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Seven young people live in a postmodern, paranoid society.

We see them in their everyday life trying to overcome their own,
personal anxieties.

A young lady is looking for her long lost sister, who is now a
well-known actress of the theater.
They will found each other after years, but destiny reserves
something for them...

A painter tries to remember the eyes of his lost fianc.

In his attempt to draw again, one of his models falls in love with

Meanwhile, a crazy scientist, Christian, is trying to create the

"Formula number 8", a filter that will allow him and the dark
community with which he collaborates, to control human brain

The young lady, who is looking for her sister, has a magical
stone in her possession, which could fine-tune his filter ...
From then on; a stalk starts, with the two sisters being at his

While a fox and the dead wife of the painter come from other
dimensions to guide them.