optionally available Telligent® Lane Assist warns the driver if the vehicle is about to leave its lane unintentionally. Advantages at a glance The Telligent® proximity control optionally available in conjunction with The combined drive and braking cruise control included as standard –– Interior with non-splintering. flame-retardant a retarder allows more relaxed and safe driving. Axor | Safety 49 . To this end it continuously monitors the distance between the vehicle and the lane markings. good all-round and braking cruise control as the traffic situation changes ­visibility and manually heated mirrors –– Optional airbag in conjunction with a belt tensioner –– Telligent® braking system for short stopping distances – with ABS. Because the speed and gap ­accel­erates the vehicle to the set speed on uphill gradients – and if necessary materials maintained by the Actros or Axor are automatically adjusted by the drive it brakes the truck to the speed you have preset when going downhill –– Generous areas of glass. ASR. It warns the driver with an acoustic signal from the radio loudspeakers Actros.


Fine-tuning that really pays off: carefully coordinated aerodynamics not only contribute decisively to fuel economy. everything we do serves a single purpose: to prepare our trucks for day-to-day operations as well as possible. and BlueTec® technology which ensures particularly low exhaust and particulate emissions. Every single ­improvement or further development has to show that it has the absolute maturity to enter series production.Quality only has one yardstick: day-to-day practice From the design stage to final inspection. on the icy roads of Rovaniemi in Finland and during countless individual tests on test benches and e. they are subjected to a range of strin- gent tests each year. Axor | Quality 51 . built and tested for day-to-day operations – to make sure that our trucks are able to deliver what is needed on the job. Developed. but also reduce the wind noise caused by aerodynamic drag while helping to keep the doors and side windows free from dirt Actros.g. in customer trials. On the gruelling gradients of the Sierra Nevada in Spain. which contributes to greater fuel economy and cost-­ effectiveness. and will perform as intended in practice: among them are the Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission. thereby improving the environmental compatibility of the Actros and Axor.

To test the quality of the corrosion protection for the vehicle as a whole. nothing exposes this way is it possible to identify weaknesses and rigor. Axor | Quality 52 . Only in whether e. motorways. provides ­responsible for the effectiveness of the heating systems our trucks have to absolve in the Spanish heat before a the ideal conditions for testing the reliability and day-to. Because only a truck that has been optimally prepared for the rigours of day-to-day operation from top to bottom can do what we expect of it. Any weak points can be eliminated and suggestions incor­porated. Constant technical monitoring of the vehicles and intensive questioning of the drivers and operators give us ample opportunity to take any necessary corrective measures and blend “everyday reality” into the truck’s construction before it goes into production. as the measuring results are evaluated. Usually far colder than normal – withstand the most extreme climatic conditions. in our trucks. Accelerated weathering tests: during the dynamic corrosion test. air suspension components or seals are also able to weaknesses quite as mercilessly as testing in everyday ously eliminate them. of the most important tests. the materials used for flexible mountings. But that is actually when the real work day suitability of a truck. What conditions. gravelled and muddy tracks Actros. with is more. the truck also absolves long test stretches on rutted roads. the hard winters in Finland are also partly Nevada mountains: 10 hours or more at a stretch is what temperatures as low as 40°C below freezing. These trials quickly reveal More rigorous than usual: customer trials constitute one begins. the truck is subjected to extreme climatic conditions in the salt spray chamber and climate chamber for a period of several months. After all. Far tougher than normal – summer trials in the Sierra winter trials in Finland: the extremely cold climate. test day is over. So our test programme is just as tough.High test requirements – high quality Long-distance transport is a tough environment. The end result is a long-distance truck that is capable of everything we and you expect of it. And what you expect of it too.g.

Axor | Quality 53 . simulate the forces acting on the frame when trials that equate to a road mileage of over 3.6 million kilometres. For only driving over potholes. This is the only way to be sure that they have passed the endurance test in all respects.g. Test bench trials corresponding to a road mileage of well over one million kilometres stress the propshafts to the utmost. the shafts and joints are subsequently X-rayed. To make sure that even the slightest damage and cracking is revealed. and are able to meet the demanding requirements of long-distance operations Actros. on rough tracks and on rutted road surfaces. The engines of the Actros and Axor are required to pass test bench endurance Here hydraulic cylinders e.The effects of extreme stresses are examined on the hydropulse test bench. ergonomically designed cabs –– Cost-effective vehicle operation The propshaft test bench is a further demonstration of the stresses to which the drive train of the Actros and Axor is subjected before it is allowed to enter ­service. cobblestones for the real world and over kerbstones Advantages at a glance –– Continuous further development of all vehicle components –– Regular quality tests on test benches and in practical trials –– Reliable and durable engines –– Optimised aerodynamics and aero-acoustics –– Extremely robust components with optimal corrosion protection –– Comfortable. The test an engine that is able to operate reliably for this long is optimally prepared programme also includes driving manoeuvres on paved roads.

payload or maintenance nology BlueTec®. Fuel economy is also assisted by the SCR tech. which means less expensive repairs consumption. the proportion of overall fuel consumption Practical and easy to repair: the headlamps can simply be swung open for accounted for by air resistance is around 50 %. improves cost-effectiveness. Optional Euro 5 engines also Economy Pack. Lower costs per kilometre – this is a battle you will win Standard for the Actros and optional for the Axor. But whether in the areas of aero- and Axor. to many other components. but rather with a low fuel consumption. engine technology. as well as fuel efficiency improvements Costs can be lowered even further with the optional and services – our action plan is continuously updated. Axor | Cost-effectiveness 54 . dynamics.Our action plan for more cost-effectiveness in long-distance operations: the Actros and Axor The primary purpose of trucks is to earn money. And not at the expense of the driver. with favourably priced service contracts or services Less resistance – including air resistance: at the typical cruising speed of 80 – 85 km/h in long-distance operations. Accordingly the Actros and Axor have outstanding aerodynamic features that have been carefully designed rapid bulb replacement. For mile after mile Actros. save toll charges. Other potential savings can be realised For more cost-effectiveness in long-distance operations. a high payload and maximum vehicle availability. And in the Actros the lens can be separately replaced down to the last detail: from the front apron to the side-mounted air deflectors and cab side deflectors – everything contributes to a noticeably reduced fuel in the event of damage. the such as FleetBoard® and the Mercedes-Benz Eco driver with the dedicated drive train configurations of the Actros new Mercedes PowerShift 2 automated transmission also training programme.

reduced taxation The Telligent® maintenance system makes service intervals of up to 120. for example con- trolled air compressors. and toll charges possible for the Actros.000 km. This increases vehicle availability and lowers costs. Turbobrake. e. ex factory options including lightweight fifth-wheel couplings. BlueTec® technology also The service intervals for the Axor are 100. The Actros is optionally available –– High resale value.g. light-alloy wheels and aluminium fuel and compressed air tanks reduce weight even further Actros.g. Advantages at a glance –– Dedicated and economical drive train ­configurations –– Fuel-efficient Euro 5 engines available on request –– National incentives for early compliance with Euro 5 in the form of e. Axor | Cost-effectiveness 55 . long. and up to 120. optimised compressed air systems and the two-stage water pump –– Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission for a reduced vehicle weight and low fuel ­consumption –– Fuel-saving aerodynamics. In addition to features such as super-widebase tyres for the Actros. This can contribute to ­allows operation in environmental protection the optionally available Telligent® maintenance system ­further fuel economy. the Turbobrake for the Axor and Mercedes PowerShift.000 km with with super-widebase tyres and aluminium wheels. distance treads and low fuel consumption. optional Economy Pack –– Fuel-efficient tyres with a high operating ­mileage as standard –– Increased payload. lightweight components –– Long service intervals and high vehicle ­availability The Actros and Axor owe their high payload to their uncompromisingly weight-optimised construction.000 km The tyres of the Actros and Axor excel with a high operating mileage. thanks to optional ­super-widebase tyres. while also saving around 110 kg of weight zones –– Fuel-efficient ancillary units.

the use of FleetBoard® and the Mercedes-Benz driver training programmes actively contribute to environ­ Fuel savings of up to 20 % are possible with the Atego 1222 BlueTec® Hybrid. particular attention was paid to the mental protection. Thanks to BlueTec®. The development of environmentally friendly trucks begins with the selection of suitable materials and continues with recycling-compatible design and production methods that conserve resources. the next-generation biodiesel. Because building trucks does not which will undergo trials under realistic operating conditions from October reusability of the materials employed and a recycling-compatible design right 2008. around 85 % of all the materials in the Actros and mean having only trucks in mind. But it is not only environmentally friendly drive tech­ nologies and low exhaust emissions that impressively demonstrate our corporate goal of environmental pro­ tection.For the sake of the environment – the Actros and Axor Low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions are not only the result of innovative. also be the basis for a technological leap forward in terms of emissions and Axor can be reused when the vehicle has reached the end of its operating life climate protection Actros. Along with BlueTec®. we are already working on the drive ­systems of tomorrow – for example hybrid drive and ­alternative fuels such as BTL (Biomass to Liquid). As a result. but also among the most environmentally friendly. this means that hybrid technology in trucks could from the start. the continuous further development of our driver assistance systems. Axor | Environment 56 . And to ensure that this also remains the case in the future. advanced technology. In the case of the Actros and Axor. They are also the result of an attitude that is gradually translating our commitment to more environmental protection into reality in both our products and in production. the Actros and Axor are not only among the most economical trucks in long-distance oper­ation. In addition.

our driver assistance systems and FleetBoard® management system. which is regularly scrutinised by independent are being continuously improved – for here too. where the Econic is manufactured. particularly low particulate and fine dust emissions and Advantages at a glance a considerably lower fuel consumption compared to Euro 3 impressively demonstrate this –– Environmentally conscious research and development –– Conservation of resources through ­environmentally compatible production –– Advanced engine technology for low fuel ­consumption and low exhaust emissions –– Future-oriented drive technologies and alternative fuels for more environmental compatibility –– Recycling-compatible design: up to 85 % reusability –– Environmental management system at the Wörth plant –– Compliance with environmental standards EMAS and ISO 14001 Environment-oriented research – in addition to the development of alternative The Wörth plant.Environmental protection is one of our major corporate goals. as does the use of water-soluble paints which significantly contributes to the reduction in solvent emissions. BlueTec® technology provides further proof that environmental compatibility and cost-effectiveness are not mutually exclusive: an unrivalled. Other examples include the reduction of waste water. the potentials for greater fuel ­environmental auditors and not only meets but exceeds all the requirements economy and lower emissions have not yet been fully realised of the EMAS and ISO 14001 environmental standards Actros. Axor | Environment 57 . which all contribute to a positive eco-balance now and in the future. operates an environmental drive systems for the future. Accordingly the measures taken for the environ- mentally compatible production of our trucks encompass the entire production process: saving primary energy and reducing CO2 emissions by heat recovery plays a major part in this. low level CO2 emissions. the avoidance of waste and uncompromising recycling.


financing and insurance. Axor | Servicing. And FleetBoard® is another means of achieving greater cost transparency and flexibility. And for cashless payments we will be pleased to provide you with the MercedesService Card.m. We are at your service. you have not only opted for an outstandingly reliable truck. With as many services as you want to use. And always with precisely the service you require at the time. of course. services 59 . but also for a servicing and service network on which you can rely at all times Actros.It is not only our trucks that make the difference To make sure that you are well prepared for the demands of long-distance operations: a Europe-wide service network and a comprehensive range of services will keep your wheels rolling day after day. Not forgetting the thousands of Mercedes-Benz employees who are happy to be of service. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Mercedes-Benz CharterWay are available to you for all matters relating to leasing. To this end you have over 1800 service outlets at your disposal throughout Europe – many of them open until 10 p. When you decide in favour of an Actros or Axor. In an emergency you can count on our Service 24h. Europe-wide. or even until midnight.

This means that even more major repairs can be carried out within a single working day. in most European countries. Breakdown service – whatever the time of day or night. to visit one of our service outlets. it will only be there breakdowns right on the spot. our Service 24h terms. With a selection of key parts specifically tailored financial products on attractive opening hours. 400 of the 1800 or so Mercedes-Benz workshops throughout Europe are open until 10 p. In other words. extended immediate assistance. a phone call to our Service 24h is enough to summon Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is able to offer you Long workshop opening hours: approx. services 60 .Workshop service – we take this to mean e. and more and more are even open until midnight. for as long as absolutely necessary.. Our highly trained In an emergency our Service 24h is at your disposal around *M  obile telephone costs depend on the relevant service provider. To make sure that your truck is back on the road as soon as possible Actros. Please contact your Mercedes-Benz partner for ­logistics.g. as will no less than the clock under the toll-free number 00800 1 777 7777* Please call the relevant national contact number in non-participating European countries ten European parts centres. Axor | Servicing. ­personnel will make sure of that. if your Actros or Axor needs technicians are able to remedy around 80 % of all more information. As a specialist for leasing.m. financing and insurance m ­ atters. short repair times and efficient parts and the STAR diagnostic unit on board.

for road and tunnel tolls. This is because FleetBoard® allows Actros and Axor to the full. As good as cash – the MercedesService Card is accepted throughout The major advantage here is that you know in advance how much your vehicle Europe: in filling stations. It is also possible to calculate the time –– High level of parts availability thanks until the next service is due. financing and insurance products –– Mercedes-Benz DriverTraining for safer and more economical driving Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offers you tailor-made service solutions. a continuous exchange of information between the driver. Axor | Servicing. Which means that assignments can be better coordinated how to master critical driving situations with confidence and capa­cities utilised more –– In an emergency our Service 24h is at your disposal around the clock under the toll-free number 00800 1 777 7777* in most European countries –– FleetBoard® – Internet-based vehicle. Advantages at a glance –– Extensive workshop network with over FleetBoard® stands for greater cost-effectiveness thanks to modern vehicle. services 61 .fleetboard. And driver safety training teaches you often until 10 p. For more to ten European parts centres ­flexibility and lower costs: www. ­workshop ­services and for rapid assistance in an emergency service leasing and rental at Actros.m. Mercedes-Benz DriverTraining shows you how to utilise the potential of the 1800 service outlets throughout Europe fleet and transport management. vehicle and fleet driving that can save up to 10 % of fuel. for Mercedes-Benz costs per operating kilometre. Find out more about service contracts. fleet and transport management –– MercedesService Card for cashless payment throughout Europe –– Mercedes-Benz CharterWay for more cost transparency in your fleet –– Mercedes-Benz Financial Services for individual leasing. Eco driver training is concerned with a style of –– Long workshop opening hours.charterway. and carry out an operating analysis. or even midnight head­quarters.


practical and safe – the range of accessories for the Actros and Axor leaves practically no wish unanswered. useful and attractive items with which you can equip the Actros or Axor exactly according to your own. And everything drivers might wish for. Striking. Axor | Accessories 63 . compressed air horns or wheel embellishers may be found in you. the humble yet extremely useful water cannister or perhaps the reversing camera. comfortable. our comprehensive accessories catalogue Actros. stainless steel entry steps for the Actros range is shown in the current accessories catalogue. Enjoy making your choice. The full The new subwoofer ensures a superior sound experience. To avoid damage the subwoofer should cabs.All those who are already completely satisfied should simply look away now For all the others: the range of Mercedes-Benz original accessories for the Actros and Axor includes everything a vehicle operator needs. A stainless steel front step is also available for Actros Megaspace control located to the left of the seat. whose outstanding design comes to the fore even more thanks to the shining ­contours. individual preferences. Our extensive range of genuine accessories has many more practical. and stowage compartment behind the driver’s seat. Other stainless steel items such as brackets for roof-mounted your Mercedes-Benz partner will be pleased to advise only be installed using the supplied installation kit ­spotlights. It is installed in the A stylish entry – slip-resistant. Examples include the Chrome Package for the new Actros. and operated by a remote and Axor. And of course items such as the bed-set.

in the current acces­sories even when you’re on the road.We have developed the range of Mercedes-Benz accesso. elegant highlight while accentuating the individual character of the Actros cab ­sensor which activates the integral heating at temperatures below 10 °C – which allows the camera to be used all year round. during slow-speed manoeuvres.g. low-reflection images on the 7" display increase safety even further Actros. both visual and technical highlights. Distortion-free. why not feel at home Axor is available on the Internet. on the driver’s or co-driver’s side. Axor | Accessories 64 . modern atmosphere to the interior of the new Actros. easy reach. and thanks to a hinged lid it is also easy fortable and at ease in your workplace. The camera features a temperature a sporty. The items provide to close. brochure and from your Mercedes-Benz dealer. The reversing camera is activated by engaging reverse gear. Small but all the more useful – the removable. makes the area behind the vehicle visible and therefore The aluminium look is also available for the centre air vents. mobile ashtray of polyamide is simply inserted into the cupholder A cockpit with “brushed aluminium” trim lends a bright. After all. This puts it within ries for the Actros and Axor so that you feel really com. And a grippy aluminium/leather steering wheel provides ­improves safety and accident protection e. and give your vehicle More information about the accessories for the Actros and that very personal touch.

It is mounted inside the exterior stowage compartment of the Actros. where it can be easily accessed and filled Actros. stainless steel entry steps The bed-set – the pillow and duvet are particularly easy to clean and soft The water cannister for 12 l of water saves both time and legwork. even when far from and washable up to 60° the next mains supply. Axor | Accessories 65 . The system can be quickly and easily retrofitted to all ­enhanced comfort low-maintenance fifth-wheel couplings Advantages at a glance –– Cockpit with “brushed aluminium” trim for a bright.000 km for all seats with an integral head restraint is another luxurious touch for or 3 years. easy-to-clean bed-set for a good night’s sleep –– 12 l water cannister for the Actros with the L and Megaspace cab –– Subwoofer for a superior sound experience –– Slip-resistant.The pneumatically adjustable back support improves seating comfort and This electronic lubrication system makes manual lubrication of low- ­effectively relieves tension in the lumbar region. modern atmosphere –– Reversing camera for more safety and improved accident protection –– Lumbar and neck support for enhanced seating comfort –– Lubetronic – electronic lubrication system for low-maintenance fifth-wheel couplings –– Comfortable. as washing to the touch. While the sheets included in the set are extremely comfortable your hands or washing-up after a meal are no problem. The neck support available maintenance fifth-wheel couplings unnecessary for up to 300.

com/long-distance Daimler AG. Telligent®. optional extras and/or colours shown may not be available in your country or may only be available in a different specification. www. FleetBoard® and BlueTec® are registered trademarks of Daimler AG. Some of the models. Stuttgart TE/SM 4500 · 0357 · 02-int-00/0908 Printed in Germany/Imprimé en Allemagne . The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design.mercedes-benz. features. optional extras and/or colours may only be available in combination with others. can be deemed reasonable with respect to the purchaser. no rights may be derived solely from these. Information relating to legislation and legal or fiscal regulations and their effects apply only to Germany at the time of going to press. For current and more specific information concerning the regulations applicable to your country and their effects. while taking into account the interests of the vendor. features. form.Please note: changes may have been made to the product since this brochure went to press (11. 07. ­features. This brochure is distributed internationally. colour and specification during the delivery period. The illustrations may show accessories and items of optional equipment which are not part of standard specification. provided these changes. please contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz truck dealer. owing to the limitations of the printing process. Additionally some models. Where the vendor or the manufacturer uses symbols or numbers to describe an order or the subject of an order. optional extras and/or colours available in various countries. This brochure provides a general indication of the range of models. Colours may differ slightly from those shown in the brochure. 2008).